Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Officer Chauvin Did Not Kill George Floyd

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
Race Relations / Police Brutality 


YOU did.

You like to point your finger and lay the blame on someone else. That is all you do. So stop using the race bait or the police brutality card. You are responsible for Mr. Floyd's death and you are going to have to come to grips with this reality.

How police conduct themselves is a direct representation of the communities they serve. Are the police in your area assholes? Well, are you? Are the police using more and more aggressive tactics against you? Well, are you becoming more and more of a behavior problem?

The way police handle situations are by the laws that are passed and the policies of the police department. Do you know them? Have you went through the laws that govern your state to see if specific prone positions that cause death have been outlawed? How about your police department's policies on such restraints?

Or, are you going to protest and protest, then demonstrate, and then riot because instead of changing the climate of how police can manage people who have been arrested, you do not do anything but act up, act out, and act like a child? 

Protesting for twenty years? Oppressed for 200... 400 years? Have you really been around that long... 

You complain no one hears your voice but you refuse to speak the language of the law.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Learn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Read the Declaration of Independence. So when you speak, you do not need a translator. You speak the language of the nation. Then you can change the way the nation speaks.

Change comes when you choose to change. Change is within, not without. You cannot change the outside until you change the inside.

It's time to put away childish things... like signs and posters. It is time to get educated, gain experience, and become the change you have been looking for. No one else can do it but you. Become a lawyer. Become a doctor. Become a lawmaker. Just, become something other than a useless, cry baby Social Justice Warrior.

The Rule of Law is our justice. It is the language of the People. It is our culture.

Social Justice is for children who cannot cope with the realities of life.

So the next time you see an injustice, then change it through your education and experience. America does not need another person so selfish and apathetic to jump ahead in line with a sign believing change comes with a fist in the air. That particular change is nothing but servitude of the people to ruthless dictators. The People are never served by those individuals who only serve themselves.

Change comes with a price more dear: your actual participation in the system of life as an adult responsible for your actions, and your inactions. George Floyd is dead because of your inactions. Your inability to take responsibility as a member of our Constitutional Republic.

When you do point a finger at someone to blame the next time an injustice happens, remember to point that digit straight at yourself.

Sources: Newsweek, ABC27

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Counting COVID-19: Death by the Numbers

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
COVID-19 / Morbidity Rates


People die all the time. 

The flu kills Americans with compromised immune systems, nutritional deficiencies, and other comorbidities every year. Why should we care about this new virus killing them as well? Shouldn't we just get on with our lives and ignore the weak? 

So if someone had three months to live but COVID-19 killed them in a week, we should believe that their last 10 or more weeks of life with their friends and family are somehow less valuable than the time of a healthy person? 

How psychotic of you. Or, are you going for sociopathic instead? 

Because on September 11, 2001, we did not argue people's comorbidites. Did talk radio's shock jocks rail on the facts that Americans really died of their asthma, COPD, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and/or immune suppression and not the fire, smoke, and buildings crushing their bodies? 

People need to realign themselves with reality. A plane or a virus matters not as a terrorist attack is a terrorist attack. The numbers of COVID-19 cases matter. Every minute that someone did not get to live out their natural life matters. 

Why that is not obvious to good Christian men folk is surprising. 

When all the numbers are in of the infected: recovered and dead, COVID-19 will be the worst terrorist attack the world has ever seen. The morbidity rate is not about scaring the public but garnering evidentiary support for legal action to be taken against China in the future. 

With one swoop of the Chinese Communist Party's leadership decision to infect the world, the CCP has effectively ended the trade war with the United States because a new war has started. 

Is the world ready for a life unrecognized? 

Or, are the independent and conservative talking heads going to keep arguing logical fallacies so they can keep their listenership engaged instead of informed? 

Life is about to change.

World Coronavirus Count: 1,518,000 infected, 88,455 dead

USA: 434,927 (14,788 deaths)

Coronavirus is now the No. 1 cause of death in America

Welcome to our new reality.

Source: Natural News COVID-19 Ticker 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Results Based Outcome to Resolve the COVID-19 Crisis and Get the World Back to Work Again

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
COVID-19 / Results Based Outcomes


The Editor of the VDP Gazette has offered the White House several key points and resolutions in the past. March 30th was no different in solving the issue of getting the world back to work.

Is this solution perfect? Nothing ever is guaranteed, but at least it is a step in the right direction to get the world back on its feet again over the men folk of radio and talk show fame espousing conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and manliness. 

Adults find solutions, even if they are women. 


Mr. President,

I have a plan to rid America and the world of COVID-19. What we’ll need is a layperson’s Abbott 5-minute test kit for everyone in the United States (and the world) regardless of immigration status, cleared/healthy delivery personnel, work from home state health department workers, work from home doctors and their staff, ready by mail prescriptions, plus all state governors on board, and the most difficult part of all, we need nations around the world ready to implement this plan with our guidance.

It is a tall order, but a doable one. Until every person on this planet is cleared of COVID-19 as a carrier/host, then this virus will continue to be a threat to our First Responders and citizens at large. If you would like every able person to go back to work and accelerate this economy, then we need to carry this plan out to the fullest.

First, we will need to shut down even essential retail in each zip code until it is cleared. No deliveries except for the layperson’s Abbott 5-minute COVID-19 test kit. Have delivery personnel cleared of the virus before and after each zip code delivery of these kits to residents. The governors and their state health departments will direct all commerce, deliveries, and compliance in their respective states.

As the test kits are made available, each zip code’s residents will sign up with their state health department online through a website. As the residents of each zip code request the number of kits for the members of their household, then the health department will know what to request from Abbott and send the kits out. When the residents get their kits and take the test, there will be a link in their account from logging into the state health department’s website previously to direct them to type in their results on a form page.

