Friday, February 28, 2014

Follow the Money? How About Follow the Dead Bodies? Until the Reset Begins

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Banking / Economic Reset


In any type of investigation, all one has to do to find motive, means, and opportunity is to follow the money. Lately, however, money in the form of bankers is not the trail. Their dead bodies are.

A quick internet search found this list of dead bankers from 2006 to 2011:
  1. Andrei Kozlov, (CENTRAL BANKER 9/12/2006
  3. Paul Gillmore, (US CONGRESS) 9/5/2007
  4. Oleg Zhukovsky (HEDGE FUND MANAGER)
  5. Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, HEDGE FUND MANAGER January 1, 2009
  6. Michael Klein, HEDGE FUND MANAGER
  9. Adolph Merckle GERMAN FINANCIER
  10. Kirk Stephenson WALL STREET BANKER
  11. David Kellerman FREDDIEMAC CFO
  12. William Parente NEW YORK TAX ATTORNEY
  13. Richard Egan Co-founder EMC
  14. Anjool Malde Deutsche Bank Equity Sales
  15. Finn Casperson Former Head of Beneficial
  16. Danny Pang Newport Beach financier
  17. James MacDonald Rockefeller CEO
  18. Chris Kelly Blagojevich fundraiser
  19. James Vellanti JNF Asset Management LLC
  20. Jeffrey Buckalew Greenhill & Co. 12/20/2011
  21. Rakesh Chawla Greenhill & Co. 12/20/2011
As shown some bankers have a short life span, but bankers only die a few times a year. In this five year time space approximately 4.2 bankers died a year, statistically unremarkable in comparison with the rest of the population. Fast forward to the last couple of months...

A rash of dead bankers begins with a missing Wall Street Journal reporter that worked at the Dow Jones news desk. As of January 11, 2014, David Bird has not been seen since going for a walk. He reported on oil and commodities, which were under investigation by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for price manipulation.

Now for the current timeline of "suicided" bankers are as follows:
  1. Tim Dickenson Swiss Re AG January 26, 2014
  2. William Broeksmit Deutsche Bank January 26, 2014
  3. Karl Slym Tata Motors January 27, 2014
  4. Gabriel Magee JP Morgan January 28, 2014
  5. Mike Dueker Russell Investment/St. Louis Federal Reserve January 29, 2014
  6. Ryan Henry Crane JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group/ Worked w/ Magee February 3, 2014
  7. Richard Talley American Title February 6, 2014
  8. Li Junjie JP Morgan HQ Hong Kong February 18, 2014
That is eight within two months. If you believe that this record shows banker deaths have escalated disproportionate to past years, you are not alone, but the story is more complicated than several suspicious deaths.

As the economic yarn of the world continues to unravel, reports of unrest and decline are showing:
#1 The unemployment rate in Greece has hit a brand new record high of 28 percent.
#2 The youth unemployment rate in Greece has hit a brand new record high of 64.1 percent.
#3 The percentage of bad loans in Italy is at an all-time record high.
#4 Italian industrial output declined again in December, and the Italian government is on the verge of collapse.
#5 The number of jobseekers in France has risen for 30 of the last 32 months, and at this point it has climbed to a new all-time record high.
#6 The total number of business failures in France in 2013 was even higher than in any year during the last financial crisis.
#7 It is being projected that housing prices in Spain will fall another 10 to 15 percent as their economic depression deepens.
#8 The economic and political turmoil in Turkey is spinning out of control. The government has resorted to blasting protesters with pepper spray and water cannons in a desperate attempt to restore order.
#9 It is being estimated that the inflation rate in Argentina is now over 40 percent, and the peso is absolutely collapsing.
#10 Gangs of armed bandits are roaming the streets in Venezuela as the economic chaos in that troubled nation continues to escalate.
#11 China appears to be very serious about deleveraging. The deflationary effects of this are going to be felt all over the planet. The following is an excerpt from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's recent article entitled "World asleep as China tightens deflationary vice"...
#12 There was a significant debt default by a coal company in China last Friday...
#13 Japan's Nikkei stock index has already fallen by 14 percent so far in 2014. That is a massive decline in just a month and a half.
#14 Ukraine continues to fall apart financially...
#15 The unemployment rate in Australia has risen to the highest level in more than 10 years.
#16 The central bank of India is in a panic over the way that Federal Reserve tapering is effecting their financial system.
#17 The effects of Federal Reserve tapering are also being felt in Thailand...
#18 One of Ghana's most prominent economists says that the economy of Ghana will crash by June if something dramatic is not done.
#19 Yet another banker has mysteriously died during the prime years of his life. That makes five "suspicious banker deaths" in just the past two weeks alone.
#20 The behavior of the U.S. stock market continues to parallel the behavior of the U.S. stock market in 1929.
Zero Hedge adds to this Economic Collapse article with:
-According to the Bangkok Post, people are "stampeding to yank their deposits out of banks" in Thailand right now.
-Venezuela is coming apart at the seams. Just check out the photos in this article.
-The unemployment rate in South Africa is above 24 percent.
-Ukraine is on the verge of total collapse...
-This week we learned that the level of bad loans in Spain has risen to a new all-time high of 13.6 percent.
-China is starting to quietly sell off U.S. debt. Already, Chinese U.S. Treasury holdings are down to their lowest level in almost a year.
-During the 4th quarter of 2013, U.S. consumer debt rose at the fastest pace since 2007.
-U.S. homebuilder confidence just experienced the largest one month decline ever recorded.
-George Soros has doubled his bet that the S&P 500 is going to crash. His total bet is now up to about $1,300,000,000
Have you now asked yourself WTF is going on?

