Saturday, June 27, 2020

Rebels, Flags, and Mississippi's Turn: White Apologists Destroy History Because of their Private Shame and They Should Keep that Mental Illness to Themselves

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
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More white apologists trying to erase history because of their guilt. You remain guilty of nothing and the rest of America will remain sane. It is times like these that people should hide their mental illness.

The War of Northern Aggression also known as the Civil War led to the split of our nation. The Southern states believed in the 10th Amendment of State's rights over the federal government's ability to demand anything from them. As a result, the Southern states seceded forming their own government and Rebel Flag. 

Not slavery or racism flag... rebelling against as what Southerners saw as the breach of the Northern states and the Federal government of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But find those facts in a history book is fleeting as everyone is on the racism, white supremacy bandwagon instead of verifying factual information. 

Mississippi's Flag
"The concept of the Confederate flag, as depicted on the first Confederate flag (1862-1863) was to show the secession of the 11 Southern states from the Union and its declaration of unity to the Confederate. Later on, 2 more states joined and the flag’s design had to be changed. It took up the new design of the blue cross or the X with 13 white stars in (1863-1865)."

"The meaning of this flag was clear from the thirteen stars, which in actuality represented the total number of seceded Southern states or colonies. The blue X represented their unified act of secession from the Union and other Northern states. This final act of rebellion is what led to the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865, which has been engraved as a part of its history."

But the Rebel Flag was nearly nonexistent until World War II so a history of hate and racism is debunked: "Though the Confederates lost the Civil war, it regained some minor popularity during the World War II. The flag became a local emblem among southern military units, for example, one of the 26 United States Navy; Cleveland-class light cruisers, the USS Columbia (CL-56) adorned the Confederate flag as a battle insignia during the entire South Pacific war. This was done to pay tribute to Columbia..." 

Yet, the Rebel Flag was then again shelved for decades, thus again debunking the racism twist: "In the 1990s, many Southern state legislatures attempted to allow the use of the Confederate flag as a part of its political and civic heritage, since they consider it a part of the American history and do not view the flag as a representation of racism or any form of superiority."
What is interesting about white apologists, they too are ignorant of actual historical information and become apart of the problem instead of the solution. For instance, the Mississippi state flag is being attacked for the fake crime of "racism." It's your history, right or wrong. That is how we learn from the past.

"The flag of Mississippi, represents the actual Confederate X on it, along with the blue, white and red stripes as the background. Though this flag was the choice of the citizens of Mississippi and the United States ratified their unified decision."

another site explained:
Confederate Battle Flag

Flags of the Confederacy, 1861-1865. The Confederate States of America during the four years of its existence had three official flags, and one that never became official but was used more than all the others. During the first major battle of the war, Manassas, it became evident that the Confederate and Federal flags could not be distinguished each from the other. As a result of this confusion, three Confederate generals planned the Stars and Bars for battle use. They asked the Confederate Congress to adopt it in place of the official one, but this was never done. One change was made after two years, and another after two years more, but the best-known Confederate flag never became official. Its pattern was used for the canton corner of the last two.
There are more interesting and nonracist facts. Did you know that Mississippi has had eight different flags? History of Mississippi Flags is a nice historical read. People should try reading before reacting sometime.

Or Mississippi could use this flag instead:

White Flag of Surrender

But that's racist! Just like milk. 

If Mississippi gives into the Marxist communists also known as Black Lives Matter, who are the real racists, then you might as well put up this flag for the rest of eternity: 

The Flag of Yella Bellies

Because bowing down to domestic terrorists makes you yella.

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