Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Real Story of Halloween

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Halloween / History

Where Halloween originated from and how we celebrate those traditions now. 

Have a safe and spooky night! 

Source: Youtube

Friday, October 30, 2015

Movie Night: Wallace Thornhill: The Long Path to Understanding Gravity

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Electric Universe / Gravity

In the theoretical sciences, it is commonly assumed that the role of gravity is settled. But as Richard Feynman observed, “There is no model of the theory of gravitation today, other than the mathematical form.” The problem is that mathematics will not account for the essential force in question. And yet, when theorists speculate about the big bang one conjecture is followed by another all building on the supposed supremacy of gravity as the driving force of cosmic evolution. In this talk at the EU2015 conference, Wal Thornhill takes us on a forty-year personal journey to understand the role of gravity in the electric universe.

Source: Thunderbolts Project

Thursday, October 29, 2015

NARCOS: What Netflix Got Wrong + The Real CIA Stories Behind the Show

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
NARCOS / Interview 

NARCOS tells a story of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel in a cops and robbers drama, but the true CIA connection to the cocaine industry that reached to the White House runs much deeper than the TV show. The far-right “Cocaine Coup” in South America, Nicaragua’s revolution, and Oliver North and the CIA’s special relationships with Manuel Noreaga are exposed by journalist Robert Parry. Follow the trail of shadow money and trace the decades-long cover-up by both government and media in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

Source: Buzzsaw

U.S. Boots On The Run Around in Syria and Yes Means Yes

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Military / News

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace discuss U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s new plan for direct action against ISIS in Syria and Iraq that includes U.S. boots on the ground, then they delve into the FBI’s investigation into the owners of Hobby Lobby’s allegedly illegal acquisition of ancient tablets from Iraq for their billion dollar Museum of the Bible.

Tyrel then brings us a startling discovery of just how much we are what we eat when it comes to hot dogs. Next sex educator and adult film star Jessica Drake enters the Hawks Nest to discuss California’s new sexual consent laws and the importance of honest sexual education. RT Correspondent Brigida Santos brings us a report on the current scientific argument over when the next massive earthquake will hit southern California and finally Tabetha Wallace brings us a look at The American Society for Microbiology’s first-ever Agar Art contest where bacteria is the paint on the canvass.

Source:  Watching the Hawks

ADOT Progresses on Agenda 21

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Light Rail / Agenda 21

With or without voter consent, the Department of Transportation is moving forward with plans to expand light rail to Tucson from Phoenix.

The economy is weak and growing at a small pace. There is no room to be demanding the tax payer to foot the bill for another government waste. Phoenix tax payers voted in more light rail and now ADOT wants more!

Public hearings were already held back in September. Not like regional boards or committees want your input anyway.

If you still want to voice your opinion, the deadline for all public comments is Oct. 30 and you can submit comments by emailing

Source: Fox News

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Third Day of White Out Leaves Phoenix in a Toxic Haze

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Toxic Air

What would happen if you woke up to hazy skies and little sunshine? 

With all the safeguards on the quality of our air, Arizonans are mandated by laws to have their cars emissions checked, farmers have to water their fields to keep down the dust, and a buearcracy (AZ DEQ) was formed to keep track of air pollutants.

A lot of tax payer money, time, and fees to keep your air clean and safe. 

Or is all the fuss just a ruse? How about Exhibits 1 - 6:

Beautiful blue skies were seen until the planes began making lines, haze in the Phoenix sky this morning for the third straight day in a row. 

If cities, towns, counties, and states do not care about the quality of the air by allowing geoengineering, then why waste everyone's time with bureaucracy upon bureaucracy in trying to control which you do not care about? 

Before the toxic lines in the sky began their assault on Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, our weather forecast looked like this: 

Even AccuWeather advised: 

Sunday turned completely overcast instead of just partly cloudy because of the spray in the sky: 
Yesterday turned into haze from a sunny day. Sunlight dimmed to an unnatural level around noon time. Only solar eclipses have made such a dent in solar radiation.

Right now, Phoenix is seeing this:
While the weather reporters are talking about a .5 inch of rain coming Thursday and into Friday, watch how Weather Underground has already compensated for the toxic geoengineering spraying: 

So is this a conspiracy theory? Or is weather manipulation just a conspiracy?

Then a Congressional document is revealed that deals with government involvement in the weather:
Review the literature, watch the skies, and note the changes in the forecasts. What is happening is real. So look up and start a conversation.

Source: Weather Underground, AccuWeather,

Loss of Property Rights Across the Nation Begins Locally

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Agenda 21 / Sovereignty Issues

Agenda 21 and its Sustainability nonsense have been plaguing Americans and people around the world for a good part of two and a half decades. 

