Friday, April 29, 2016

Movie Night: Global Warming or Global Governance?

Staff Writer, Nicole Meyer-Greene
Government / Environment 
If you were to ask ten people on the street if mankind was causing global warming, at least eight out of ten would say yes. After all, Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth allegedly provides incontrovertible evidence that this is the case. Both presidential candidates are committed to passing economically devastating legislation that will do little to nothing to stop global warming. Contrary to what is heard in the media, however, there is overwhelming evidence that the warming we are experiencing is natural, with maybe a small amount contributed by man's activities. Nor is there any scientific consensus. 31,000 scientists have signed a petition stating there is "no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide is causing...catastrophic" warming. The debate is still raging within the scientific community. In this DVD, Sovereignty International has put together interviews of respected climate scientists and biologists from numerous sources who explain, step by step, why Al Gore and the global warming alarmists are incorrect. In some cases, blatantly so.

The DVD also provides evidence that the global warming agenda is being funded with tens of billions of dollars as a mechanism to create global governance.Hear from congressmen, experts and even well-known news broadcasters how global governance puts global institutions, especially the United Nations (UN), that are not accountable to the American people in control of every aspect of our economy. The skyrocketing gas and food prices today are a direct result of this agenda.

Source: Youtube  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

1 Million Americans Boycott Target Stores for the Purpose of Equality

Staff Writer, DLMullan
Target / Transgender 

Mens and womens restrooms make the sexes equal. When men want to use the ladies room, our society skews out of balance. Over a million Americans have also come to this conclusion.

The VDP Gazette reported on this issue in our article: Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!, the editor assumed that the number of Americans rebelling against inequality in our communities would slow down and the numbers would never reach a million people. It is nice to see more and more people are outraged by the social justice campaign that never was.

The LGBT community could have easily requested inclusion. Handicap single occupancy use restrooms that comply with the American Disabilities Act could have been modified for their purposes as well. I mean modified by law. These restrooms are already unisex to accommodate everyone with a disability.

Transgenders could have been seen as bringing the community together instead of tearing communities apart.

The transgender community only comprises approximately 700,00 people. Homosexuals account for 9 million people in this country. Whereas America, have a population of around 320 million individuals. Women are about 162 million. With men making up the rest of the population at 157 million.
The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, a sexual orientation law and public policy think tank, estimates that 9 million (about 3.8%) of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (2011). The institute also found that bisexuals make up 1.8% of the population, while 1.7% are gay or lesbian. Transgender adults make up 0.3% of the population.
So where is this frantic push for inclusion coming from?

The United Nations' Agenda 21, Social Justice core. In order to destroy families, friendships, and any sense of community, the communitarian policy of communism is to make people afraid of their neighbors, fight each other, and destroy our national sovereignty, identity, and self respect from within.

This Agenda 21 has decimated the Middle East with neoconservative policies like the PNAC document. The population has become illiterate, uneducated, and manipulated into radical philosophies. Then these horde populations are released onto other neighboring countries. Europe is a mess with its migrant policies that do nothing to help anyone, except the elite class.

The United State is not immune to this elite disease. Americans' rights are eroded with every piece of legislation passed and executive order signed. Illegal aliens have invaded our nation for decades, which has created a booming sex, human, and drug trafficking trade.

When you listen to the history of the British Empire by Lyndon LaRouche, you get an understanding of the Free Trade system. Free Trade is nothing but the slave trade system. Except now the political prisoners are not Africans, Irish, and anyone else who fell victim to the British Empire of power and control, but with the fanatical religion called Globalism, the whole world is now the political prisoners of a chosen few radicals.

Yes, the top 1% of the 1% of the rich and not famous are in fact extremists that are hell bent on conquering the world, killing and subjugating the world's population, and setting up a permanent police state.

I wish I were joking but I have read the white papers. I have seen the direct effects in our educational system. I see the out of control conduct of Social Justice Warriors.

Our educational system is at the forefront of this destruction. Social Justice has become nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats who do not think anyone else should have an opinion in our society. That somehow their inability to cope with life makes them have the right to lash out at the rest of us.

