Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Fed is Dead: Global Currency Reset Begins as Governor Reneges on Duty to Arizonans

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Economics / Gold Standard

During the bankers' wars in the first half of the Twentieth Century, gold backing of currency was set aside so countries could print their way to victory. In 1971, President Richard Nixon disavowed gold and silver altogether as the Federal Reserve wanted freedom from such common sense. Americans have paid the price for that lack of due diligence.

100 years of the Federal Reserve's manipulation and devaluation of the United States Dollar and all Americans have seen are busts, booms, and bubbles. These extremes in the currency market were further unhinged with the removal of the Glass-Steagall Act and derivative gambling Ponzi scheme developed by the banks. Even though the creation of the Federal Reserve was to eliminate these crises from pubic consequence, the American People were unaware instability was the goal of this legislation as has been seen of late.  

Our economy is in shambles as elite thinktanks and tax free foundations have de-industrialized the United States for greener pastures in slave labor countries. Their irresponsibility has lead to the worthless dollar. That is why gold is trading so high irregardless of market manipulations because the dollar's value is around $.03 to $0.15 and why a loaf of bread costs $4 instead of $1 at the store. At the rate of devaluation thanks to the fake scam of Quantitative Easing, soon people will no longer be able to buy, sell, or trade with this fiat paper currency called the US Dollar. That time is nigh.

The elite of our and other governments believed that the Gold Standard could be replaced by the Petrol Oil Dollar Standard. In their calculations the treacherous absconders of wealth did not realize the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, and other places, were soon to dry up. The Petrol Dollar can no longer be sustained. A new solution must be found. 

Arizona lawmakers have seen the writing on the wall. Last year, both houses of the Arizona State Legislature passed a bill, Senate Bill 1439, making gold and silver legal tender. Any business may or may not accept gold or silver for services rendered.

Even though the Constitution of the United States requires gold and silver as legal tender, Republican Governor, Janet Brewer vetoed the bill.
“Legal tender is money and is not subject to taxation or regulation as property other than money,” the bill stated. “Notwithstanding any other law, the exchange of one form of legal tender for another does not give rise to liability for any type of tax.” In other words, if the legislation had been signed into law, trading depreciating Federal Reserve notes for gold or silver money would no longer be taxed.
Our Governor traded sound money and market stabilization for a tax? Outrageous. Pretty soon taxes will be rendered noncollectable because of the defunct paper notes. Can't the Arizona Governor appreciate the crossroads we are standing upon?

The Federal Reserve is unreliable and nonviable. The Gold Standard and an institutional Arizona Bank must be created with no time to spare. The Global Currency Reset is here.

With Senate Bill 1096*, Arizona Lawmakers are trying once again to produce a gold and silver legal tender law for the redistribution of the enroute Constitutional money:
The legislation mostly refers to gold and silver coins minted by the federal government, but also "any other specie that a court of competent jurisdiction rules by a final, unappealable order to be within to scope of state authority to make a legal tender." The bill specifically refers to the American Buffalo coin, as well as the American Gold Eagle.
However even in the state legislature, there are uneducated reactions to this critical and necessary bill. 
"This should be addressed by the Federal Reserve and not by the state," said Democratic Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon, of Green Valley.
What some politicians do not understand is that the Federal Reserve is the problem, accepting issuance from the Federal Reserve has illegally indebted us, and that the fiat currency is unconstitutional. We the People need to address this issue. Forget about the criminals at the privately owned Federal Reserve, they are the reason we are in such dire straights economically.

The Constitution specifically delegated the responsibility to Congress to issue money: gold and silver coin, e.g., gold backed currency, in Article I, Section 8.   
Paper money is a "recipe for worldwide bankruptcy," Weiner told Arizona lawmakers Monday. "Everybody is going bankrupt on this system so we need a sound and honest money system, such as gold and silver." 
Since the officials in the Council of Governors have all been apprised of the Global Currency Reset by Karen Hudes, Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, about the need for legislation accepting gold and silver tender as well as the establishment of state owned and operated banks, one has to wonder why the Arizona Governor is standing in the way of progress?

Karen Hudes wrote in the comments section of OsNet Daily:
I discovered this when forwarding the preceding comment to the authorized signatory on the Global Collateral Account containing the world's gold, the NY missions to the UN, the Bretton Woods' Development Committee, the President of the County Executives of America, the Co-Chair of the Council of Governors and US Sheriffs, and the World Bank Executive Directors.
Some Arizonans have already called into question Governor Brewer's ability to faithfully execute her duties as governor in light of not supporting gold and silver as legal tender and other political missteps. 

If Governor Brewer does not sign the 2014 version of last year's bill paving the way for Arizonans to receive gold backed currency from the Federal Government when the Federal Reserve Notes crash (sooner than later), then how will she expect to hold her office after that blatant act of political suicide? 

All this stonewalling is unnecessary. 

John F. Kennedy signed the Green Hilton Agreement ten days before his assassination to save the American people from the insanity and injustices we have endured because of the failed Federal Reserve system and its Central Banking cartel.  Karen Hudes explains:
The real transition is coming with US citizens' demand for release of the uncut US Treasury Dollars that John F. Kennedy printed to replace Federal Reserve Notes together with the 170,500 metric tons of gold to underpin the dollar allocated by Wolfgang Struck, the authorized signatory on the Global Collateral Account. The Jesuits assassinated JFK to prevent implementation of the Green Hilton Agreement, http://nexusilluminati.blogspo...
Gold backed currency has been waiting for the United States for over fifty years. Isn't it time that our politicians stopped brown nosing the obsolete elite ruling class and side with the American people for a change? 

Go here to see copies of the new, uncut JFK Dollar: KAHudes Cloud Storage.

Wolfgang Struck, authorized signatory of the Global Collateral Account: KAHudes Cloud Storage.

For more information, listen to this interview on Buzzsaw: The Secret Constitution and Bank Wars with Karen Hudes. Watch after the 15 minute mark for this article's references.  

(Tell the truth, you thought I was making all this up...)

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*Correction of Senate Bill numbers.