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What Happened to the Basic Law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region? Did Beijing Commit a Breach of Contract and Allow Hong Kong to be a Free Agent?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Hong Kong / China's Breach of Contract

After Beijing took over control of Hong Kong on July 1, 1997, a new doctrine was supposed to take shape called One Country, Two Systems. Yet, at every turn, China has reneged on its Basic Law contract with the residents of Hong Kong.
In the 1984 Joint Declaration, the Chinese government declared that Hong Kong would become a special region of China that would enjoy “a high degree of autonomy,” vested with “executive, legislative and independent judicial power.”
Many in Hong Kong are still waiting for the Communists in mainland China to honor the internationally binding treaty. In 2017, Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest China's breach of contract in the matter of suffrage and open elections. Two Hong Kong residents spoke about their concerns:
Mrs. Chan also said the white paper that China’s State Council released last month “calls into question Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and implies that this degree of autonomy can be given or taken away at Beijing’s pleasure.”

And Mr. Lee, the lawyer who was a member of the panel that drafted Hong Kong’s Basic Law, which serves as its constitution, said that the white paper was a blow to the independence of the Hong Kong judiciary because it imposed political requirements on judges.
According to the international treaty between the United Kingdom (Britain) and China, the Sino-British Joint Declaration creates a mini-constitution for Hong Kong. This Basic Law is a legally binding contract that must be upheld. China is changing the terms of the agreement to the point of interfering in Hong Kong's legal and legislative systems as well as not protecting the resident's rights and freedoms until 2047 as a special administrative region.

From the actions of the Communist Chinese that has led to multiple breaches of this international treaty, does that give the residents of Hong Kong the legal maneuvering to become an independent state? 

With China increasing its violent attacks on protestors this month in August 2019, Hong Kong may have to initiate legal action in order to break free from the communist terrorist acts in the form of communist police, undercover operatives, and military force. 

Since many in Hong Kong have been photographed waving American flags and filmed singing the American national anthem, is this a sign the residents of Hong Kong are willing to break from China completely and become a member, a territory or state, in the American union? 

Shouldn't President Donald Trump ask what the residents of Hong Kong want? 

A transfer from the communist one party Leninist system to the United States may only take a vote from Hong Kong's legislative branch and the United States Congress. That means the United States could own a strategic island in Asia without spending a dime. 

That is cheaper than buying Greenland and Hong Kong already has its own infrastructure built right in. 

What a deal. 

Does President Donald Trump have the courage to tell China: You're Fired?

Villa de Paz Gazette in Review: Want to Know about Fluoride?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Water Fluoridation / Environmental Toxins

Want to know more about fluoride? The VDP Gazette has some articles that we published over five years ago for your perusal:

Source: the VDP Gazette 

Manufactured Consent: Trauma-based Mind Control and Social Engineering of the People

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Social Justice / Social Engineering

Trauma-based mind control is used by the elite and executed by the priest (CIA/media/entertainment/politicians) class to keep the rest of humanity under control. In today’s society, we see much in the way of escalating political and religious tensions through this method of conformity. If you disagree or refuse to stay silent, then you are a dissenter and of bad moral character who needs to be silenced.

Social engineering through Trauma-base mind control gives the elite the excuse of plausible deniability. A mass shooter was triggered; it must be because of racial hatred, and not the real reasons of psychotropic drugs and a mind control experiment gone right. The only way for the people to relinquish their rights is by concession.

Social Justice emphasizes surrender. This trend requires conformity. Rights are allowed to be confiscated for the good of the collective, even if the members have to wear all black and beat the consent out of you.

In the planned chaos, how can we recognize Trauma-based mind control? Anytime fear is used to take rights away. Here are a few examples: The Earth only has 12 more years before Climate Change causes an environmental meltdown! Devil worshipers and demons are everywhere! Repent! Repent! I cast thee out, Satan! Abortion is murder! They kill babies after they are born! Immigration keeps children in cages! Immigrants are kept in concentration camps! Plastics line the oceans and are killing the sea creatures! Humans are a parasite on the face of the Earth because of overpopulation! Palestinians are being murdered! There is a holocaust happening in Yemen! Jews! It’s the Jews!

Where do you begin to unravel the fiction that is marketed to the people on the 24/7 news cycle? The propaganda developed for Trauma-based mind control came from the unethical experiments of the Nazis. Under the auspice of the Allied Forces, Nazi scientists were divided up and sent to their respective useful-idiot nations. The programs that began under Hitler have never ended. These swastika wearing men have infiltrated governments, changed the course of history, and used their knowledge to corrupt anyone with money or connection.