I said it. There are the rest of us. We are a community of individuals. We are not the hive mind. We are going to agree and disagree, but that does not give another person the right to impede on someone's right to express him or her self.

Equal rights means we all share in the ups and downs equally. We have equal say, but we also have equal responsibility. We cannot have an equal discourse if one part of society is too busy yelling and screaming: hate crime, hate speech, and "some people have more equal rights than others."

No. Equal means equal. Not more than. Not less than.

Target's stance on inclusivity did not create equality, the policy created inequality.

The LGBT community has been attacking everyone for violations that have not been committed against them. You have a bathroom created for your biological needs. You need to use it, not infringe on women's rights. You have equality in marriage now, but going and finding religious cake makers in order to sue for discrimination is infringing on other people's rights.

Just because someone does not want to bake you a cake does not mean your rights have been infringed upon. You can find someone else to bake your cake, or you can bake one yourself. That lawsuit shows how the LGBT community has created a situation that everyone is their enemy. A policy like that produces the results you demand not to exist: inequality. 

In the charge of equality for LGBT individuals, let's remember that those people on the outside have rights too. Those people can either support you or walk away from you. 

In the age of the Social Justice Warrior, remember there are plenty of injustices in the world. You have to be mindful enough to know which ones are real and which ones are social engineering.

Some of us are fighting a greater cause: equality and peace for all.

Maybe instead of having a terrible two tantrum over everything, you could come join us in true inclusion. We are fighting for the soul of our species and our world. That doesn't take a tantrum; it takes discipline, education, and maturity.

Well, you said you wanted to be included. What say you?

If you would like to sign the petition, visit the AFA website.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Exposing the Global Road to Ruin Through Education

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Globalism / Government 

These Videos May Contain Copyrighted (© ) Material. The Use of Which Has Not Always Been Specifically Authorized by The Copyright Owner. Such Material is Made Available to Advance Understanding of Ecological, Political, Human Rights, Economic, Democracy, Scientific, Moral, Ethical, Social Justice Issues, Teaching, and Research. It is believed that this Constitutes a ''Fair Use'' of Any Such Copyrighted Material as Provided For in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In Accordance With Title - 17 U.S.C. Section 107, This Material is Distributed Without PROFIT to Those Who Have Expressed a Prior General Interest in Receiving Similar Information For Research and Educational Purposes. For More Information:
0:00 Preview Exposing the global Road to Ruin through Education
3:18 Charlotte Iserbyt - How We Got Here: Carnegie and Beyond
44:05 Charlotte Iserbyt - The Devil's Seven-Prong Fork
55:38 Cindi Weatherly - Behind the Conservative Curtain
1:59:42 Polly Anglin - The Trojan Horse of Charter Schools
2:39:05 Debra Niwa - The International Baccalaureate Unraveled
2:56:56 Bettina Dobbs - The Golden GEM Years - A Retrospective
3:29:23 Donna - Education's Role in Coming World Economy
4:03:04 Mary Thompson - Created Classroom Chaos to Cyber Conditioning
4:31:51 Samuel Blumenfeld - Making Americans Illiterate
5:44:24 Patrick Huff - The Prison of the Accountability System
6:18:27 Jane Aitken, Teacher - The Agenda of the Public Schools
Source: Youtube

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Network of Global Corporate Control 4 26

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Corruption / Central Banks 

Canada & Military Mind Control Technologies - . The Canadian government is just as complicit as its neighbor, the United States, and the rest of the world in hiding corruption and state capture in the international financial system

Source: Karen Hudes

LPAC Policy Committee Show, April 25, 2016

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Government / Policy 

Join Lyndon LaRouche and members of the LaRouchePAC policy committee every Monday at 1pm Easter

Source: LaRouche PAC

CHs Face Earth, Tornado Alert

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Astrophysics /Weather

Today's Featured Links:

Source: Suspicious Observers 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Transgender / Equality 

Looks like the VDP Gazette is not the only ones upset about inclusivity over common sense equality. American Family Association began a petition over the transgender move:

While Americans are drawing boundaries for our society, we should also boycott states that force women to be exploited by these laws that policies like Target's emulate as well as any corporation that steps into the arena to force social justice stupidity. 

