Sunday, December 28, 2014

Origins of Earth, War and Timeline Genocide with Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis (Parts 1 & 2)

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Akashic Records / History

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis explores the origins of earth and war, the significance of the date 12/12, and discusses the importance of planetary karma, free will and the cycles of timeline genocide.

“Earth is known as a 7th dimensional galactic seed planet,” Bartzis explains. “Earth as a being lived in other universes – the other 16 universes that were incarnating in this bubble of universal realities.

“She was billions and billions of different beings, and multiple soul shards, until she decided that she was going to do something that the universe had never done before.”

He goes on to further explain the planet’s development within the universe. “What earth did is it centralized itself, and it built a housing or a shell, in conjunction with millions and millions of other beings in this universe when it was still a non free-willed universe.”

He also talks about the concept of womb chakras – which he says are connected to the planet’s heart and mind. “So that on a universal level, those beings who live above those womb chakras will create DNA skin suits, or inhabitable objects that energy can co-create with that alters the reality of other planets.”

“So you can literally create a little bubble of reality in these womb chakras and have an infinite amount of space to grow trees, plants and animals – and then psychically teleport them from that womb chakra and directly graft them onto a blank Akashic record world.”

Bartzis also speaks about the concept of timeline genocides, saying, “we’re existing on a fifth non-paradox timeline right now.”

“And there were 66 planets that were the prime offenders of purposely creating timeline genocide – 928,000 years ago on what we exist, this timeline right now, the galactic ascension machine was formed by galactic universal beings, who needed to clean up timeline pollution.”

He explains that everything that had karma was going to migrate to one single solar system – with one sun – and each planet would have one common DNA skin suit so everything could incarnate and all karma could begin to be resolved.

When asked about the theory that a comet destroyed the dinosaurs roughly 66 million years ago, Bartzis said this idea is completely false.

“The dinosaurs did not go extinct from that. We exist on four simultaneous paradoxes… 54 million years ago is where timeline genocide was created. That means there was no first, there was no middle, there was no end, we were all simultaneously existing in time.”

Watch the full interview to hear much more galactic observations from Bartzis.

Source: Buzzsaw