Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weather, Quakes, Spaceweather and Missing Radioactive Materials

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Meteorology / Heliosphere

Missing radioactive material in Arizona and Nepal is still at large. These incidents follow the Radioactive Lab Material Missing from Sunnybrook Research Centre in Toronto, Canada this past summer.

In Goodyear, Arizona a Humboldt 5001 Nuclear Density Gauge was taken out of the back of a pick up truck where the gauge had been secured. The impact to the public could be negated if the device is not opened. Anyone with information about this theft is urged to call Goodyear police at 623-932-1220.

As for Nepal's missing radiation:
A radio-active material ‘Iridium 192’, used for the treatment of cancer, sent from BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital to the Capital via courier has been lost en route. The hospital and the courier, alike, have no clue as to when and where the material was lost. The radio-active material, on its way to Belgium from Kathmandu, was sent via Flight Express Courier Pvt Ltd to Swift Cargo in the Capital on April 21.
The driver has been arrested and is being questioned.

The question is: how come medical radioactive material is not being monitored or secured better? If someone wanted to get radioactive material, it seems the best way is to circumvent laboratory or hospital protocols. 

Perhaps better security is in order.

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Source: Suspicious Observers, CBS5AZ, AZ Daily Star, Kantipur Online