Monday, May 2, 2016

Is the American Media Dressing Up the Horrors of Cuban Communism?

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Communism / Media

Cuban Americans are outraged at the positive media and spin the Castro regime receives about the state of the communist dictatorship that has ruined lives, separated families, and decimated their ancestral island. 

COVERING CUBA was born out of the frustration that Cuban Americans feel, due to the distorted portrayal of Castro and his revolution by the US liberal media and academia for 39 years and its contribution and nurturing of Castro’s myth. It is long overdue that Cuban Americans are given the chance to tell the American people their side of the story from their point of view, as first hand witnesses and real experts. Now, after 57 years of Castro rule, Americans are still misinformed about the ongoing tragedy of Cuba.

There has been freedom of speech for Castro and his officials in the US liberal media and academia, but not for his victims. Silence has been the rule for decades of violations of human rights. Therefore, the American people ignore the tragedy of Cuba. It is time to learn from history.

The direct message of COVERING CUBA to the US liberal media and academia is:

“TO GAZE IDLY AT A CRIME IS TO COMMIT IT.” Jose Marti, Cuban patriot

Source: Agustin Blazquez, Bear Witness Central