Thursday, April 21, 2016

Target Stands for Inclusivity and Sends Women's Equality Back Decades

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Transgender / Equality

Has the department store, Target, sent women a message that they are no longer included? Women have fought centuries of discrimination from education, property rights to suffrage, now to face discrimination from the chain about public restroom usage. 

The VDP Gazette has already covered the basics in this new attack on Women's Rights in the article: LGBT Community Tramples Women's Rights for Transgender Outcomes.   

Target has not invited inclusivity, but exclusivity, because as a disabled woman I am being excluded from using a restroom at their stores. Men are given both restrooms freely to use against building codes, laws, and other formalities that make going to the restroom a safe, undeniable right for a woman.

Gender is not based on a feeling. Gender is based on chromosomes: XX and XY.  Now any man who feels like a stalker, serial killer, psychopath, sociopath, rapist, pedophile is allowed to use the women's bathrooms and changing rooms. Bravo! Target, you have invited lawsuit after lawsuit. 

Maybe Target just wants to go out of business. 

We have a problem in this country trying to insert inclusiveness over common sense equality. Men and women have equality in the public restroom arena. There is no discrimination. Each has their biologically created rooms to dispose of their waste.

Corporations like Target are stepping into social justice shoes that are not for them to wear. Women do not want men in their assigned bathrooms. Transgender men should use the men's restroom. 

The division of the sexes not only safeguards women, but men as well. Men cannot be held accountable for assaults on women if their gender is not in the others room to begin with. Same with transgender men. The crimes I foresee happening can all be avoided by corporations not implementing discriminatory policies against women. 

It is that simple. 

So until further notice, I do not see me buying from Target until my rights are restored, how about you? 

Source: Target