Thursday, June 11, 2020

Our Social Problems Stem from White Apologists

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
Social Justice / White Apologists


Stop it. 

Stop apologizing. Some Americans are not only tired of the white apology tour, we want a refund on our tickets. Apologizing because you helped create Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States of America become wealthy, enlightened, and cultured is not only embarrassing, it is down right mentally ill. 

Would you make black people apologize for Africa? Indians apologize for India? Hispanics apologize for Spain? Latin Americans apologize for Costa Rica, Brazil, or Venezuela... okay, Venezuela is a bad example. Someone should apologize for that poor illustration, and Cuba. 

Anyway, why are white people so enthused, conditioned, and radicalized to apologize for everything? The solar maximum, also known as Global Warming, needs their apology called Climate Change. The coming solar minimum, also known as the Maunder's Minimum, will undoubtedly need their apology because it's still Climate Change! 

Then there is capitalism that made the west rich, that needs white apologies and dismantling. White culture and history needs apologies and dismantling. And, now whites need to apologize en masse for a death whites are not responsible for and so the police force needs dismantling.

Total mental illness. 

If you do not believe that whites are being targeted for racism, do a litmus test. Everything that has been listed change the descriptor. Instead of white people, replace the word with black, brown, yellow, or red. Does it sound racist now? 

Of course all those situations are racist. Even the term: white privilege is racist. America is a white owned and operated country. Whites only make up 8-10% of the world population. So between Indigenous peoples of the world and those people of African descent, "white" people are a scarce breed along with them. 

But whites created great civilizations and invited others in to join. If you are a self starter, self motivator, and self sufficient, you too can share in our wealth, culture, and educational system.

Go to Saudi Arabia and see if you get that type of treatment. You won't especially if you are non-Muslim, a woman, or not Arabic.

So the majority member races come to minority countries and tell white people they are bad. Have white people made mistakes? Of course, white people are human and humans are not perfect, but these historical events are now cause to abolish white people. 

When we are gone, what will you have? Not our need to build civilizations? Create technologies? Advance the human condition? Go to the Moon and eventually Mars? 

Have your people done any of that? Except when America wasn't pulling our weight these last few decades the Globalists kneecapped our abilities to be leaders and innovators? So we had to rely on others to do our building and exploring for us?

Americans love the help but we should be more self-reliant in our intrinsic quests. We should be helping others become all that they can be and not watching as the world plummets into communism, where no one succeeds. We should be leading by example.

What example are you leading by?

Why are you on your knees apologizing again? 

If you want to solve social problems, white apologies are not the answer. The answers lie with education instead of indoctrination, opportunity for all, and a vibrant, wealthy middle class. 

Those examples of non-monopolistic capitalism, fair play, and refined culture are the answers. 

Anything else is just racism.