Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winning by Losing: the Rod Class Update 11-25-14

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Law / Courts 

Isn't it time we began taking prosecutors and judges to task and remove them from office? 

Rod Class is under “House-Arrest.” His court paperwork has been sealed. It would have overturned all of the court cases that came before, because of the corruption. Even though he was right, he was forced to take a plea-bargain of “guilty.”
They cannot allow him to “WIN.” [Even though he was right]
Oh, the natives should NOT stand for this at all!
He mentions the difference between “Private” and “Public.”
There is a big difference.
The United States Codes do NOT apply to us!
He mentions the “Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917.”
It was amended in the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 where it now excluded US citizens, making all of us enemies & belligerents. (to the now foreign owned/controlled US Corporation)
He mentions blanket Oath violations.
“Statutes” only apply to those who take an Oath.
His first judge walked off, and never came back.
There is “ZERO” to trust about this “government.”
It’s not a “government” by any stretch of the imagination.

Source: Sovereign Inhabitant