Thursday, April 21, 2016

Phoenix Gets Toxic White Out Under High Pollution Advisory

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photojournalist, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Ecoterrorism 

Earth Day, who? 

In the your face, plain sight, climate engineering known for its droughts (California) and flooding (Texas this week) is again hitting the Phoenix Metro area today. 

The precipitation slated for April 28th at over 1/3 of an inch has all but been erased by drying out our upper atmosphere to create an artificial high pressure system stronger than the natural one we were supposed to have. I watch the weather prediction calendars. I see what is supposed to be versus what is eliminated. 

Now we have high pressure that is killing us. The air is so polluted in Phoenix that people are advised not to go out into it. Yet the geoengineers are spraying our skies with a toxic soup in addition to the unhealthy smog. 

For what? 

Aren't you a little tired of the whited out skies that did not exist several years ago? Phoenix used to have more sunny days than Florida, the sunshine state. 

Here is what this morning looked like as the jets sprayed the skies across Phoenix: 

If you would like the climate engineering to stop, then start being vocal. 

Call every day these toxic lines are sprayed, at any altitude, to your city leaders' offices, the state legislature, the governor, not to mention Congressional Representative and Senators, plus the White House.

If you are truly incensed by what is happening to the planet, then call the EPA and United Nations. 

Climate Change and Global Warming are scams and now uninformed people are messing with our atmosphere. We do need a change. We need a change from anti-science fearmongers.