Thursday, February 13, 2014

Exclusive! Mass Deflection: Government Sponsored Eco-Terrorism Our Politicians Ignore

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photographer, DL Mullan
Geoengineering / Community Interest 

Blue skies over Phoenix, AZ can be the most beautiful sight in the entire world. 

Then the planes come...

These lines are chemicals placed into the sky to block out the radiance of the sun.

The chemicals used are heavy metals amongst other poisons.

Our majestic sapphire skies are gone.

Stolen by people and companies that hide behind the government's secrecy and are ruining our weather, air, and way of life.

Why are Phoenix residents putting up with this type of eco-terrorism?

Maybe it's time to start asking questions of our leaders and demanding this aerial assault cease.

If you want more information, please read the VDP Gazette's article: Geoengineeing: One Arizonan's Battle Against Being Poisoned and see how dangerous this program is.

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The spraying began again. Streaks can be seen in the moonilght against the aquamarine sky. When will this ever stop?

Additional information: U.S. Patents that Show the Government's Involvement in Weaponized Weather Modification, Geoengineeing: One Arizonan's Battle Against Being Poisoned