Thursday, December 18, 2014

DYI: Teach Yourself Anything

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
DYI / Education

Ever wondered how to do something instead of hiring an expensive handyman? Here are a list of skill sets that everyone should have at the ready: 
  1. Make MagazineIf you’re looking to turn your old laptop into something cool, or find new and inventive ways to spruce up your home, you’ll find loads of ideas on this site.
  2. What the CraftWith a little instruction from this site you can create hand-tailored clothes or great new pillows for your couch.
  3. SkillvidsSave money on costly home repairs by learning how to do them yourself on this site.
  4. Jonko Online Auto RepairHere, you’ll find some instructional help on fixing all the little things that can go wrong with your car.
  5. DoItYourself.comWhether you’re trying to sell your home or manage your finances, you’ll find some helpful guidance here.
  6. Fix ExpertLearn some of the basics of car maintenance and repair from this site.
  7. Easy2DIYWant to know how to lay carpet? Fix your leaky dishwasher? You’ll find that and more here.
  8. Free DIY TutorialsVisit this site to learn how to construct a range of sewing and crafting projects.
  9. The Bicycle TutorWhy pay someone to fix your bike when you can do it yourself? This site can teach you how.
  10. Grovetech PC Repair and MaintenanceCheck out this site to learn how to do some basic PC repairs like adding additional RAM and cleaning off all those nasty viruses.
  11. ReadyMadeThis site can help you learn to build things you never knew you could do on your own.
  12. Hack a DayEmbrace your creative side with these hacks that help you learn to reuse the junk around your house in cool new ways.
  13. HowtopediaWith loads of tips on how to make your DIY projects greener, this site will help you make your home and the earth a little better at the same time

Source: Earth We Are One