1776 Patriot Project

Are you a descendant of an American Patriot? 

The 1776 Patriot Project challenges everyone with a historical lineage to show where you came from. 

In the streets, people are desecrating and destroying our history... our family's history who fought for this country inch by inch. Most of these people probably have no connection to America's past since their families immigrated after the Civil War. 

It is about time American Patriots tell the roving bands of lynch mobs: hands off our family heritage.

For better or for worse, that is Americans' history, Americans' families, and Americans' lives.  

If you cannot handle a statue or a flag, then you are too weak-minded to handle any type of American liberty. Liberty is freedom with responsibility. Owning the good and the bad of one's past is taking responsibility.

If you have no lineage to our history, then sit down and let the adults handle the conversation. 

Where are your Patriots? 

My family has been in America over for 397 years. 

Patriots in the Editor's paternal and maternal familial lines are as follows:

Direct Ancestors

John Chisum, III
(5th Great Grandfather)
Captain fought at the Battle
of King's Mountain on
7 October 1780.

Asa Davison  
He enlisted, 1778, in 
Captain Nathaniel Webb's 
company, 4th brigade,
under Colonel John Durkee.

Erza Davison
He enlisted, 1781, 
at the age of 16 and
served as matross in Captain 
Benjamin Durkee's company.

Christopher Houston
Captain and Ranger, he served from 1776-1782. Battle of Ramsour's Mill, Battle of Kings Mountain, Battle of Guilford Court House.

Richard Sorrels
(5th Great Grandfather)
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Richard Sorrells was a general laborer at Monticello. He worked for Thomas Jefferson from 1769 until his death in 1773.


William George, Reverend
(4th Great Grandfather)
Served in the Indiana Militia
in the War of 1812
Received a Military land warrant
for his service.

Asa Lee Lewis
(3rd Great Grandfather)
Texas Ranger
Served in Captain D.P. Baker’s Company F Decatur, Wise County
November 5, 1870 to June 15, 1871.

Franklin Madison Sorrells 
(2nd Great Grandfather)
Co. H. 1st Texas Heavy Artillery
under John J. Cook 
Catching's Company
CSA - Confederate States of America

Lester H. Mullan
Airman 2nd Class
Vietnam War Era 
Luke Air Force Base

Dawn L. Mullan
Captain and Ranger.
Served in the
Cyber/Info Division.
Digital Soldier Unit.

Other Notables:

Ralph Wallen II (as Ralfe Walen)
(9th Great Grandfather)
Arrived in 1623 on the HMS Anne, Plymouth, British Colonies from England on July 10, 1623 as a Pilgrim.

Captain Elija James Chisum, Sr.
(5th Great Grand Uncle)
A Patriot of the American Revolution

 John Simpson Chisum
(3rd Great Grand Cousin)
American rancher, was one of the first
cattlemen in New Mexico, and he was
identified with the Lincoln County War of 1878-1879.


James Claiborne Chisum
Dawes Final Rolls, 1898–1914

My grandfather was tasked with going to our Cherokee aunt and getting the paperwork signed. The paperwork was signed for our family to be included on the Dawes Rolls. Unfortunately as these stories end, my teenage (under 14 years of age) grandfather lost the paperwork on the train on the way to return the application.

But the Chisums of this family line specifically were to be brought into the Cherokee Nation.

Shame this fact could never be made official.

The Editor in Chief is also of Jewish, Spanish (Hispanic), as well as royal (Charlemagne / Merovingian) ancestry.  The ongoing genealogical research can be viewed on her other website: Our Rugged Individualism.

All images next to names used are from the public domain.