So, the world’s problems are really the Jews?

We have a shadow government, a deep state, the administrative state, that uses Honey traps to blackmail high ranking officials with sex with woman and children, drugs, and other illegalities. This entrapment is a Fourth Reich operation to seize control of the world to offset the bleak failure of World War II. This time with the help and financing of the world’s elite the Nazis almost got it right.

The program was Operation Paperclip and a high priest: Jerry Epstein. He is not the only one in this deep cover operation. All his computers and notes were seized by some unknown black operations group before law enforcement could get there… or did those people allow for the CIA to disappear all the program files under the guise of National Security?

There are many think tanks on human behavior like the Tavistock Institute. People sit around and devise ways to manipulate and deceive the public. So the media becomes a way to implement trauma as well as any distractions necessary for covering up elite activities.

What you will see, if you step back from the gatekeepers, is the push toward centralized regulations, finance, and socialist programs. Hitler’s dream was an economic European union, called a Superstate. That is historical fact:

In 1945 Hitler’s Masterplan (captured by the Allies) included a scheme to create an economic integration of Europe and to found a European Union on a federal basis. The Nazi plan for a federal Europe was based on Lenin’s belief that: ‘Federation is a transitional form towards complete union of all nations.’

Lenin means: Communism. Funny how that project came to pass after the end of World War II and the creation of the United Nations. The United Nations employed Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev to create the Earth Summit, Agenda 21. This treaty is nothing more than the communist takeover of the world.

America was not immune. The North American Union was signed into law under Bill Clinton. George Bush (43) signed in the Earth Summit into law.

Still think the world is run by the Jews?

Geopolitics is more diverse and integrated than naming one religion over another as the main instigator of humanity’s problems. We have an elite who do not own to religion but rather energy, intention, and manifestation. The ruling class is not bound by mock morality of manmade religious dogma. These people have the real scoop and just not shared it with everyone else.

The universe is about manifestation. You can create a good or bad outcome for yourself based on your emotions called: intention. That energy is what the universe uses to communicate with you and you with it.

There are no gods. Sorry, there are no gods. The elite know this factoid.

What there is however are thought-form creations produced by our own intentions. So Satan is real and fictional. Why? Because it was the Bible who got masses of people over generations to believe this entity existed. Therefore the universe created a Satan like energy form. With fear and worship, this entity received enough energy to duplicate itself, known as demons and devils, as well as be interactive.

The difference between a true god and a thought-from creation is energy. If you do not send your created friend or foe energy, then that entity will cease to exist over time. That is why the Ancient Egyptians believed that if your name was able to be pronounced by future generations then you would live forever.

Religion is the elite’s way to transfer the masses’ energy into whatever and whomever they want. So Moloch still exists because the elite feed energy of rituals to that creation.

And, that is probably not the energy’s real name. To know the real name of an entity is power. A name can be used to destroy a thought-form entity as well as make it stronger.

Hall of the Pontifical Audiences
You will know what feeds the thought-form creation by the generic name it is given: god, son of god, holy ghost, demon, devil to name a few. These creations do the elite’s bidding. Wonder why your prayers are never answered. You have to leave it in “God’s hands?” It is God’s plan.? God works in mysterious ways? Because that energy doesn’t work for you. It feeds off your energy by ritual design but since you do not do the correct rites that summons that entity on this plane, then this abusive relationship is a one-way street.  

The elite will never tell you the truth. Radio hosts will not either. Do not even hope about your spiritual advisor. Without the trauma-based, mass hallucination called religion, the elite would not have the ability to control your thought patterns, financial spending habits, or ritual holidays.

Inside the Hall of the Pontifical Audiences
Because if people knew their religion was fraudulent to begin with heads would roll. The elite would be strung up in no time. Humans are so accustomed to living in Plato’s: the Allegory of the Cave, most would not know what to do if they did not have the fear of a god. Some might go on a rape and murder spree. Others would commit suicide because there is no meaning in life and could not go on. Still more would just not even register the fact and continue to worship their religion anyway.

Much like if the government ever came clean about life on other planets. Yet alien technology and sightings are a great cover for experimental government projects, aren’t they?

The elite like to play god with knowledge that has been horded for millennia. For instance, the Library of Alexandria was destroyed by fire to keep ancient scrolls from being dispersed to the people. The Vatican now holds many relics, parchments, and other iconography that it hides from the public. Ever wonder why?

