Monday, June 29, 2020

Are We Done Yet: Black K State Athletes threatened to QUIT OVER GEORGE FLOYD TWEET

Editor in Chief, DL Mullan 
Black Leadership / Cult Hive Mind / Riots


Black K State Athletes threatened to 

Editor's response:

Because people want other people to take responsibility instead of taking that responsibility themselves. The levels of drugs in Mr. Floyd's system gives reasonable doubt for the officers to be acquitted under the premise of excited delirium. So stating that Mr. Floyd was the victim of his own choices seems appropriate. Yet we have cult members making an educated opinion a reason to incite rebellion. This lynch mob mentality that has manifested in the black community as a means of retaliation is beginning to backfire. What will happen if the black community does not get ahold of this attitude and denounce the riots is that the public will start turning their backs on any type of protests, riots, or rage no matter the justification. That is why when someone cries: we've been protesting for twenty years! That they don't realize they did that to themselves. There is a certain breaking point when the public just has had enough, and they won't listen to whining any longer. It's time to call out the black leadership to their faces who have failed the community for decades. Or trends in violence will continue into the future. People want to see others work within the system for change. Holding signs and fists in the air are not proactive change agents; it's just to satisfy groups and it's not a real redress of grievances. Misguided individuals do not know the difference. The angst is real but the frustration is blamed on the system these rioters have never fully engaged so they are left feeling disenfranchised. When all they had to do is educate themselves and act like respectable adults. Change takes time and patience. No one ever said it would be easy.