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The Necronomicon, Government Murder and Nazi Occultism with Peter Levenda

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
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Author Peter Levenda delves into the hidden world of occult forces – from the Necronomicon and Nazi occultism to the Son of Sam killings and predetermined assassinations.

The interview kicks off with Peter addressing the widespread speculation that he is the secret author of the Necronomicon – the fictional grimoire referenced in works by horror author H.P. Lovecraft. The purported magical textbook’s author is unknown, although an introduction does appear by a man identified only as “Simon.” Peter says he indeed knows who Simon is, but it is definitely not him.

He explains that at the time the Necronomicon was discovered, he was involved with a number of “mysterious churches” in New York City during the late ‘60s, and that it was through one of these that the book came to light.

One reason these churches became so popular at the time is because young men who joined them were given a deferment to avoid having to fight in the Vietnam War.

“I believe it was a retranslation of something older than the text itself,” he said about the Necronomicon manuscript. “Because a lot of the prayers, to us looked like gibberish. It wasn’t Greek, and it wasn’t any language that we could readily identify.”

Peter explains that after consulting with other experts on the manuscript, it became clear that the origins were Babylonian, Akkadian or Sumerian. “We began to realize that we were looking at something which was a survival of something that was much, much older.”

Speaking about the Son of Sam shootings in New York in the ‘70s by serial killer David Berkowitz, Peter said that he and many of his friends and colleagues in and around Brooklyn at that time were completely convinced that there was an entire Son of Same cult, and that other people were involved in the killings.

He specifically cites one cult called the Process Church of the Final Judgement – a breakoff of the Church of Scientology – which was later found to be connected to the Son of Sam.

“In the years since then, members of the Process church have come out and acknowledged that Berkowitz was part of this, that they were a part of this cult that was going around and killing people, basically.”

While Berkowitz is still sitting in jail for his crimes and will never be released before he dies, Peter says he has since come clean about the killings he did carry out and the ones he did not.

“We knew that there were killings that were sort of off from the other killings, we knew that there had to be more than one person doing it, and as it turns out I think we’ve been proven right. The Son of Sam killings were part of a cult, New York was full of this kind of activity at that time – it was replete – the witchcraft phenomenon had just started.”

Peter – who is known for his many writings on esoteric Hitlerism and Nazism as it relates to the occult – says his interest in the topic stems from his fascination with extreme politics and extreme religion – which often times go hand-in-hand.

The author’s book Unholy Alliance is an examination of Nazi involvement in the Occult and Peter said his research came in large part form documents found in the National Archives.

“There had been so many books until then that had been speculation, or just stuff made up out of whole cloth. And I was so relieved when I accidentally found a lot of microfilm footage at the National Archives in Washington, that demonstrate that Nazis were fascinated – even obsessed – with occultism and esotericism.”

He reveals that initially that material was just going to make up one chapter of his book Sinister Forces, but when he started digging through the material, it “got out of hand” with so much information to write about.

“When you’re looking at the most hated group of people in the 20th century – at least to us in the West – were the Nazis. They are the symbols of evil, and yet they were really just a cult they were not a political party, the way we understand it. The Nazi party was a cult, and that’s really what it was, that’s why it exists today, that’s why it’s managed to persist.”

Watch the full interview to also hear Peter’s thoughts on the media portrayals of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as well as his belief that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was prefigured even before the future U.S. president was born.

Source: Buzzsaw