Monday, June 16, 2014

How Can The World Be Bankrupt? Federal Reserve Money Laundering, That's How

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
United Nations / Committee of 300

Every day the people of the world barely make ends meet. There's not enough money to support 7 billion people. Not enough food. Not enough water.

Everything is scarce. 

The carbon we are is a plague to Mother Earth. Stop breathing. Stop multiplying. Just die, humans.

Some people believe these lies and propaganda. The dinosaurs breathed out more carbon dioxide and lived in a more polluted (green house gases) environment than we do now and as you can see: Mother Earth is just fine.

Let's follow the facts: Earth's Atmosphere, CO2 Impoverished: Levels Drastically Down from Jurassic Period and it's footnote: Climate and the Carboniferous Period.

If we are being fed false and misleading statements about humanity and the state of the world in general, then our financial outlook seems to be another one for the skeptical bin.

In the Committee of 300 document with the United Nations Organization awarding this Treasury Certificate to the People of the Philippine Islands, there appears to be more than enough money in the world's bank accounts thanks to Ferdinand Marcos.

Begin on page 42 for the account numbers and money on deposit.

Then the economic crash of 2008, the world saw the money supply depleted, but how? In the VdP Gazette's article, The Biggest Scandal that Never Was; Lord Blackheath Uncovers Federal Reserve Secrets and Nothing Happened, we offered a plausible theory: money laundering. Even when caught, the perpetrators of crime go unpunished because the elite ruling class does as it likes.
Summary of Lord Blackheath:
  • Evidence of massive money laundering by the US Federal Reserve via the Royal Bank of Scotland in UK, which is an Inter-Alpha Group of Banks owned by the Rothschilds, to a shell company in the Cayman Islands call Pure Heart Capital (Pure Heart Investments Ltd).   
  • A total of $15 trillion was diverted to Pure Heart Capital in the Cayman Islands under order of the US Federal Reserve.
  • An extraordinary elaborate fraud which is not been carried about but has been prepared as a threat from one government to another
While humanity is fed a debt filled, fractional reserve fiat monetary system, the private corporations are moving the real money around and leaving us with irredeemable Monopoly-like certificates. Since Congress does not audit the Federal Reserve, nor has it investigated Lord Blackheath's claims and sought the evidentary support, there is no wonder why the elite ruling class is impervious to justice.

And why the rest of us live in poverty.

If we are not careful, humanity will go the way of the dinosaur without an extinction level event. Unless of course, ignorance comes in the form of asteroids?

Maybe we better duck.

Source: Committee of 300, Social Head,