Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trump Supporters: Maybe We're Just Fed Up with People like Writers for the New York Times

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
POTUS 45 / Never Trumpers

I am not the Christian Right. I am not the Christian Left. Hell, I am not even Christian. 

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I did not like GW Bush. 911 stinks to high heaven. The PNAC document confirms my suspicions. War after war, and cronyism after cronyism, I voted in Barrack Obama, a Constitutional lawyer and scholar. What I received was GW Bush's third and fourth terms with a few virtue signaling laws thrown in for good measure. 

So, I, like tens of millions of Americans took a chance on Donald J. Trump. 

The choice was not because we are bad people, but because we want bad people out of office. People who go into public service without two nickels to rub together and come out billionaires. You know... bad people.

Those bad people have stirred up tensions, imploded nations, impoverished continents. All for the sake of ego and greed. We are tired of the bad people having power as unelected bureaucrats and clogging up the system like imperialist goon squads. 

Bad people who want to privatize public institutions to profit off them by first undercutting them, then mismanaging their budgets and  pensions, and of course pointing their fingers at the people who they have betrayed and call them incompetent (see education, food stamps, the post office). 

We the People have observed these trends for some time now. 

We have tried the two party duopolies in hopes a good person would step up and correct the problems the politicians, lobbyists, and their thinktank buddies created. No one surfaced since John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. But these unelected bureaucrats, as we have named them: The Deep State, Administrative State, and the Shadow Government, killed one and blackmailed the other after they shot him. 

The only reason President Trump is ahead of the game is because he hired his own security. 

And that should tell you all you need to know about our current state of affairs as a nation. 

I am a Liberal Democrat, but I believe in our founding documents- Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights- our Founding Fathers, and this Republic for which it stands. I believe in the power of the individual. The rights of individuals over mob rule. 

Democrats have gotten away from the values of our nation. Instead Democrats have sold out to the Progressive and Socialist ideologies. Individualism has turned into communitarianism. The hive mind of propaganda has taken hold to push rugged individualists into collectivism. 

One person throws their straw in the street; I get my straws taken away. One person's grocery bag gets taken away by the wind; I get my grocery bags banned. One person shoots up a nightclub; I get my right to bear arms reduced to a privilege. 

No, no, no, no... NO. 

What the fuck is wrong with you? 

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Your rights end where mine begin. My rights end where yours begin. That has been my motto. 

In short, my motto means that you are responsible for you and your own actions, but in no way does your rights ever stomp on somebody else's rights.  

I am for gay marriage. If you are over eighteen and you want to marry another consenting adult, why not? You can suffer the bonds of marriage like all the heterosexuals. That makes no difference to me...

...however, if a baker does not want to bake a gay couple a cake, that has not infringed on your rights to have a cake made. Why? First you can go to someone else. Second, if all else fails, cake mixes and from scratch ingredients are sold at the local grocer. You still have a right to a cake.

Another illustration, if you have a penis, then you are a man; if you have a vagina, then you are a woman. At no time, is a man a woman or a woman a man. A man does not have a period. I do. I am a woman. Women before me have fought for equality as well as equity in our society. So no man should be allowed in a public bathroom with women. We fought for sexual privacy. Just as no woman can ever be a Navy SEaL. It is physically impossible for a woman.

Get over yourselves already. 

The Progressives and Socialists have convinced the younger generations of Americans that their shit don't stink and these drones are stink bombing our Republic. Donald J. Trump is the market correction. If you do not like what We the People are doing then maybe Progressives and Socialists should not been so amoral with their agenda and immoral with our societal norms and mores. 
  • What is immoral is treating children like science experiments and calling the trend: Transgender. No, it is called child abuse. So-called medical and psychological professionals should lose their licenses to practice.
  • What is immoral is allowing hospitals to medically kidnap children. That is custodial interference and well, kidnapping. People need to start going to jail over this crap.
  • What is immoral is having laws changed to favor corporate monopolies and governance. That has led to: Too Big To Fail; Big Ag; Big Pharma; Big Tech. All against American laws and values, which all need to be prosecuted and broken up. Laws should be rewritten to put We the People first ahead of profiteering. 
  • What is immoral is opening our border, especially after 911, and depleting our system so greatly that a disabled person like myself has no services. Zero. Zippo. Zilch. My friends help me out. I have not received a food box in over five years. I do not qualify for jack... I am housebound, bed bound thanks to my employer's negligence. 
  • Another immoral point of our corrupt collectivist system: no lawyer would take my case, even my EEOC right to sue for pro bono because I was out of a job after my employer made me too sick to work.
Democrats headed by the Progressives and Socialists have lost their collective minds. Instead of championing the plight of the working class, these numbskulls have decided illegal aliens, the United Nations, and neoconservative chickenhawk wars are some how a better platform than Americans, the United States, and the rights of individuals. 