Arizona is no different. Denial from politicians has led most voters to not know or understand what initiatives they have voted into law. Light rail. Green. Smart. Reimaging. All marketing terms for the same thing: treason. 

Under Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Redevelopment, your state, county, and city can impose fees and restrictions on your property without due process of law. Don't believe that in America communist ideals are being implemented? 

Enter Santa Cruz, California: 

The Bureau of Land Management  or BLM is harassing and fining people off their land.
The BLM also steals wild horses and sells them for slaughter. 
Even in Arizona, our iconic wild horses are being disappeared. 
It is a concerted effort from every front because of Agenda 21, we have a nation full of rogue agencies, politicians and regional boards. So if you have not guessed: you have lost your sovereignty. You have no vote with agencies or regional boards, and bought off politicians deny Agenda 21 exists while helping with its implementation.

Don't you think it is time to stop the implementation of Agenda 21?

Source: All the Above

Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Phoenix Day Under Chemical Attack

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering /Health Watch

 Have you looked up into the sky and wondered what all those lines were? 

 Contrails, you say. Persistent Contrails, but are they?

Combustion jet engines rarely make contrails, and when one is made in that rare instance, the trail does not last for miles and miles and miles spreading out over the landscape to form stretchy haze. 

So what are they?

It's your tax dollars at work from corporations to cites and states to create or halt rain with devastating effects for the rest of the planet.

Isn't it to save us from Global Warming? GeoEngineering programs have been in effect for over 65 years, so any fluctuations in climate and weather extremes can be directly blamed on these illegal programs.

So there is no Global Warming or Climate Change. 

What the atmosphere has become is a weapon and it is being used against humanity. Toxic chemicals sprayed, for what? 

With the problems America faces with starving children, homeless veterans, underempolyed city workers, ballooning government debt, yet our elected officials great and small have money to waste on covering the skies with poison.

Aren't you ready to end these criminal programs so we can see a real sunrise again? 

For more information about the devastating affects of geoengineering, please visit GeoEngineering Watch.

Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Weather Modification

Governments around the world have long since fully deployed global climate engineering on a scale that cannot truly be comprehended. They decided (without public knowledge or consent) that they had the right to use the atmosphere of our planet to serve their own agendas which amount to nothing less than weather and biological warfare. On August 14th, 2015, there was a major event in Northern California that was organized for the purpose of exposing and halting the global climate engineering programs that are decimating our planet and the entire web of life. Numerous experts spoke out at this event including attorneys, former government scientists, a former defense industry technician, former military personnel, a prominent Northern California Neurologist, and a CEO for one of the largest environmental and engineering consulting firms in the world. Approximately 1000 people attended this event. The video below is the primary PowerPoint informational presentation given at the event, "Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault". This presentation was given by Dane Wigington, lead researcher for The emcee for this important event was John B. Wells, radio host for the highly acclaimed "Caravan to Midnight" show. John works tirelessly toward revealing the truth for the common good. His participation in the Northern California event was of immense benefit to the cause of exposing geoengineering. My deepest appreciation to John, to all the speakers that participated and shared their knowledge, to each and every activist that contributed countless hours, and of course our gratitude to all those that attended the event. Individuals came from locations as far away as Valdez Alaska and St. Louis Missouri.

Source: GeoEngineering Watch

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Autumn Factor

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Weather / Autumn

With the shift toward winter, the weather fluctuates between hot and cool. Autumn is here and the cool evenings and mornings are a welcomed sight. The desert is getting a break from the hot temperatures of the blazing summer. 

What can we expect?

Solar flares have been quiet while the filament releases have energized our planetary weather system that have lasted these couple of weeks creating warmer temperatures like the 90's for this week. See Suspicious Observers for more information:

Our local forecast appears to be such: 
Forecast Discussion: The upper-level low pressure system that has brought active weather to central Arizona this week is finally beginning to move out of the area. This puts Arizona underneath a dry, northwesterly flow pattern. As drier air filters into the state, skies will be clear each day through Saturday. Temperatures will rebound, approaching 90°F by Saturday. Near-surface winds are also expected to be light and variable. The two main pollutants currently in the spotlight for this air quality forecast are ozone and PM-2.5. As more stagnant conditions take hold over the next few days, both of these pollutants have the potential to accumulate more near the ground. Clear skies also mean more sunlight for local ozone production and stronger nocturnal inversions for overnight PM-2.5 build-up. Since history shows us that Moderate ozone levels are uncommon in late October, ozone is expected to remain in the Good range. The outcome of PM-2.5 levels is a little more uncertain, however. We will keep PM-2.5 in the upper Good range for now and will reevaluate it tomorrow for the weekend. Check back on Friday for a closer look at the weekend's weather and air quality. Until then, have a good day! -M.Graves
For the rest of October, the Farmer's Almanac writes:

California, Nevada, Utah, ArizonaIncludes California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona
24th-27th. Clearing weather, turning colder.
28th-31st. Unsettled, showery.