Equality is one thing, but the transgender issue is not about equality. Men and women have equal access to their biologically necessary restrooms. Social justice has become a way to radicalize certain groups for civil unrest and violence.

Well, we're not going to give that to you. Instead, we are going to boycott you every time you start a stupid campaign to boycott common sense social norms and mores.

In addition to the boycott petition, the organization offers a resolution to the transgender issue: 
One solution is a common-sense approach and a reasonable solution to the issue of transgendered customers: a unisex bathroom. Target should keep separate facilities for men and women, but for the trans community and for those who simply like using the bathroom alone, a single occupancy unisex option should be provided.
We agree.

Men, no matter their feelings that day, should not be in the restrooms with women and girls. 

If Target really wants to help the transgender community, then the department store chain would pressure the American Psychiatric Association into reclassifying transgender so that these people can receive the mental health assistance they deserve. 

Source:  AFA  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Target Stands for Inclusivity and Sends Women's Equality Back Decades

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Transgender / Equality

Has the department store, Target, sent women a message that they are no longer included? Women have fought centuries of discrimination from education, property rights to suffrage, now to face discrimination from the chain about public restroom usage. 

The VDP Gazette has already covered the basics in this new attack on Women's Rights in the article: LGBT Community Tramples Women's Rights for Transgender Outcomes.   

Target has not invited inclusivity, but exclusivity, because as a disabled woman I am being excluded from using a restroom at their stores. Men are given both restrooms freely to use against building codes, laws, and other formalities that make going to the restroom a safe, undeniable right for a woman.

Gender is not based on a feeling. Gender is based on chromosomes: XX and XY.  Now any man who feels like a stalker, serial killer, psychopath, sociopath, rapist, pedophile is allowed to use the women's bathrooms and changing rooms. Bravo! Target, you have invited lawsuit after lawsuit. 

Maybe Target just wants to go out of business. 

We have a problem in this country trying to insert inclusiveness over common sense equality. Men and women have equality in the public restroom arena. There is no discrimination. Each has their biologically created rooms to dispose of their waste.

Corporations like Target are stepping into social justice shoes that are not for them to wear. Women do not want men in their assigned bathrooms. Transgender men should use the men's restroom. 

The division of the sexes not only safeguards women, but men as well. Men cannot be held accountable for assaults on women if their gender is not in the others room to begin with. Same with transgender men. The crimes I foresee happening can all be avoided by corporations not implementing discriminatory policies against women. 

It is that simple. 

So until further notice, I do not see me buying from Target until my rights are restored, how about you? 

Source: Target

Phoenix Gets Toxic White Out Under High Pollution Advisory

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photojournalist, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Ecoterrorism 

Earth Day, who? 

In the your face, plain sight, climate engineering known for its droughts (California) and flooding (Texas this week) is again hitting the Phoenix Metro area today. 

The precipitation slated for April 28th at over 1/3 of an inch has all but been erased by drying out our upper atmosphere to create an artificial high pressure system stronger than the natural one we were supposed to have. I watch the weather prediction calendars. I see what is supposed to be versus what is eliminated. 

Now we have high pressure that is killing us. The air is so polluted in Phoenix that people are advised not to go out into it. Yet the geoengineers are spraying our skies with a toxic soup in addition to the unhealthy smog. 

For what? 

Aren't you a little tired of the whited out skies that did not exist several years ago? Phoenix used to have more sunny days than Florida, the sunshine state. 

Here is what this morning looked like as the jets sprayed the skies across Phoenix: 

If you would like the climate engineering to stop, then start being vocal. 

Call every day these toxic lines are sprayed, at any altitude, to your city leaders' offices, the state legislature, the governor, not to mention Congressional Representative and Senators, plus the White House.

If you are truly incensed by what is happening to the planet, then call the EPA and United Nations. 

Climate Change and Global Warming are scams and now uninformed people are messing with our atmosphere. We do need a change. We need a change from anti-science fearmongers. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chemtrail Lawsuit to Stop Damaging Spraying Filed in Canada

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Lawsuits

Scientists who would like to speak out about the harmful effects of climate engineering (chemtrails) are being threatened and gagged as geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington points out, “U.S. government scientists have no First Amendment protection--none. Now, there is a federal gag order on all National Weather Service and all NOAA employees. How much more obvious is this situation, and they are trying to plug leaks in the ship. We have environmental scientists being fired all over. Canada has let go a huge number of their scientists. Australia has fired 450 of their front line environmental scientists. Why? Because they want to cover up what’s happening any way they can.”

