Monday, March 3, 2014

The Resistance: Numbers for The Day We Fight Back

Staff Writer: Jamie Silverstone
The Resistance / Protest

February 11, 2014 will live in infamy as thousands upon millions of activists and regular people stood up against the mass surveillance state.

Here are the numbers:
  • 37,000,000
    • People saw the banner Over 24 million Americans and 13 million non-Americans saw The Day We Fight Back banner on Tuesday.
  • 555,000
    • Emails sent 185,000 Americans registered to send over 555,000 emails, two each to their two Senators and one to their Representative.
  • 89,000
    • Calls completed The total number of completed calls reached 89,000 and another 7,000 calls went uncompleted because some legislators turned off their voicemail inboxes.
  • 301,000
    • Signatures 245,000 people internationally signed the petition to demand privacy as a human right. Another 56,000 joined petitions on and
  • 420,000+
    • Facebook shares This just the number of times the website itself was shared on Facebook.
  • 84,000
    • Tweets This is just the number of times the was shared on Twitter. #StopSpying and #StopTheNSA were trending on Twitter during the afternoon.
  • 1,000,000+
    • Homepage visitors The banner, social media and at least 6,000 websites drove over 1 million unique visitors to the homepage.
Anyone can be The Resistance. Join the cause. Let's put the world back together again.

Source: TheDayWeFightBack