Would the Catholic Church’s power base of control over the one true religion be eroded if people knew the secrets that lie within? Of course, it would. Why else keep knowledge hidden? 

Knowledge is after all: power.

So the powers-that-be manipulate the political leanings, prejudices and biases of their people to form voting blocks. You cannot do whatever you want without making other people feel the idea was theirs to begin with. It is called Manufactured Consent.

Let’s go to war! War destroys and damages cultures, land, and economies. No one in their right mind would go to war as an offensive measure. Yet we have seen the United States used as a war machine for the elite power structure for over one hundred years.

Wars displace whole populations. War is theft. War is murder.

War becomes the excuse to save people by moving them. If the foreign born population does not integrate into a safe haven country, then the natives become hostile to the “invaders.” So does a losing ideology ever really lose if they can send over their sleeper cells to their enemies under the banner of humanitarianism?

Iraq. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Syria. Somalia.

What do they have in common? Wars. Humanitarian crises. Large populations immigrating from that political and social disaster called the Middle East and Africa.  

Yemen, which has had a media blackout, is in such deplorable conditions that public sentiment would end Saudi Arabia’s incursion if they only knew of the real holocaust going on there.

These power plays are to rearrange the chessboard for access to the resources. What we are seeing and what the elite push are the stealing of resources from poor people for the economic superiority of the ruling class. Corporate welfare at its finest, or haven’t we counted all the missing money from the military budget? Or, have we seen the military budget of the United States lately?

And people are worried about someone getting food stamps because the conservatives and progressives sold out our manufacturing industry to Mexico and China where there are no environmental protections or labor laws. So the whole environmentalist movement is created to shut down our industry.

The environmentalist movement under the direction of the Club of Rome and the United Nations’ Earth Summit, Agenda 21 find ways to manipulate the populace into giving up plastic bags, straws because of a sea creature eating them until death. The people are bombarded with the propaganda instead of asking the real question: why are the sea creatures starving that the mammals are eating plastics instead of food? What happened to the food supply? Did Fukushima and Correxit create this problem?

But that is taboo. Social engineering cannot be so logical. The problem must always lie with a common person and never a government or corporation. That would break the spell of conformity at all costs.

So the Green agenda is clear: no small businesses, no problem, because the corporate town is to make our citizens subservient to the monopolies that only provide low wage, meaningless jobs that do not pay the bills. Vote Lightrail and see your streets crumble while you are billions in debt for a few miles of track that bring more crime to the downtown areas.

Still the diehards scream: there are too many people on welfare! Both political parties sold out our country decades ago. Subtracting manufacturing and industry has become a Catch-22 for many people.

These individuals have lost their good paying jobs. In their middle age, people are discriminated against because if someone hires them, then the fear of those people retiring in a few years without contributing decades into the corporation and its retirement system prevails. So men and women take low paying jobs. Some are depressed and cannot function any longer. Others turn to drug addiction. The workforce dwindles and the Chamber of Commerce lobbies for younger foreign workers because the American workforce is now on permanent vacation.

Those middle-aged men and women get welfare because no one will hire them for a salary position. Unemployment, food stamps, and public housing become their new normal. The ones who could not cope they end up disabled and on Social Security.

When some workers decide to go back into the workforce, the corporations have already given their jobs to Chinese, Indian, and other foreign born workers at a discount. What is left pays the American worker less than welfare.

For instance let’s say you have $1500 in bills, but your receive $1200 in housing and welfare benefits… you can use coupons, do without, and try to work under the table to make up for your shortfall versus going to work for $850. Compare those numbers to what you used to make as a salaried employee: $3500/month. The numbers end up making the decision for most breadwinners. Not that they want to be on the dole because they are lazy. The lack of meaningful jobs thanks to the profit-driven politicians under the false moniker of conservatism and progressivism have done that instead. So if you want to blame anyone for the state of the welfare system, then start with the state of the economy. Show your appreciation to our sold out government officials by voting them out of office.

The powers-that-be hope that they take your life away incrementally so that you believe your lack of success is your fault. Then you will turn to drugs and crime. That will take care of the overpopulation problem if the people are busy killing themselves and others. Who’s going to point the finger at the ruling class if the lower echelon are pointing guns at one another?

In the meantime, there are rat-infested, disease-ridden tent cities popping up in major thoroughfares. If only we could put them all away in a mental institution… First we must have Red Flag Laws so that anyone from any walk of life can make an accusation to take away someone’s rights without due process of law. You know, put all these unwanted people in poor houses so polite society does not have to face the fact that it is a failure.