Now, Wigington and others have filed the first of many lawsuits starting with Canada over damage caused by geoengineering (chemtrails). Wigington contends, “They are trying to obscure the severity of what is unfolding from the public for as long as possible. If we don’t take care of what is happening in our skies and environment, nothing else is going to matter. . . . Nothing is going to matter soon. That’s how bad it is. . . . What our government and other governments are doing is to try to hide the magnitude of what is unfolding until the last possible moment, at which time total collapse ensues.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of
Source: Greg Hunter

Pollution Advisory Made Worse by Chemical Clouds, GE Report for 4.19.16

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photojournalist, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Pollution 

A Pollution Advisory has been published for the Phoenix Metro area, but the discussion stops there while jets line the sky with toxic chemicals.

Solar Radiation Management program's chemicals have been known to linger in the atmosphere for 22 hours. So as the dirty brown cloud inundates the city's skyline, chemical clouds make the pollution worse, not better, by not allowing the heat transfer at night. That means what is low cannot be released into space because the chemicals in the atmosphere will not allow the normal, natural exchange.

As Americans, the world over, we are pointed at as the cause for wicked weather because of our energy usage and supposed carbon emissions, when are we going to start demanding answers for the United Nations and NATO's poisoning of our skies? 

Or questioning the EPA for their lack of action against weather modification programs over US skies?  

Until these weather control programs are halted, there can be no real discussion of our climate, even the arguments based on United Nations' own propaganda. How is that poisoning the atmosphere negates the supposed poisoning of the atmosphere by people on the planet? It doesn't.  There is no logic to the UN's climate debate anymore.

Time to end the lies of global warming and climate change. The People of the Earth do not want nations to weaponize the weather for their own quiet wars while telling the rest of humanity we are the cause of global destruction. 

We are tired of the lies to fill the pockets of a few.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hollywood Illuminati, Sex Magick & Satanic Super Bowl Ritual

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Illuminati / Pop Culture

Illuminati infiltration of Hollywood and professional sports has created satanic celebrations at the Oscar Awards and Super Bowl, and we unmask them with Mark Dice. From Eyes Wide Shut, to Lady Gaga, and the Super Bowl halftime show celebrations of the Satanic--we try to separate the fad of illuminati imagery from the substantial effects of a mass designed mind-control. How the CIA collude with movies to brainwash people, the music industry pressure to sexualize and bend musicians to their agenda, and the voices that are actually using the medium to critique the conspiracy are revealed in this uncensored Buzzsaw hosted by Sean Stone.

Source: Enter the Buzzsaw

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 15, 2016 - LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Politics / History

Join us every Friday at 8pm Eastern for a recap of the week with LaRouchePAC. Tonight's webcast, featuring Matthew Ogden, Jeffrey Steinberg and Jason Ross, will highlight the opportunity now posed by the simultaneous exposés concerning the 28 pages and Panama Papers, uncovering the dark under belly of the British Empire. Jason Ross will reflect on the outcome of last Thursday's Schiller Institute conference in New York City with an emphasis on Mr. LaRouche's principle regarding man and his creative powers.

Source: LaRouche PAC 

BIG M6 Solar Flare, New Earth-like Planet

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Space Weather / Astrophysics

BIG M6 Solar Flare, New Earth-like Planet 

 Earth-Like Planet:

Source: Suspicious Observers 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Movie Night: America Freedom to Fascism

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Federal Taxes / IRS Fraud / Law

The true enemies of liberty and all modern societies and people are the central bank counterfeiters. The largest counterfeiter in the history of the world consists of the Federal Reserve banking scheme, which counterfeits American dollars through fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.

America Freedom to Fascism exposes the fraud and deceit of the Federal Reserve Banks (Fed), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the 16th Amendment, the income tax, the Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags (Spychips), Diebold electronic voting machines, New World Order (globalization), Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the use of terrorism by government as a means to diminish the citizens' rights.

