Friday, February 14, 2014

Movie Night: Look Up!

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Government

On this Valentine's Day evening, give the gift of knowledge. It just might save your loved one's life.

"Look UP" The Winning Documentary of the Op Paul Revere contest. It's creator implements an App that can be used on IOS and Android and allows people to capture chemtrails and have them compiled and sent to lawmakers in order to create awareness.

This is a new type of documentary NEVER DONE BEFORE. By using the patented mobile app, SkyderALERT, people will have the ability to capture visual evidence of this potentially catastrophic activity, petition against it, and send the evidence directly to the appropriate government officials-- all in 1 click. You do not need to know who those officials are, or even where you are. Your position is automatically geo-located to ensure that the appropriate elected officials are selected for your state, city or district. SkyderALERT will even let you call your congress people, senators or governor directly... all by just using the app.

This POWERFUL NEW Documentary explores GeoEngineering, SRM, Solar radiation Management, Weather Modification and "chemtrails" and introduces to the public to new way to protest and petition this dangerous initiative by using the all new mobile app SkyderALERT. Put an end to this potentially catastrophic program.

Look UP. Get the APP. Save the World.
Please get involved.  If you would like to see the lecture that goes into this topic further, make sure you watch: Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization, which was featured on the Gazette earlier today.

To address the documentary's question, here is our answer: the Villa de Paz Gazette Editor and Staff do/have NOT give our informed consent for this toxic spray program or any other experiment that makes the public guinea pigs. We have NOT be informed. We do NOT give our consent.

Have you given your informed consent? How do you feel about being sprayed with toxic chemicals that is destroying the Earth?

Source:  Skyder Alert, Youtube, GeoEngineering Watch