Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Civil Obedience: Are We Brainwashed to Remain Silent?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
The People / Government

Before the Second World War, Germans were obedient. During the Bolshevik Revolution, Russians were obedient.  After 9/11, Americans have been obedient. 

But our governments were not obedient to civility, rights, and justice. Our governments have sought out radicals and liars to make their people obedient. So the people say and do nothing. 

The problem is civil obedience. Everyday, we show we have that brainwashing program down pat. The problem is not having any civil disobedience. 

We do not have to play the games our governments want us to play. We can stand up. We can be free. 

If we choose not to obey a tyrannical, dysfunctional system.

It doesn't take guns or fighting in the streets. It takes something more dear: it takes courage. Courage to bank at small independent banks. Courage to refuse more debt. Courage to vote against the political parties that reign supreme. Courage to demand our freedoms. Courage to expect the restoration of our unalienable rights.

It just takes courage.

This speech below reiterates what the obligations of society are. Civil obedience has not corrected the injustices of our world. Obedience has created that injustice. 

Matt Damon, a lifelong friend of Howard Zinn and his family, read excerpts from a speech Howard Zinn gave in 1970 as part of a debate on civil disobedience.

This performance was part of "The People Speak, Live!" with Matt Damon and Lupe Fiasco at the Metro in Chicago, on January 31, 2012, produced by Voices of a People's History (peoples in collaboration with Louder Than a Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival.

Start Living. Be The Change.
Perhaps it's time that civil disobedience became the courage we need to counter the evil in the world. 

Source: Youtube