The Federal Reserve System is a privately held, for profit corporation, and not a government agency. It was created by bankers for bankers as a lender of last resort, so that whenever a banker ran his businesses poorly he could be bailed out at the expense of the public. The Fed does not have any reserves, it simply creates fiat money out of nothing and lends it out at interest to businesses and the federal government. The American people are then forced to pay for the bailouts to government and businesses through inflation and personal income taxes on their labor. The currency the Fed creates out of thin air and loans out to the government at interest is called Federal Reserve Notes - look at the top of what you may think are your Dollars and you will see they are actually Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). FRNs are backed by nothing. US Dollars are required by law to be backed by gold and silver, but US Dollars are no longer in circulation. The only real US Dollars still somewhat in circulation are US Silver Eagles and Gold Eagle coins, but they have become so valuable due to the Fed's inflation and destruction of the FRN currency, that it takes thousands of FRNs just to buy a single US $50 gold coin, and dozens of FRNs to buy a single US $1 Dollar silver coin.

The Federal Reserve System operates through manipulation of interest rates, which results in expanding and retracting bubbles of inflation, referred to as business cycles. When the Fed inflates the currency, it is effectively a hidden tax on existing currency, because the value of the newly created currency is stolen from the value of existing currency. This is reflected in continually rising prices, even though advances in technology and manufacturing processes should result in lower prices and a higher standard of living for everyone. Since the creation of the Fed in 1913, it has debased 99% of the value of the Dollar. In other words, it now takes $100 FRNs to buy what just $1 US Dollar would buy in 1913, as a result of inflation due to the Fed counterfeiting so much currency. If you had saved $100 in 1913, it would now only buy as much as a single 1913 Dollar would have bought at that time. The other $99 of value would have been stolen through counterfeiting (cheaply duplicating money out of nothing) over the years, resulting in the vale of the $100 being taxed through inflation, behind your back.

The film explains how monetary policy is the most powerful form of control over people that has ever existed, and is central to the unconstitutional, global New World Order ambitions of those that own and benefit from the Fed. The founder of the Rothschild family international banking dynasty, which became the most successful business family in history, Mayer Amschel Rothschild once declared, "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes the laws."

Most Americans are kept ignorant of how the Federal Reserve operates through actions of corrupt politicians and an increasingly centralized media. Using terms like, 'quantitative easing,' 'monetizing the debt,' or 'adjusting monetary policy for increased fluidity of credit,' the Fed conceals it's true actions behind veils of legitimacy.

The U.S. Congress has the duty and responsibility of coining and maintaining the value of our dollar and money, yet Congress is being negligent in overseeing the Fed, as many politicians depend upon large campaign contributions from the Federal Reserve system bankers. In 2008, Democrat Barack Obama's #1 campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs, among many other banks involved in the fraudulent Federal Reserve counterfeiting system. What is particularly important to note is that Republican John McCain's top contributors were the same as Barack Obama's.

Source: Liberty Patriot

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sulfur, Magma, and the Velocity of Bubbles in Volcanic Eruptions

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz 
Volcanism / Earth Science 

Gaseous flow of sulfur in a crystal-poor magma under the surface is an interesting study in the field of volcanism. Scientists are using computer simulations and mathematical constructs to test why some volcanoes erupt more violently and gaseously than others.

Why are volcanologists interested in vapour bubbles? Because they can accumulate in a magma reservoir underneath a volcano, priming it to explode. Researchers at ETH Zurich and Georgia Institute of Technology have now discovered how bubbles are able to accumulate in the magma.

Source: ETHzuruich

Heavy GeoEngineering Whites Out Phoenix... Again

Staff writer, DL Mullan
Photojoutnalist, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Toxic Weather

After most of March 2016 was inundated with lines in the sky and blotting out the midday sun, the El Nino pattern kicked in and relieved our scorching desert with some rain. 

The United Nations, NATO, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the usual suspects when it comes to climate engineering, and therefore, this article names these entities for the destruction of Earth's ionosphere, ozone layer, general messed up weather patterns, droughts and destructive storms. 