Project Mockingbird is the CIA run program that allows the deep state to propagandize the people through the media. We have news blackouts. We have reporters creating mass hysteria on the news every night. We have politicians who lie on camera. We have one-sided entertainment.

The program is to keep the public ramped up so that emotions run high on trigger topics. With the creation of Social Justice by the United Nations’ Earth Summit, Agenda 21, now people need no excuse, pretext, or facts to be right about their emotive decisions or quotes gathered from celebrities. Reality is being converged with illusion. That illusion has created the delusion of understanding. When the hype creates mass hysteria deep enough to foment division and cut people off from common ground, the mass hallucination is nearly complete.  

The CIA wants to keep the Trauma-based mind control going to change society on a fundamental level. Historians know that society changes slowly over time like a soft hill in either direction. These large pendulum swings we have seen since 2001 are manufactured. Human society does not travel in this abrupt manner.

Manufactured consent for war. Manufactured consent for the destruction of our nation. Manufactured consent to take rights away.

Mass shooters are everywhere. White nationalist terrorism strikes again!

Do you only see White People?
Trauma-based mind control is to create the ultimate manufactured consent in the form of controlled opposition. Whoever gets into political power uses their voter’s manufactured consent to take away the rights of the opposing party’s voters.

Do you smell gun control on the horizon? Or, how about mental illness check points?

The bludgeoning of the people’s psyches is never ending until the elite get their way.

Abortion is murder! Take women’s rights away from making decisions about their own bodies! They kill babies after they are born… they keep them comfortable, to quote talk radio.

These same individuals who cry about abortions then have meltdowns over forced vaccinations. It is the exact same debate: do you own your body and the contents within it? Or, do corporations and government own you as a patent, copyright, and biological research tool?

But women are killing babies! <<< Trauma-based mind control at its finest.

Here is how that function works. You take a divisive topic and you give your readers or listeners the moral dilemma and two choices. One choice is debatable. The other choice comes out to saving someone or thing; to be the hero.

That is an example of black and white thinking. Thought control. Life is a bunch of gray areas. Situations are rarely one way or the other. There are some exceptions but abortion is not one of them.

End abortion and save babies! When that outcome has not happened in over ten thousand years, let’s be honest. Abortion has been apart of women’s culture since the beginning of civilization. Herbs, tonics and elixirs of many kinds have been available to women to terminate a pregnancy. With the end of the herbalists and midwives because of the witch trials and religion, physicians became the priest class medical equivalent: the male indoctrinated substitute to women’s health. Women have lost much of their own histories because the elite wanted everyone under the same umbrella: their control.

The abortion debate is not about babies. The debate is not about saving the unborn. Abortion is about who can comply with the elite by giving over their bodies to the corporation. The transhuman agenda to create cyborgs to feed the Artificial Intelligence energy being of god, son of god, holy ghost, demon, devil. All names for the same thing: lunacy.

What's in your medicine?
If abortion was not solely about creating “save the baby hysteria,” and blowing up abortion clinics in the 1990’s, then why are fertility clinics allowed to destroy embryos and samples? Aren’t test-tube-babies babies too? Why are parents allowed to deny their children blood transfusions that would save their lives? Why do our politicians take away good jobs from parents and then remove food stamps from the homes of children? Why do you allow fetal cells in your medicines, make up, food, and beverages?

The debate never has been and never will be about a baby. It is about control. Control of your most basic parts and that is your genetic code.

DNA has been mapped. Genes and their expressions are known. Many patents have already been granted to make you a renter of your own genome.

DNA is not simply some tightly wound products. DNA is more. Scientists have unfurled DNA with sound waves. Our basic building block is not “protein;” it is frequency. We are energy.

So when a woman is raped and society denies her to have an abortion through guilt, shame, religion, and other forms of social terrorism, then women have their rapists’ babies. Women are forced to endure looking at their rapist for the rest of their lives while convincing themselves not to hate their child or themselves. What kind of life is that? That is being a slave.  

We do not know how the frequency of violence attaches to an embryo. Does the genetic code exhibit unstable emotional consistencies that will create the next Jack the Ripper four generations down the road? Is it nature versus nurture?

