Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Cancelled: I'm a Lesbian & I'm Leaving the INSANE "Progressive" Left

Editor in Chief, DL Mullan    
LBGTQ / Mental Health Issues

I'm a Lesbian & I'm Leaving the INSANE "Progressive" Left

Is the LGBT community finally waking up to the mental health issues that have created the Cult of Personality by the SJW's?

Editor's response:

Thank you. I have been waiting for the LGBT community to wake up to the cult. I don't agree with many progressive issues these days. I have even decided to leave the Democrat party as well. My grandmother fled socialism yet the party has brainwashed the younger generation to accept communism as a viable means of governance. As a writer, I have been mobbed attacked by cult members on my social media pages to bully me into submission, which has not worked. I have also had online stalkers. I was once a supporter of LG marriage rights, but when it comes to indoctrinating or involving children via sexualization, body modification, and/or carcinogenic hormone treatments, I find that is repulsive and pedophilic. I believe in being the authentic self. The question becomes: if you have to change everything you are to meet someone else's standards of validation, then how are you being your authentic self? You validate you. Changing laws, overriding women's rights, and hiding behind children are not authentic and are certainly not validation. I am a disabled woman who has been disrespected and abused for doing the right thing by speaking out. I cannot wait for the rest of the community to realize the damage that has been done to their brand and likeability because of these out of control cult followers. There needs to be some sort of leadership to take a stand and take back the LGBT messaging because right now the message is: we hate everyone who doesn't bow to our demands and if you don't agree with us: we will attack you, sink your business, and bully you again. That is burning more bridges than it is making them. Damage that cannot be repaired at their rate of the scorched earth policies being enacted. I hope you can save the sinking ship. I had to walk away from writer's groups and forums because I became concerned for my personal safety. Thanks again.