Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Double Standard as Elites Receive Privacy and Media Blacks Out Secret Dealings at Bilderberg

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Bilderberg / Government / News

Today with the influx of corrupt and unconstitutional surveillance by the world's alphabet agencies, people are beginning to understand that their privacy is for sale, but the elite ruling class's secrets are protected by gun, gestapo, and gates. 

Where is our media? Shouldn't this issue be frontline news? That is why alternative media is gaining ground and recognition. Mainstream media allows the elite to produce their scripts instead of being the Fifth Estate of government control.

So people are now relying on real journalists who are doing the work and reporting the news:

Mark Anderson brings the world some more updates on the Bilderberg Meeting front. Here Mr. Anderson is interviewed by Luke Rudkowski, who incidentally was harassed and arrested at his hotel because of Bilderberg. 

In the American Free Press, Mark Anderson filed his own detailed report into the secret meeting that is Bilderberg  2014 Update.

Since the mainstream media shutout, blackout of doing their jobs to investigate wrongdoing and report their findings to the public is impotent, the people have to rely on alternative media for the real news. In this editorial by Tony Gosling, Bilderberg 2014: In the court of good King Henry, summarizes the group, the media, the men, and the world:
What with the bankers to finance it and the increasing presence of secret services and arms firms to prosecute it, Bilderberg has become the engine room of the warfare state. Bilderberg chummy too these days are the present and future internet media giants: Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google, YouTube and LinkedIn are all on first name terms with the war machine too. ‘Don’t be evil unless you can get away with it.’
It is sad that the American media are shackled like prisoners unable to disseminate current events to the public for the whims and money of a global elite ruling class. For good or ill, no one will ever know what happens in the secret meetings that occur quarterly around the world from Trilaterial, Bilderberg, to Council on Foreign Relations because the mainstream, publicly accessible media will not report the obvious and is dying out from irrelevance. 

It appears that power, money, and influence can buy you privacy, but the rest of us are not allowed that basic human right. 

Don't you see a problem with this double standard? 

Source: WeAreChange, American Free Press, RT