Thursday, June 12, 2014

The EPA Needs Your Help to Fight the Lies of Climate Change

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
EPA / Carbon / Energy

Here's a revised letter to the EPA that anyone can use and enter their vote on:

TO: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

I do NOT support the EPA's historic standards limiting industrial carbon pollution from existing power plants. Carbon is NOT a pollutant.

These new standards are not a vital step in the fight to protect our environment, save lives, and hold polluters accountable.

For these actions do not hold polluters of toxins and poisons to any set safety standard, it only creates a fake scarcity of resources that taxes families with higher energy costs, which is completely and totally unnecessary.

These new standards are the single biggest atrocity our nation has ever taken to combat the devastating effects of fake climate change.

Clean and safe air, drinking water, and food is a must, but eliminating energy availability that only profits a few is incomprehensible, irresponsible, and disgusting.
Please correct the erroneous assertion that Climate Change due to human activities exists. The shutdown of energy plants because of carbon emissions is a travesty and would leave millions without the power they need to survive harsh winters or hot summers.

Get involved and save Earth from the people who aren't interested in real pollution that plagues our planet. They are only interested in their pockets books and repeating the lies about carbon. The only pollution here is of the mind.

Source: League of Conservative Voters