No wonder the Democratic party is losing its membership because the party has lost its way. 

Our future is not Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, or Corey Booker. Frankly, people are tired of the blame-game, social justice warrior, progressive/socialist nonsense. 

Progressives and Socialists are not Democrats. They're players. Pozers. Lackies.The Democratic party needs to remove these distractions from the platform and realign with the American people. Or the party is lost forever.

I may have a voter registration card that says: Democrat, but I do not feel like one. I believe in privacy, free speech, and private property (of the mind, body, and land ownership). You know, Rights.

But I do not see the Democratic party owning up to and correcting party corruption. I do not see the Democratic party of, for, and by the People, but instead parading around like a Globalist propaganda machine and puppet. Things need to change with the Democratic party, as well as the media.

The liberal and conservative media should not exist. We should have the media. Independent of government, corporate, and political party agendas, or we do not have a free press at all. Can we have difference of opinion? Of course, but not as the mainstream media propagandizes the People as it does at the present.

That also means no praying, Bible recitation, or preaching while being a media outlet. That is not being an objective media source. That is being a church.

Media has to distinguish itself from the extremes of our society.

All I hear and read is about racism and White Nationalists... you know, crap. Democrat dog whistling... here, here, Social Justice Warrior. Fetch. Sit up. Riot when you don't get your way.

And if someone disagrees with you... well, they must be a racist or White Nationalist! 

So tired of it. 

I hear: but Trump is a racist because he hates immigrants. Those caravan individuals are not immigrants; those people are invaders. America has 30-40 million people who are either not legally in this country or are not American society members. People are not apart of our society if those individuals reject assimilation into our culture and/or refuse to speak English. 

This place is my country. I should not have to press 2 to get an English speaking operator. I should not have to read Spanish subtitles in the sales circulars, or see Spanish first over English on coupons.  

We need to dissociate ourselves with this Third World Globalist takeover. We need a wall. We need to set a healthy boundary with the rest of the world.

I can hear it now: walls are racist!

Do you own a home? Do you have a fence around your pool? Your backyard? Would you call the police if someone broke into your home or jumped your fence? How about stole your car? 

American society has boundaries. We have borders of towns and cities. We have fences around our yards.

The microcosm reflects the macrocosm. If you have a fence, or would protect your private property, then you believe in borders. You believe in self protection. 

I keep wondering when the media, opinion writers, and political parties will wake up before they destroy themselves completely? The only apologists are those puppets who try to sell me immoral agendas and the failed policies of Globalism. 

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Donald J. Trump did not set up the destruction of the world. The Globalists did. Donald J. Trump did not set up the Third World to fail. The Globalists did. Donald J. Trump did not set up America to fail. The Globalists did. 

A good portion of the American public woke up to the Globalist agenda. We do not have to agree with everything President Trump stands for. President Trump does not have to be a perfect man. He just has to navigate America back onto its original course heading. 

But until the Democratic party matures, half the nation will wallow in self pity and scream at the sky like idiots. 

Maybe the only apologists are people who write distasteful and disrespectful op-eds because they are too busy believing propaganda instead of being present with knowledge. Progressives and socialists have had their way for far too long. It is time real Democrats regained control of our party.

Then we could have real discourse in our country. 

Wouldn't discussions benefiting Americans be the change that implemented a natural course correction? I know I am tired of watching the Progressives and Socialists drive us into an iceberg. I did not sign up to be on the Titanic. 

I guess that is why I feel like I am in a party all by myself.

~The Only Democrat Left Standing.