Or, is the reality of the situation much bigger than this or that? If DNA is energy, then the energy of intent is carried along with it. The question no longer becomes can I raise a good person out of a bad situation. The question becomes is that energy now going to persist in future generations as genetic memory just waiting to be unleashed because of mental illness or other extreme circumstance? Are the rapists and mass murderers we have today from a violent energy conception?

Will we ever know?

We ask of women to do too much and society gives them little in return. If you stay home and be a mother, you then forfeit your full retirement. If you go to college and have a career, then you forfeit the joys of motherhood. If you make a choice to appease a religion, then you forfeit your freewill.

The elite know that social discord happens every sixty years. To keep that anger from spilling out and publicizing their own conduct, the elite use controlled opposition to create a faux-revolution to allow the pressure to be relieved where the elite will not be called into question. The sixties for instance: sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, free love, and civil rights.

Are we not seeing the same hysteria in the Social Justice movement? Now the topics are women’s rights, celebrity, the rich, transgenderism, racism, socialism, progressiveism, freebies, mass shootings, gun control, open borders, massive illegal immigration, and censorship.

But the elite always have a reason… that reason is for you to give up someone else’s rights to make you feel good about being a moral person. Is that moral? That is the game. That is called manufactured consent. Divide and conquer. Problem, reaction, solution. All done under the guise of Trauma-based mind control.

The Project for a New American Century decided to create trauma in order to steal from poorer nations in the Middle East. In order to gain the compliance of the American people, 9/11 was deployed. Deployed? Yes, because that terrorist attack happened, the evidence was shipped off to China, and no real investigation has ever been done. Those individuals who have tried to ask questions have been silenced until architects and engineers got together to form a group online, but still this subject is taboo from any real discussion about governmental duplicity. 
Steal and Concrete Twin Towers
That is the elite’s smoking gun. The trigger point for all this juggernaught change in so little time. The elite believe people will adapt, but the changes have been too quick and too numerous for people to ignore the political theater any longer.

More and more people are out there pointing out the elites' mistakes. Censorship is not going to keep the truth from coming out. The program has accelerated a mass awakening instead.

Just like the mistakes the Nazis made during the beginning of the 20th Century, their hubris and impatience has again yielded them public exposure and opposition. Nationalism is making a comeback. Populism is winning elections. People are tired of their voices not being heard.

That is why the elite will fail. Freedom is the great equalizer. Communism is nothing but bargain basic political system for an elite too engrossed with themselves to care about anything but wealth, power, and control. People expect more out of their leaders.

So people are turning the elites off and turning to other voices that sound like their own.

Trauma-based mind control only works if you tune in. So do what others are doing: turn off the television. Unplug from cable. Drop your online subscriptions.

The only way you can be forced into Manufactured Consent of controlled opposition is your ignorance. Feed your mind with information you research, know, and trust. You cannot find those resources in mainstream media anymore. Your opinion should be much more than a Social Justice temper tantrum.

When will you start being informed?

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Have you gotten your Burn... Bern Notice?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Democrats / Espionage / Marketing

Did you receive this note in your inbox:

Then you may want to know the definition of a Burn Notice.
a notice issued by intelligence agencies that dismisses an agent because they've been considered unreliable or dangerous.
So what is the Bernie Sanders campaign telling us?

Source: Bernie Sanders Campaign 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Is Gender Ideology Lewd and Lascivious Behavior?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Gender Fluidity / Obscenity Laws

In today's electric climate of biology and gender, a sociological theory on how and what people are is a controversial one. Are you nature or nurture? Biology or psychology? Are we a product of our genetics or are we at the mercy of our own illusion? 

Is there male and female? Or, is the human race bound by gender ideology: I am what I feel?

Social justice advocates, activists, and warriors will yell and scream about exploring our own sexuality even in the classroom. However, is this discussion of our sexual identities considered in the realm of the legal definition of obscenity?
1712, Massachusetts made it criminal to publish "any filthy, obscene, or profane song, pamphlet, libel or mock sermon" in imitation or mimicking of religious services. Acts and Laws of the Province of Mass. Bay, c. CV, § 8 (1712), Mass.Bay Colony Charters & Laws 399 (1814). Thus, profanity and obscenity were related offenses.
In light of this history, it is apparent that the unconditional phrasing of the First Amendment was not intended to protect every utterance. This phrasing did not prevent this Court from concluding that libelous utterances are not within the area of constitutionally protected speech. Beauharnais v. Illinois, 343 U.S. 250, 266. At the time of the adoption of the First Amendment, obscenity law was not as fully developed as libel law, but there is sufficiently contemporaneous evidence to show that obscenity, too, was outside the protection intended for speech and press.
So when does teaching about biology and psychology step into obscenity?
See also Mutual Film Corp. v. Industrial Comm'n, 236 U.S. 230, 242, where this Court said as to motion pictures:

. . . They take their attraction from the general interest, eager and wholesome it may be, in their subjects, but a prurient interest may be excited and appealed to. . . .

