Friday, June 26, 2020

The 3 D's of the Democratic Platform: Destroy, Defund, and Dystopia

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
Democratic Platform / 2020 Presidental Election

Welcome to the Democrat Party where nothing is real and everything is propaganda.

Since Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, the Globalist elite have done everything in their power to undermine his Presidency and the American people's faith in his leadership. Currently, this foreign collective of wealthy individuals, who hide their money in tax exempt foundations, have been able to rule the world through their technocratic communist administrative state via unelected policy making. These dictates are echoed around the world in government management that are inorganic to the native peoples because the political establishment, i.e., political parties, are easily bought off and manipulated by shiny objects like fame and power.

So the global elite with their monopolies over technology, manufacturing, and industry have become the one world government scaffolding sitting on top of the rest of us in their ivory tower politburo. Technology companies lure people in with free information, search engines, and accessibility all the while manipulating, collecting, and stealing from the public. So tech giants tell their customers what freedoms they are allowed to exercise. Their cohorts in media keep the public distracted with fake news stories about everyone else, so the public does not grasp the seriousness of the politburo's crimes against humanity. Other corporations limit access to food, travel, and electronic funding sources if someone is deemed a "dangerous person" without due process of law, or for the fact that a person does not support the radical communist ideology being thrown at them. The politburo controls every facet of the public's life: communication, food, medicine, manufacturing, industry, education, law, and private affairs. 

Both political parties fell for the Globalist agenda hook, line, and sinker. When Donald Trump became President of the United States as well as head of the Republican (GOP) Party, he deviated that party platform from pure self-destruction. Although there are still Never Trumpers and Rinos plaguing the party as a whole. 

The Democrat Party did not fair as well. With weak leadership by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have strayed beyond Globalism and straight into the Leftist ideology of the Post Modernist's version  of communism, which is tear down, burn down, and strip down people, places, and ideas until the public cannot see the upside from the downside. This move to give credibility to uninformed, uneducated, and incompetent Social Justice Warriors has left Classical Liberals, Moderate Democrats, and Centrists with no home in the Democrat Party. 

Without the strength of knowledge and wisdom of the moderates, the Democrat party no longer appears cognizant. Policies shift daily and whenever the news cycle creates another imaginary or exacerbated crisis: Russian Collusion, Climate Change, COVID-19, George Floyd, or Police Brutality. This schizophrenic dance leaves Americans confused as to what the Democrat party stands for since the real news and ideological worthy subjects are forgotten: China's overreach, China's pollution, China's aggressive behavior in Asia, China's aggressive behavior in Africa, China's aggressive behavior in Australia, China's biomedical problems that lead to continuous pandemics, China's bribery of higher education, the media, and Hollywood. 

Did we mention China? 

For decades China has been a serious issue without one word from Democrats about this National Security threat. As a communist country and a globalist stronghold, China is apart of the system that has compromised our country with Globalism. The Democrat Party has much to answer for in this arena, ask Diane Feinstein about her driver and Harry Reid about Cliven Bundy. 

Instead of engaging the American electorate about China, Americans have been swept away by the incoherent far left cancel culture of destroy monuments and history, defund the police, and live in the communist dystopia of a Marxist uprising while kneeling to the domestic terrorist's demands. 

That is not leadership, Nancy Pelosi; that is a convulsion. 

Your oath is to uphold the Constitution and defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party have failed ad nauseum with this simple set of tasks. The Democrat Party has become impotent, unimportant, and imbecilic. 

There is no substance here. Social justice has destroyed the party and its hope for the future. The Democrat Party is finished. 

If you do not believe so, where does the party go from here? Farther and farther down the leftist path until everyone "identifies" as a rainbow unicorn? That is ridiculous. 

Adults in this country are tired of the immature identity politics, rage/lynch mobs, cancel culture, and rioting. If that is all the Democrat Party has to offer under Nancy Pelosi and corrupt junior politicos like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her buddies, then the party is gone.

Stick a fork in the bylaws, the Democrats are done. 

Joe Biden, you say? He cannot remember who he is and where he is. The only way the Democrats maneuver out of that dud is to nominate someone else at the convention and they do not have anyone else. Everyone that could step in is mired in corruption, corruption, and even more corruption. 

The Democrat Party could have fought for Americans instead of illegal aliens. The Democrat Party could have worked with the Trump Administration instead of falsifying documents and testimony against him and his supporters to create fake news headlines. The Democrats could have healed this nation instead of stoking the fires of racial hatred and revenge of an imaginary systematic racism and illegitimate claims of nationwide police brutality.  

But the me, me, me diva mania could not leave well enough alone. 

The American people will now rise to the occasion and vote the mental illness of leftist ideology out of office. Americans are done being torn down, burnt down, and stripped down economically, mentally, and emotionally for an ideology steeped in psychological decay. 

The roller coaster ride of complete depravity is over and Americans will step up to fill in the void that the Democrat Party left in the wake of their meltdown. 

And, the Democrat Party handed the Patriots in the Republican Party thirty consecutive years running the show. Say good bye to all the liberal ideals that women fought hard to create and maintain...

Oh who are we kidding, the Democrat Party sold out women to men who wear dresses... just like the religious right sells out women to men in robes. Women cannot get a fair shake here. Where are the politicians fighting for women's rights? They are now in the Republican party. 

Did you see that one coming in your ineptitude?

Congratulations, Nancy Pelosi and the left wing radicals, you just lost your party to oblivion.