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As Editor-in-Chief, DL Mullan comes to the Gazette with an extensive educational and consummate background. Ms. Mullan holds several degrees including a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology from Ashford University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (History / Biology) from Northern Arizona University and several community college degrees/certificates including Organizational Management and Leadership and Small Business Management.

Polymathic in her abilities, Ms. Mullan defines herself as being a community leader, social commentator, political analyst, publisher, editor, author, artist, and Environmental Illness Activist. She has lectured at Sally Ride Festivals, guest lectured at community colleges, spoken at the Phoenix Astronomical Society, been Director of a local Poetry Group, been a Staff Writer for the speculative fiction newszine ConNotations, shown her art and paneled at regional/local Science Fiction conventions as well as placed in Arizona State Fair Art Shows. As the Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer of the former OnHallowGround, Ms. Mullan oversaw several staff members to write articles/reviews and marketing promotions for the entertainment industry, including the motion picture: Dorian Gray. The award winning artist and poet is currently editing and publishing through Sonoran Dawn Studios various publications including nonfiction, fiction, poetry, blogs and websites...

DL Mullan's background, edification, and experience are more than up for the task to understand and convey the world of information to others.

Ms.Mullan is going on her eighth year of directing the VDP Gazette. You can follow her on Facebook through her Public Figure Page: DLMullan.

Her author site is: Undawnted.

Staff Writers / Writers At-Large

DL Mullan, Columnist At-Large

As a Staff Writer for the VDPG, Ms. Mullan will write about cutting edge technology, facts, and politics. She maybe a registered Democrat Independent (as of 1/23/21) but she does not cater to any one party. She believes the two top political parties are the same party that appeases corporations, wealthy elites, and other factions that do not care about the well being of the United States, its Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the American people, but to their own agenda. That's usually enough truth to get her in a lot of trouble, but she rather speak truth to power than allow the plundering of the global financial markets, mother Earth, and independent nation-states' sovereignty to go unchecked. Her litmus test is: does it infringe on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, human natural rights, or equal rights? Ms. Mullan is not anti-government or anti-business, she is anti-stupid. She will also be writing about science, medicine, astronomy, art, education, and whatever else catches her attention so enjoy the ride on the wild side.

The VDP Gazette is always interested in articles written by the public and anyone who wishes to become a Staff Writer.