(Emphasis added.)

We perceive no significant difference between the meaning of obscenity developed in the case law and the definition of the A.L.I., Model Penal Code, § 207.10(2) (Tent.Draft No. 6, 1957), viz.:

. . . A thing is obscene if, considered as a whole, its predominant appeal is to prurient interest, i.e., a shameful or morbid interest in nudity, sex, or excretion, and if it goes substantially beyond customary limits of candor in description or representation of such matters. . . .
Hasn't Gender Ideology gone from wholesome to the appeal to the morbid interest in nudity and sex?

We have children being taught that their bodies do not conform to their personalities. Children are being placed on harmful drugs, their minds twisted into delusion, and their sexual identities, nude construction used as political fodder all for the prurient interest for excitement and appeal to adults. Children are being taught sexuality beyond the customary limits of candor.

Meanwhile in Arizona:
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1402 states that indecent exposure is committed whenever a person exposes recklessly either genitals or their anal region or in the case of women – areolas and nipples in front of another individual without considerations about a witness getting either alarmed or offended by the act.

Breast-feeding is, needless to say, excluded from the statute.

As far as the seriousness of the offense is concerned, people who commit indecent exposure in front of individuals aged 15 or younger should expect more serious penalties. Typically, indecent exposure is classified as a misdemeanor but if there are aggravating circumstances, a person may eventually be charged with a Class 3 felony.

On top of the state-wide regulations, Arizona cities may have individual local indecent exposure laws to target such behavior. Downtown Scottsdale, for example, has fines imposed on individuals found guilty of urinating in public. In Bullhead City, a person found guilty of solicitation by indecent exposure faces Class 3 misdemeanor charges.

Keep in mind that indecent exposure is different from engaging in a public sex act. Public sexual indecency is defined in Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1403 and the severity of the sanctions will once again depend on previous offenses and whether the act took place in front of a minor.
So what would be considered indecent exposure? When a grown man walks into a Target woman's bathroom and exposes his genitalia to a minor female child? 

What would be considered indecent exposure? A grown man going into a woman's gym shower and changing area, getting naked in front of women, and then going for a workout?

There are serious concerns and legal questions about the limits of Gender Ideology when it comes to Indecent Exposure and Obscenity, not to mention Women's Rights and sexual privacy rights of other individuals.

In recent court cases, judges have dismissed the legitimate concerns over sexual privacy and the rights of other individuals to push Gender Ideology. These same courts and judges illegitimately place people's "feelings" over established laws pertaining to obscenity, lewd conduct, and indecent exposure. These social justice judges should be investigated for their unethical standards when laws are ignored for political correctness. 

Should belief be used instead of established biological science? Should judges be allowed to redefine the sexes based on psychology, which goes against Title IX?

What are people teaching your children at school when you are at work?

Source: Cornell LawAZ Criminal Defense Group  

Friday, August 9, 2019

Movie Night: Leave the Suicide Cult! Scientific Optimism vs. Green New Deal

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Big Tech / Social Justice

Dennis Speed and Jason Ross contrast the two paths mankind must choose between in this historical juncture. Will the people around the world fall for the hoax of the Green New Deal that ensures mass genocide? Or will we choose to follow the lessons of Lyndon LaRouche and the historical tradition he is a part of to further the endless potential for growth and development? 

Source: Youtube 

How to Find a Nazi, Look No Further than Big Tech

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Big Tech / Social Justice
A real Facebook advertisement that was discovered by the editor.

Here is what the editor had to write in the comments section.

hurry! turn in your neighbor!!! b/c Trump is the Nazi, but the mega monopoly corporations are the ones stealing your freedoms, rights like expression and speech. shadow banning. banning. censorship. deplatforming. ghettos. gulags. just like real Nazis do! next, Americans will be required to get fingerprinted and searched for owning a gun... oh, wait! the only ones Americans need to worry about are the people pointing their fingers and yelling: racist, Nazi, white slur anything, and turn in your neighbor, esp for a reward. my Jewish grandmother would be ashamed...

What are you doing to set the course of society back into the right direction?

Source: Facebook Ads/Sponsored