Friday, June 12, 2020

Forget Skin Color: The Individual is the Ultimate Minority

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
The Republic / Post Modernism / The Individual

The Progressive and Socialist agenda in our political and social setting is to deconstruct society from the individual and reroute that energy into the collectivist model of identity politics.

The construct is called: Post Modernism. You are not who you are unless we can fit you within a box and afix a label. You are a group. You are defined by the lowliness of your station. You are a victim of society and the culture that it has bred.

So if one of you makes a mistake, you are all punished because the group has deviated from its original intent. The collective is the strength. The group is the definitive expression of the human experience.

Take me for example. I am a woman. I am disabled. I am smart. I am capable. I am creative. I am spiritual. I am a descendant of Emperor Charlemagne. I am white.

In the Post Modernist world, everything that makes me unremarkable is the disempowering empowerment of my group labeled power.

Does that even make any sense at all?

White is not empowering. That is the establishment. The patriarchy. What is worse is that that is reflective in the genealogical reference to Charlemagne.

Does that equal me out? Am I now equitable to my other qualities of being a disabled woman?

Oh no, wait... I am also smart and capable. Damn it. I guess I am over the threshold of weighing my uselessness exponential power base of N.

So that makes me not a victim?

Society, culture is this overbearing psychological construct. Male, female are contrived in their obsolesce to define gender roles that do not exist. Right?

The patriarchy has got me again!

There are issues with a male dominated society because as a woman my thoughts, feelings, and aptitude are often ignored for the more productive models of financial wealth creation. Currency is not the defining realm of culture. Money cannot buy you love for instance.

The patriarchy does shun the feminine aspects as weakness or illogical tenets. Yet, when it comes to a household where women are often relegated to manage, an order is established. Chaos is minimized by skillful relation. Men overlook women's subtleties.

Instead men see women's aptitude as little more than money pits of self indulgence. Why pay for an art history major in college when you could have become: insert a male dominated profession here. This over-bearance and mismanagement of career paths could not be more evident in how men manage K-12 education or hospitals since women make up over half the teachers and nurses in theses areas.

In a patriarchy, the only good career is a male dominated one. That is where this Post Modern mindset has seeded itself in a collectivist revolution of discontent. Women are unhappy, Can you guess why?

If you want to root out rebellion, then you have to treat others as you would have them treat you, or to you to treat yourself. In this manner, the patriarchy still has lessons to learn in allowing women to be women without financial hardship or social consequence.

Women are stewards of our culture. As teachers, nurses, homemakers, and yes, even art history majors, women are being the mothers of our species. That is who we are.

The patriarchy seeks to limit our relationship with what is prescribed in ancient texts and religions. The idea of women has not grown with time and education, even though the rights and responsibilities of women have increased. Rather, the patriarchy retains the status quo of bygone eras, which harm the growth of our culture and species.

Post Modernists views of women are just as constrictive. We are to fit in this box with this label on this shelf. We can grow into another box if we also have a differentiating factor of race, intelligence, ability, skill, talent, or mental/physical infirmary. The more negative the better.

That is not growth.

Personal growth can either inhibit or strengthen a society. A woman should not be bound by any predetermined definition of herself. The definitions are the limiting scope to advancement. A woman should be allowed to grow into herself regardless of expectations.

Right now, women are poised between two psychological and sociological constructs trying to define womanhood. Women are only X. Woman are only Z. Men being why.

For women to reclaim their personal power, they need to shrug off Atlas and become visionaries. A woman cannot compete against a man in a physical contest. That is just biological fact. A woman cannot concede to the overwhelming selfishness of victim role play either. Women must forge a new path.

What is that path? Individualism.

When all the labels are written. When all the constructs are formed. When the victimology is instituted. What is left is the definition of the individual.

And in our culture an individual is the epitome of the minority figure. One person. One voice. One history. One genealogy. One background. One past. One present. One future.


If the opposing sides of politics and society would stop yelling over each other for one damn minute, then we could strategize from a new perspective: the path of the individual.

There is no set of guidelines or results for an individual's life. A life is lived by and experienced by one person. Their reality is tailored to fit their soul's need to express itself.

In that moment of clarity that the right and left cannot control the independent study course of life, maybe in that milisecond, society will understand that the individual should be held to the higher state of consciousness instead of trying to fit everyone into a scripture or box.

Individuals cannot be labeled.

Individuals are the ultimate minority, yet to be defined.

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Nov 28, 2018, 7:41 PM
We forget in a Republic that the Individual is the most important component of our society. In our culture, race and gender are not what makes us special because in a Republic each member is unique and therefore the Individual is the ultimate minority. 
We should remember this fact when dealing with racial issues blown up to serve other people's purposes. We must look at individual deeds, duties, and responsibilities when we are confronted with any situation beyond our control. 
Funny, how socialist/collectivist groupthink erases such advances in thought with reactionary rage. 

So be an individual and take your race, creed, gender, and thought processes back away from the madness of deconstructionist ideologies that set fire to our cities, raise warlords as authority figures, and create lynch mobs out of ordinary citizens. 

Your country needs your individualism. 

Because your individualism created this country.