Monday, June 16, 2014

The Mother Box and the Secret Book of Redemption

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Treaty of Versailles / WWI 

The American people have been told that we are a debtor nation. That our fiat currency is somehow sustainable. Yet, it seems that the United States has $3 Trillion Dollars at its disposal.

Is this money being hidden by the Federal Reserve? Or, stolen by a corrupt banking system to in debt everyone?

Mini Box

Better view of the writing on the Mini Box

If you would like to see more of what has been kept from the public, then check out the Treaty of Versailles' Mother Box

What else is there ready to stabilize our economy and create a better money system that is not available to the People? Do we really need the private corporation called the Federal Reserve? 

Or, does the United States need to implement its own economic recovery through the Constitution, the US Treasury, and the production of gold-back, debt free money through a National Banking System?

Source: Treaty of Versailles Mother Box