Friday, June 19, 2020

Social Justice and the Indoctrination of Lonnie Chavis

Editor in Chief, DL Mullan 
Teaching vs Indoctrination / Black Identity / Racism

How we raise our children matters. Our culture has a responsibility to create mature, motivated, and meaningful members of our society. It is our legacy; it is our immortality. 

Social justice has ruined it. 

Instead of "innocent until proven guilty" and "reasonable doubt," social justice has injected: selfishness, outrage, and the lynch mob mentality. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic built on the standard of individual rights. What has been seen in the streets the last few weeks is nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a mob rule collectivist revolution. Social justice has planted the seeds of resentment and discontent in our youth and their parents are to blame. 

When the United Nations' Agenda 21 introduced "social justice" into our vocabulary, a treaty the United States never ratified by the Senate, and Common Core was adopted by school districts. So now our cities are megaregions of pollution and crime. Children are taught about sex, sexual orientation, and race relations instead of competency in science, math, reading, art, and music. Agenda 21 in this respect has laid waste to our country and culture, but that was the communist goals of the plan. 

First, children do not have the mental awareness to judge the college level concepts being posed to them in elementary, middle, and high schools. We do not give a seven year old the keys to their parent's car for very good reason: children do not have the motor, cognitive, or emotional skill set to handle such responsibility. This logical and scientifically verifiable view of child development is common knowledge that has been thrown away in order to create reactionary adults who cannot think through problems, understand science, or function as a mature adult. Social justice has created people with chips on their shoulders ready to lash out at any perceived indifference or injustice, even if those issues are manufactured. 

Having a chip on your shoulder is different than having confidence, parents are confusing the two to the detriment of their children's futures. When a child is raised with a negative attitude about people, places, and ideas, then that grown adult cannot hold a job because no one wants to be around their "attitude." The social and interpersonal skills one has to have in order to function in a positive manner in society escapes them, but they are too busy blaming other people for race, sex, and/or orientation that these pseudo-adults miss the fact that their problem is really about their negative behavior. These people become lost in their own deception: depressed, ridiculed, and lack the maturity to rise above the mind control of the hive mind. 

But that is the point: control of the human mind. 

We have people in the streets who have no concept of the world around them, yet these individuals are the first in line to demonstrate, riot, loot, kill, maim, and destroy all in the name of justice. Yeah: Just Us, all right. Those people are the real racists in our society. That is the lynch mob. 

As grandparents and parents, we must teach our children at the appropriate time, and at the appropriate age how the world works. Teaching allows children to grow confident and knowledgeable. Indoctrination creates eternal children unable to grow into adulthood because their world has been turned inward on itself instead of outward as a reflection of ourselves. 

So what are you Mr. Lonnie Chavis? An inward reactionary? Or, are you a confident young man? 

This excerpt is from your letter is it not?
I can recall the time when I realized there are not a lot of people that look like me on these Hollywood sets and asked my mom where all the Black people were. I also remember being invited to events but then being treated very poorly by security or entrance checkers, like I wasn’t supposed to be there, until I had a publicist to announce me.
I think of going to Hollywood events with other actors and actresses where I was constantly asked if I’m the boy from Black-ish or the boy from Stranger Things. I guess we all look alike since we are all Black. Can you imagine being confused for any other Black kid just because you all share the same profession? I can.
First, Mr. Chavis, (yes, I know you are 12 and I am 47, but it is customary to address people according to formal titles when there is no familiarity between them), people of African descent only make up around 13% of the American population. So out of 320,000,000 approximate people in the United States, black people make up about 35,000,000. It's not racism. It's just population statistics. 

I have been in the film and theater industry as well as known some musicians. Back stages and events are secure places for the actors' sake due to stalkers and other security concerns. As a minor, an adult should accompany you into events, especially when alcohol is served. It is not only proper etiquette; it might be the law. 

Since I have done an international trailer for a friend and it was released right before Comic-Con one year, I know what is it when people go: don't I know you? I have been mistaken for people and I am white. I guess because we all look alike too. 

Mr. Chavis, your parents are doing you a huge disservice. You appear bright, articulate, but not well informed. Time will give you wisdom through experience as well as education to understand the world is not as disagreeable as you might believe for now. Are there rude people? Yes. Are there racists? Yes. Do you have to let them taint your world view? No.

A better man shrugs off the negative and only looks forward to the positive out of people and life. When you worry about how a person perceives you, then you are giving them all of your personal power. When you are confident in your knowledge and abililities through education and experience, then you retain your power. 

Activitists have a habit of giving all of their power away and wonder why nothing ever changes. 

Confident people who can navigate life: change the world for the better. People who have changed the world without being the problem but instead the solution are people you should get to know through personal study:

Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Mohandas Gandhi 
Mother Teresa 
The Dalai Lama
Albert Einstein
Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Katherine Johnson (NASA)
Amelia Earhart
Oprah Winfrey
Malala Yousafzai 
Margaret Cavendish
Maya Angelou
John Lennon 
Abraham Lincoln
Alexander Hamiliton 
George Washington 
Booker T. Washington
Bob Ross
Dwight D. Eisenhower 
Leonardo DaVinci 
Brandon Tatum
Candice Owens 

Find out who they were and why they did what they did to make them historical figures. Why race was not the factor. The factor was their unique perspective, abilities, and strengths to overcome adversity. 

Not to create more adversity. 

While you are researching and learning, always be familiar with everyone's point of view. That action will keep you grounded to reality. Especially people you may not agree with, that will give you perspective in life. 

Social justice is not about justice, but to control how you perceive the world so that you can be controlled and contained by politicians, the media, and megacorporations. I know you are smarter than falling for that type of trap. Now you have some references to help guide you into a wider world of perspective.

I wish you all the best of luck.

DL Mullan, M.A.
Editor in Chief VDP Gazette

Sources for the excerpt: Breitbart News