Yesterday afternoon, Phoenix, AZ was again hit by climate engineering that sinks down into our breathable air column and poisons us all: 

This morning began another round of our modern governmental and industrial ecoterrorism:

All the while our local and state officials remain quiet on this destruction. Our beautiful blue skies that used to reach across the Valley of the Sun are once again damaged. Even the local weather personalities are mum as our skies are sprayed nonstop throughout the seasons.

If you want our blue skies to return, then start complaining from our local city governments to the Governor's Office as well as the news stations. I would also suggest contacting the Air Quality people and the EPA. 

Global Warming has failed to grip humanity in fear so organizations and entities seek to create Climate Change instead.  Ever wonder why some people are going out of their way to create problems? To destroy? 

For more information on geoengineering, please visit GeoEngineering Warch and post your photos on Skyder Alert

Every little bit of light shown on this topic takes it out of the lies of silence. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

LGBT Community Tramples Women's Rights for Transgender Outcomes

Staff Writer,DL Mullan
Transgender / Public Law 

Women’s race for equality among the sexes took another blow as men in certain states across the nation are allowed indiscriminate access to women’s public restrooms and locker rooms. This division between the sexes is not only about safety from abuse, rape, and molestation; the division allows for sanitary conditions because women have menstrual cycles and become pregnant with children.

I guess facts are considered discrimination and bigotry as I have been called numerous untrue adjectives so that transgender men and women can claim a moral high ground that these individuals do not have.

I am liberal. I am not religious. I believe in equality. I also believe in common sense. To that end, I am persuaded if you have a good, coherent, logical, and factual argument.

I have not seen anything but overemotional people who sling mud and throw tantrums over the transgender public restroom issue.

It is time to put the boycotts away and for people to grow the hell up. We have a social contract exhibited as agreed upon boundaries in our society. Full grown men in women’s bathrooms or locker rooms is one of those prohibited forays unless there is an emergency or some other unforeseen circumstance.

If you are a man and feel like you are really a woman, then you need medical and mental help because there are only two sexes in the genus Homo sapiens sapiens. We have males. We have females.

On occasion there is a problem in the uterus and some children are born as hermaphrodites.

The Intersex Society of North America lists the diverse conditions connected to being born with medically determinable sexual and genetic issues as well as defining the difference between intersex individuals against that of transsexuals and transgenders.  

Transgender individuals base their gender on how they feel. That is not how gender is determined in the human species. XX and XY are how females and males are denoted. Feelings are psychological.

Every human is faced with challenges in their lives. Coping with gender identity issues is one of these areas. Unfortunately we have out of control social justice, psychological, medical, and pharmacological institutions in our nation that feed individuals with fantasies of becoming someone else, something else altogether.

We see these body dysmorphic delusions played out on the small scale with botox and breast implants. On a larger stage, men and women with psychological disturbances are not being treated for their emotional, cognitive, and nutritional issues, but instead are paraded around as a protected minority group called transgenders.
Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’ and he would be correct.

“’Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” said McHugh. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”
When you look into how transgender men and women are treated by the medical community is the real discrimination. Instead of correcting the imbalances, transgender individuals are convinced only gender reassignment surgery is the answer. How much money does a person waste with pharmaceuticals, surgery, doctor’s visits, psychologist and psychiatric appointments over a lifetime?

Follow the money and discover the truth.

On the legal front, transgender people are not being discriminated against when it comes to public restroom usage.  If transgender individuals were not allowed to use public restrooms at all, I would stand up and say that is discrimination.

With my chronic health condition, I am discriminated against because Environmental Illness is treated in a manner that is inconsistent with heavy pharmaceutical use and therefore the prevailing medical mindset is that Environmental Illness must be a mental condition, when it is not. So I am the first person to stand up when discrimination is evident.

Men wearing women’s clothes do not bother me. Look up costume history. That is the apparel men and women have worn since the advent of fashion. Men were the first to wear dresses, leggings, pumps, jewelry, and yes, even cosmetics. If you have a problem with the old attire being new again, well some men are just regressive that way.  

With laws like in North Carolina, even though I do not agree with everything outlined in the law, the public restroom issue is not about discrimination against people with a form of body dysmorphic disorder.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That fact is true in physics as well as public discourse when people have taken their social justice too far and trample other people’s rights.