It is really simple: the world is economically falling apart. Don't worry CO2 didn't cause it. The Central Banking system, for which the Federal Reserve is a member, did cause this economic terrorism, on purpose. You read that right. The attack on the middle class and the goal to impoverish nations in mountains of fake debt has been by design.

A system of control cannot be implemented (like a total police state) unless the people are unable to fight back in any capacity.

What does that have to do in the escalation of dead bankers?

There is a war going on in the shadows of the world. Sometimes that raging war almost touches us. So far we have been lucky. We have avoided a nuclear false flag event here in the United States by our own government (Before It's News). It was to set up Syria and begin a nuclear war in the Middle East.

Even Lindsey Graham cried that a nuclear strike on South Carolina was imminent (Before It's News). Sounds like he knew before hand and did nothing to stop this unprovoked attack by the United States government.

It's not a joke. It's not even a theory. The small elite council of nine men in concert with about 400 other people including politicians, bankers, tax free foundations, CEO's, journalists, clergy, and other well connected individuals have sought to deconstruct the world via food, water, air, and environment so they can live here on Earth in peace without the rest of us: chattel, useless eaters.

No mental illness there between those elites, now is there?

In their death throes, these elite mad -men and -women are still causing the destruction that they believe they have the right to do in order to assert their control over the people of the Earth. Ukraine has been targeted to provoke Russia and China into a Third World War. Since our current administration and the shadow government that runs the world through the Central Banks could not attack Syria, Ukraine was brought into civil unrest by the agents of the US government and other countries loyal to this insane elite. If these elites cannot win one way, then they will plunge us all into the Dark Ages of war and starvation through permanent gold backwardationn.

The VDP Gazette is not the mainstream media. We do not make up stories and eschew the facts.

In light of reports that have come across the VDP Gazette's news desk, this editor has warned friends and neighbors about the changes coming to the world and to get prepared. Yes, I was called that. That too. Oh, and that is my favorite! But name calling does not make me any less right.

As a courtesy, this editor is extending to the VDP Gazette readers the same advice. Just from what is happening in the world, you would believe a dire warning has already commenced and everyone should batten down the hatches. Not necessarily.

Although from the sources that keep coming up in extensive research, a two week supply of food (nonperishable), water, pet food, and daily supplies would be wise. A couple of sources encouraged people to have six months supplies of everything, but that might be a little extreme. We're not having a nuclear winter like China, due to their smog issues; we're having a Global Reset.

All the ills of the world that have been listed in this article are about to disappear... forever. Right after this reset and the people of the world clean up the mess the elite have left us, including the elite. Governments and economic structures will have to be re-established and regulated including here in the United States

The VDP Gazette will be publishing some future articles with this reset of our government in mind, so please watch for those ones.

There might be some hiccups as a new currency for the United States is issued through the Treasury department. Banks might fail. Some disruptions in supplies could be seen anytime from March into July.

So as a precaution stock up on supplies and some cash in a calm, responsible manner. 

If everything goes as planned, you will see nothing except new cash in your hands the next time you go to the store or bank. Just in case, be proactive.

Very soon, a world without "follow the bodies" may be ours and a new Intellectual/Creative Renaissance may take shape.

DaVinci, here we come.

Updated information: The Fed is Dead: Global Currency Reset Begins as Governor Reneges on Duty to Arizonans