Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Future of Freedom Foundation Panel on NSA and Government Imperialism

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / Surveillance

In this video, a Libertarian conference: The Future of Freedom Foundation discussed the state of America, politics, the government and her people with four big names in the liberal movement against unconstitutional government.

@fordfischer of http://news2share.com filmed this panel featuring Academy Award Winning Director Oliver Stone and currently up for an Academy Award documentarian Jeremy Scahill take the spotlight in this full panel on the overbearing use of force in the United States Government. Peter Kuznick, an American University Professor who co-produces "Untold History of the Unites States" with Oliver Stone weighed in as well, offering a historic and academic opinion. "There are not two parties [Republican and Democrats]... there is only the war party, and those who oppose it," they agreed.
If you would like to educate yourself and your family about these and other issues, Oliver Stone's: The Untold history of the United States is an excellent start. This documentary was on paid cable but was also released on DVD and has a book accompaniment. 

Amazon has the first season.

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