What has happened is people want to protect the most vulnerable in society by reiterating our agreed upon social norms and mores. If you have a penis, you use the men’s restroom. If you have a vagina, you use the women’s restroom. Simple, right?

The LGBT community sees that declaration of such obvious information as blatant discrimination, but it is not.

In fact until a man has surgery to change him into a biologically accurate representation of a women, vagina and all, he should not be allowed to use the women’s restroom legally or otherwise.

Point of fact, rape and molestation victims have rights too. Women and girls who have been sexually abused may not want to have a man in such a small, enclosed, and unsecured room away from prying eyes. I know I don’t.

Another fact, men are slobs. I have been a custodian in an office with men’s and women’s restrooms as well as cleaned private homes. Men leave the seat up. Men urinate on the seat, down the sides of the toilet bowl, and on the floor.

As a woman who has a menstrual cycle, I do not want to be in a public restroom having to deal with the above unsanitary conditions. Do you? It is difficult enough to find public restrooms with a place to hang your purse. Think on that visualization.

Now I have had conversations with transgender men via social media and the excuse for invading my private space is that a transgender male has never raped a woman.

Really? How long has statistics been kept on this group and that particular situation? The fact is that transgender man’s argument is not an entirely truthful statement.

The prison system has transgender individuals incarcerated for crimes against society. The Federal Bureau of Prisons cites these statistics of male and female prisoners: Gender, (notice there are no statistics on transgender individuals so how would one find numbers on rapes?)
Tranequality's numbers say:

Nearly one in six transgender people (16%) (including 21% of transgender women) have been incarcerated at some point in their lives—far higher than the rate for the general population.
In reality, transgender individuals have an increased chance of breaking the law. Time will tell what transpires in the women’s restrooms and how women are respected in such a confined, intimate space.

Oh wait, it already has:
College Allows Transgender Man to Expose Himself to Young Girls:

“Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period,” said David Hacker, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom. A group of concerned parents contacted the legal firm for help.

In another report, Man Undressing in Women's Room Cites Transgender Rule. A Washington state man went in and out of a girl’s restroom twice, the second time while little girls were changing into their swimsuits for practice. The employees could do nothing to protect the children because of the intrusive and socially unjust law against women.
It’s not like all men are honorable examples of the other half of the species:
      These reports start from 1997 and the list continues without end online detailing how certain adult human males are sexual predators to the females of the species.

      What do women possibly have to be concerned about? Maybe history, facts, and reality.

      If the LGBT community respected other people’s rights, especially women’s rights to privacy and safety, then demanding rectification for an imagined injustice would not happen let alone be the reason for boycotts, name calling, or other ignorant outbursts.

      Women have fought beside the gay and lesbian community in the LGBT’s pursuit of equal rights, marriage rights, and the right to adopt children. Instead of that community knowing healthy boundaries and the difference between right and wrong, women’s rights are being intruded upon instead by these same people who throw tantrums about their legal rights. Isn’t time for some people to show the rest of us the respect we deserve?

      In 2012, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed transgender from the list of mental health issues plaguing humans. Sounds like this organization needs to be sued on behalf of transgender individuals who are now not receiving the mental health care they need and the rest of us for being terrorized by the political correctness that changed their precious diagnostic book.

      Why would the APA do such an irresponsible act? Follow the money.

      How much money will the doctors, lawyers, and court system make forcing others to accept a discounted mental health condition as a minority group with fake rights and demands? How about the politicians and non profit organizations. How much will each of those individuals receive in donations and funding?

      To me, the transgender issue comes down to a few points: creating division among voters for political gain, ignoring a serious mental health issue to produce lifelong medical and pharmaceutical customers, inciting social unrest, and allowing the sexual deviants and predators of our society access to little girls.

      All of which are becoming to the forefront of media fodder.

      For a man, even a transgender, to push himself onto a woman be it sexually, physically, or legally, is rape. Emotional and mental rape occurs, but make no mistake: it is still rape.

      So going back to the earlier transgender man’s argument that “no transgender man has ever raped a woman…” Well, you just did.

      Let the hate comments begin…