Saturday, April 12, 2014

Arizona Real Estate on the Move: Mother Nature Strikes Again

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Meteorology / Air Quality

When did Phoenix become Chicago? Lately the wind gradients from passing low pressure systems have caused windy conditions in Arizona. With the lack of precipitation, blowing dust and air quality concerns are now news once again along with the potential for wildfires increasing in the state. 

So people with lung conditions, please be advised today through this Wednesday for moderate to unhealthy air quality conditions at times.
Forecast Discussion: A mid to upper-level disturbance is approaching the area from the west. Thick high clouds have overspread the state as a result. Should still be a warm day with highs in the low 90s, but occasional cloud cover will help keep temperatures from warming to their potential. By Saturday, higher winds in the afternoon with gusts around 20 mph will occur as the disturbance moves through. This may cause isolated dust to get lofted, but not expecting anything major. As a result, PM-10 levels could push into the lower Moderate range of the AQI before returning to the Good range on Sunday. Ozone is expected to peak today ahead of the disturbance and then trend down for the weekend, but remain in the Moderate range. Another disturbance dropping south out of the Great Basin Sunday into Monday will increase winds once again, but not as strong as with the first system. Unfortunately, no precipitation is anticipated for the Phoenix area throughout the forecast period, but the passing disturbances will “cool” high temperatures into the upper 80s.

Source: AIRNow