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Villa de Paz Gazette is about the golf community of Phoenix, AZ. Born out of frustration with local media, the VDP Gazette continues to publish stories that pertain to our community. Any news, interest stories, or responses that affect the Villa de Paz community whether be it international, national, state, local, or down the street, the VDP Gazette will be bringing that information home.

The Villa de Paz Gazette is not a conspiracy theory news agency. The editor and staff work diligently to present facts, figures, and first hand testimony to support all thesis statements published therein.

Each article is enumerated with citations and links where applicable, including in the articles themselves as well as at the end with the "Source" listing of a researched bibliography.

The editor and staff of the Gazette present at the best of their ability what is going on in the world and connect as many dots to show the relevance of their position statements.

Please feel free to leave feedback on each article posted, we welcome your input. Readers can contact the editor and staff through the Gazette's social media account on Facebook

The VDP Gazette encourages links to our articles as well as using our writing as source material. Please source and cite the Gazette with article title, the author's name, and links to the article itself.

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