Thursday, November 7, 2019

How The Flu Vaccine is Bad Medicine

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Influenza / Vaccine Mandates 

The Flu Vaccine is Bad Medicine
As a physician and former editor of the medical journal, Ocular Immunology and Inflammation, I know something about immunology, inflammation, and vaccines. For more than 15 years I’ve studied and researched the science and pseudoscience underlying the U.S. vaccine program. What I’ve found is that the science is irresponsibly poor. However, because the industry stakeholders are more powerful and wealthier than any other industry in the history of the world, they have been extremely successful at using deceptive marketing to promote bad, ineffective, untested, and unsafe vaccines.

I also know the difference between real, honest, independent, transparent science, and the fake, dishonest, financially biased/bought-and-paid-for pseudoscience being pumped into medical journals by the pharmaceutical industry and their physician co-conspirators. Nowhere is the scientific fraud and betrayal of public trust more manifest than in the promotion of untested and unsafe vaccines, not the least of which is the flu vaccine.

Unlike many of my vaccine administering and profiting physician colleagues, I have no financial interests, biases, or delusions regarding vaccinations. Therefore, I have no motivation to misrepresent the facts, ignore or deny the risks, fail to fulfill the legal and ethical requirement of informed consent, fear-monger and bully patients into receiving a medical intervention from which I personally profit. Furthermore, unlike my indoctrinated colleagues that have never read beyond the sales brochures that accompany the delicious free lunches delivered by their charming and attractive pharmaceutical representatives, I don’t arrive at my conclusions and base my medical recommendations on industry sponsored pseudoscience. I actually work hard to find and analyze high-quality independent science. After having spent years analyzing the science of the flu vaccine, the only conclusion that I or any reasonable, open minded, free-thinking physician can come to is that the flu vaccine is bad medicine.

Unfortunately, the public is being heavily marketed poor science and egregious lies carefully contrived to mislead the public into believing that the flu vaccine is “the best defense against the flu,” is good medicine, and that this drivel is based on solid science. However, systematic reviews, like that from the Cochrane Collaboration (here and below), say that the flu vaccine scientific research is heavily influenced by industry. Yet, despite the best efforts of industry to mislead us into believing otherwise, the Cochrane meta-analysis of 72 plus research studies conclude that the flu vaccine is neither effective nor recommended. I agree with the Cochrane Collaboratives expert and unbiased conclusions and add that in my opinion, the flu vaccine is really bad medicine.

At best, the flu vaccine has been less than 50% effective, most years less than 20% effective against influenza A and B, which represent about 10% of the circulating viruses responsible for causing cold and flu like symptoms.

The bottom line is that the flu vaccine is neither good medicine nor good science. It is, however, big money, and that is the primary driver behind the annual drive to increase uptake of the bad medicine we call the “flu shot.”
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Source: Jim Meehan, MD