Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Villa de Paz Triumphant in the Face of Adversity

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Community Interest

After a disappointing ruling by the Phoenix Hearing Officer back in December, Villa de Paz residents did not falter but instead circled the wagons for a huge comeback. That rallying cry forged the outcome seen today.

In a letter to Phoenix's Planning and Development Department, Maple Leaf International Properties via their lawyers, Lazarus, Silvyn and Bangs, officially withdrew their application for rezoning of the Villa de Paz golf course effective January 7, 2014.

Great news for a community that has come together against the odds and triumphed over the Goliath of big business.

One night of celebration will fade into the next phase of this community's commitment to keep their golf course intact. In the coming weeks, Villa de Paz residents will know what they will face in the ever dramatic battle for their golf course, wildlife, and way of life.

Thank you, AZ State Senator Steve Gallardo for your outreach and support of our beautiful community as well as those members of the Phoenix City Council who see value in maintaining family, faith, and community.