Our local community forecast for today through Halloween is:

Source: AQED, Farmer's Almanac, Weather Underground

Iceland 1, Bankers 0 & The American Whistleblower w/ JeIsselyn Radack

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Watching the Hawks / News 

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura & Tabetha Wallace show how Iceland has recently jailed 26 bankers connected with the crash in 2008. Why isn’t the U.S. doing the same? The Obama Administration denies a senior citizen in Massachusetts bankruptcy relief for his student loans, while Scotland reaps the rewards of a free university system. NASA provides video of what it might look like when a black hole devours a star. Jesselyn Radack joins the show to talk everything to do with whistleblowers in the U.S. today. An Israeli restaurant owner offers a 50% discount to all tables seating both an Israeli and an Arab diner!

Source: Watching the Hawks

Saturday, October 24, 2015

From Helmand to Homan: Empire Abroad & The Domestic Police State

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Watching the Hawks / News

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace, & Sean Stone discuss President Obama’s latest extension of the never-ending war in Afghanistan. The team brings you the story of one man in San Francisco who blew the whistle on the agency charged with protecting whistleblowers! A drone captures a breathtaking tightrope walk in China. Tabetha provides in-depth coverage of the Homan detention site in Chicago and its tactics of control and terror over the underrepresented in the city. The DHS kicks off cyber-security awareness month! An interesting time capsule from a 1950 mental hospital reveals some secrets from the past! 

Source: Watching the Hawks 

The Morning Sky is Alive

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Astronomy / Skywatching

Jupiter, Venus, and Mars are all lining up in the morning sky. As Venus treks eastward, the planets draw closer to together throughout this month. 

Mercury is low by the horizon.

As for the last visible planet, Saturn sets in the early night's sky. So enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Movie Night: E. Howard Hunt, Watergate & The JFK Assassination

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Radio / Interview

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the broadcast Saint John Hunt, author and son of famed Watergate burglar, and CIA super spy E. Howard Hunt. The two of them start off with a simple question, “Who was E. Howard Hunt? Saint John answers this question by giving the listener a detailed background on his father including some of the events that E. Howard Hunt was involved in, and some of the people connected to him. This leads to Hunt’s involvement in the JFK assassination, his deathbed confession to Saint John about it, and what he possibly meant when he said “I was a bench warmer.” They then get into Watergate, his dad’s arrest, and the events which led to his mother Dorothy Hunt’s murder by plane crash into a suburban area. This is one powerful broadcast, both emotionally and intellectually. Take the time to tune in and learn some true history.

Source: DTRHRadioArchives

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Manhattan Project: Town Hall with Lyndon LaRouche

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Policy / Government 

Lyndon LaRouche returns to New York! Every Saturday the LPAC Manhattan Project hosts a Q&A discussion between Manhattan activists and Mr. LaRouche. This week, Mr. LaRouche reiterates his emphasis that so far, the Presidential debates in no way do the crisis the U.S. and the world are in, justice. What is required is a coherent agreement on what people and nations need to move forward, together. Several reports from interventions and deployments from Manhattan are also discussed, demonstrating the Manhattan Project is now a force to be reckoned with in the political and cultural dynamic in Manhattan.

Source: LaRouche PAC

Friday, October 2, 2015

Movie Night: Harald Kautz Vella Lecture on the Nature of Reality

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Science / Research / Nature of Reality

An interesting perspective with research and science documenting his lecture topics:

Excellent German scientist and journalist Harald Kautz Vella with Bases founder Miles Johnston (see his channel below) talks about the planet life blood known as “black goo” and how an alien black goo was brought here to help the alien forces to live on earth, and the Bushes and Angela Merkel have their villas right on top of a massive underground tank of alien black goo! He talks about how an astral projector saw the alien forms inside his body and drew a spider like being with a human looking face! In a separate interview with Harold, Miles Johnston talks about how both he and Harold were attacked by demonic or sub-dimensional spiders, and Harold talks in depth about the science of what they are really doing with chemtrails, also being another confusing mix of perpetrators with differing agendas.

Source: Youtube