Friday, February 7, 2014

State of the Union Address: The People’s Rebuttal

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
State of the Union / Opinion 

Mr. President, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, Honored Dignitaries, and My Fellow Americans:

Two centuries, one score, and seventeen and a half years ago, our grand Republic was born on July 4th.  Our birth was difficult. With it came the rejection of incompetence, tyranny, and dysfunction of the British Royal Crown.

Yet today, we are embroiled once again in a fight against such inequities and are being forced to make a determination on how to return ourselves in the motion of liberty. This current pendulum has swung too far for history to retrieve it without severe condemnation and consequence. Too far, in the eyes of patriotic Americans, to be seen as anything but an act of treason as Americans are feeling the siege of an illegitimate technocratic oligarchy take hold.

When we were attacked on September 11th, 2001, our President assured Americans that our fight was just. Justified to invade sovereign nations, murder innocent civilians, and confiscate resources for corporate profit? Justified to pass laws like the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention? Justified to make every American defined by law as an Enemy Combatant and Terrorist to be disappeared and never heard from again? And justified to spy on Americans and erode our Rights and Privacy further?

The United States government is not justified. Swinging back and forth across the decade and three years, the decisions that have been made thus far seem to have created the evil that presides over the world, instead of defending us from it. From drone murders to torturing prisoners, to financially backing terrorists and corporate espionage, the United States, Inc. cannot justify it’s sponsorship of these criminalities.  

As corporate government, the United States has siphoned the wealth and resources from every American except for a chosen few and handed our country over to interests who rather destroy America and its People for their lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness than uplift them. For revenge against a rebellion that refused servitude, that is centuries old and has fostered the malfeasant disease within the hallowed corridors of our nation's capitol.

In the past, the American People have been betrayed by their government but none as vicious or as vigorous as has been seen in the 21st Century. Now Americans are treated like hostile refugees in a third world country as the Bill of Rights has been sacrificed in the name of perpetual serfdom. Americans have become renters of their own property, land, and education through taxes, licenses, insurance, and student loans.

The age of being free is over, if the American People do not rise to meet this challenge and assert their inherent unalienable rights to exist rent free throughout their lives. To no more kneel before international laws, treaties, or trade agreements that only seek to depredate the lives, land, economy, and ecosystem we hold so dear, then the America our forefathers fought so hard to create and defend will survive and be fruitful. Or if not, the United States will die, impoverished, as so many decadent imperialistic nations have done throughout history.

I have heard the President of these United States speak of heresy since he rather pen legislation instead of working with Congress to create laws they were assigned by the Constitution to do. Congress fails year after year to do the bidding of the American People in lieu of politics, wealthy donors, and ulterior agendas. The Supreme Court equates bricks and mortar to flesh and blood while manufacturing law when it serves their political purpose. Instead of a nation of laws and checks and balances, the American People have received a notice of eviction.

Congressional duties have been cast aside. Wall Street gambles. Banks invent busts, booms, and bubbles. Corporations seek to be stewards of our privacy and grant us revocable privileges.

The United States, Inc. is bankrupt: morally, responsibly, and financially. The American People have been led to believe We owe our labor, land, liberties, and nation to magical thought and imaginary outcomes. Imaginary currency, imaginary interest, and imaginary debt weigh on the hearts and minds of thoughtful Americans.

In the end, our obligations to this illegitimate technocratic oligarchy do not exist. Their demands on our lives are nothing more than parlor tricks of deceit and fear-mongering for social control. Smoke and mirrors in a group think philosophy lives as magical disillusionment. Grandeur ingratiates their faculties. Insanity guides their actions.

Unfortunately the pendulum’s motion reminds every American that the time has come to throw off the shackles of lies and pull ourselves up onto our feet. For the only way anyone can remain ignorant of these chains is to have their heads below the surface and bent forward on their knees. A position no American is destined to tolerate.

America is not for the idle or for the weak. America is the shining star of liberty and humanity. However, these ideals of truth and justice and the American way have been hijacked, not by foreigners with box cutters, but by the domestic threats working from within.

In the State of the Union, not one word from the perspective of the American People was uttered. Political agendas were conveyed. Talking points were enumerated. The American People were treated as if the electronic voting machines had already been encoded with the predetermined results once again.

In the present, a shift is occurring in the world. An awakening to the arbitrary and despotic leadership that runs amuck in the shadows; this awakening transcends education and generations. Even the American People are realizing that our elitist ruling class has become the tragic definition of apathy, otiose, and mediocrity.

Change is in the air. Change that The People can really believe in. The change in political power away from the bought and sold two party system and into a new age of cogent goals and positive collaboration against a common enemy is at hand.

If every American would stand up for liberty, then the new era of peace and prosperity would commence. No more wars. No more theft. No more indentured servitude. Real freedom. At first the cost may be dear, but the only way to create a better future is to be the change you want to see in the world and nullify the technocratic oligarchy’s dystopic mission forever.

It is time to stand and grab the pendulum away from history and cast out the incompetent, tyrannical, and dysfunctional ruling elite. We The People must return the future back where it belongs: in the hands of the American People. It is after all our Right to demand leaders who are Of The People, For The People, and By The People.

Thank you.