There will have to be phone support for the elderly and those individuals who do not use technology to make this workable.

Part 1 of 2
DL Mullan

Mr. President, (cont’d)

Those individuals who test positive, the state health department will contact them via phone with their next steps plus an email support package that lists: stay quarantined, call your doctor, get said prescriptions via mail, and log back into the state health department’s website to request another Abbott test to verify that the person is negative for COVID-19.

This effort will have to be coordinated on several levels at the same time. Until everyone is negative, no one leaves their zip code, then county, and then state. As a nation, we do not open borders to any country that has not cleared its people or is open to a country that has not cleared its people.

America could take back the narrative and win the war not only against the unseen enemy but by the enemy of propaganda.

The next several weeks are crucial to put this plan into place after the virus has peaked and we have the drug trials concluded. A treatment protocol that works is the centerpiece of this solution.

We can win this war, Mr. President.

Thank you,
DL Mullan
Part 2 of 2

The World Needs to End its Reliance on the Destructive Forces of Globalism, Communism, UN, WHO, CDC, and Bill Gates

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
UN / Bill Gates / Communist Chain


Mass immigration, open borders, disease outbreaks, and economic surrender, these are some of the enumerated negative impacts of Globalism. 

In recent events, the world has seen the birth of COVID-19. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand, mainstream media beleaguered the racism card of social justice. Well there is a solution for that. Let's call the Chinese/Wuhan virus by its political affiliation. How does that sound? 

America needs to take a leadership stand against the many voices that do not serve our greater purpose. The United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) have failed the world on a consistent basis with their social justice when the world needs a dose of reality and common sense. 

If it were not for the United Nations, and other progressive/socialist/communist organizations around the world, civilized nations would not have to endure the open borders failures that allow migrants, who offer no positive input into the society, to invade and attack the very culture trying to assist these foreigners. Those migrants need to be removed and sent back to their countries of origin. Until people from other countries can respect their host country's culture and laws, then those people have no business asking for asylum, money, or refugee status. Your religion is no excuse for rape, murder, and drug trafficking. 

Open borders is a failure. 

Globalism is a failure. "We are the World" only works if people of the world are in charge of their localities, not faceless, nameless, unelected bureaucrats in foreign nations protected by armed guards. Because Globalism is a few standing on the necks of the many, just like communism, but in this instance, that communism is based on corporate power and structures acting like government. 

You know it as fascism. 

So when someone like Bill Gates, who would like to see carbon down to zero, which is advocating mass murder across the world, comes bearing gifts of corporate solutions, the people of the world should refuse his ideas. 

Gates and people like him like to make others believe they are smarter and more capable than the rest of humanity, but in all their years have not once solved any issue beyond reproach. 

No one has ever seen one of their (Globalist) solutions for the benefit of humanity just the profit of their stock portfolios. 

Have you ever noticed that? We have the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that have made natural remedies and nutrition illegal to talk about in order to safeguard the profits of corporations like pharmaceutical, chemical, and vaccine companies. 

The heads of industries have a revolving door of employment in United States agencies to protect their profits from actual scrutiny. That has got to end. Americans need to stand up to the White House and these agencies pushing profit over their health and safety. 

Which brings us to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Who do you trust? The Communist Chinese Party (CCP) who have denied and lied about their outbreak to the point of making other countries unprepared for their own medical armageddon? Or, how about the United Nations and WHO, both of whom have covered for the Communist Chinese regime? Maybe you trust Bill Gates? He has never met a virus he didn't like because the solution (or so we are led to believe there is a solution) makes him, you guessed it: profit. 

We should be demanding results, not solutions. Because the bad guys keep making the problems for us to react to and giving us solutions that never lead to the resolution of the original problem. 

The world needs to demand accountability. 

How can Americans step up where these Globalist leaders purposely fail us? We need American solutions to the issues at hand. Time to end globalism and our dependence on foreign nations. 

America does not support communist nations except China. China is a world bully and world war initiator. The only way to put China down is to cut off its resources. China must abandon the Panama Canal, American ports, and other National Security threats it has become. China is a threat to other Asian nations, including international waters. China is taking over Africa because the soil there can feed China so Africans will slowly be pushed out from their homeland until their leaders wise up. 

The other solution to the problem of Globalism is to pull out of the United Nations entirely. Each nation should go back to negotiating their own bilateral agreements. No more trade organizations. No economic blocks. So nations can regain their rights and freedoms again while safeguarding their economies and people. 

Globalism is an attack on the people of the Earth. Every nation has been negatively affected by Globalist tenets. 

This pandemic shows that Globalism is unsustainable as a policy. The creators knew it was a top 1% for the top 1% alliance from the get go. Each one of Globalism's proponents should be investigated for criminal activity including treason by every nation, independently.

COVID-19 should land the Communist Chinese leadership in front of the Hague.  Not arguing a bioweapon as a lab experiment that got out willingly or unwillingly, but to argue the the CCP leadership knew of the extent and seriousness of the virus... and told no one. That makes the CCP culpable in using COVID-19 as a bioweapon on the world. To make matters worse for the CCP, these communists covered the problem up for political and economic gain against other countries crushed by the outbreak.

"Crisis" in Chinese is constructed using two different characters: Urgent and Opportunity: no good crisis should go to waste. Americans hear this turn of phrase from progressive politicians. Guess where these interlopers got the idea from? 

World Coronavirus Count: 1,274,000 infected, 69,468 dead
USA: 336,830 (9,618 deaths), Italy: 129,000, Spain: 132,000

China owes the world reparations for the damage their leadership purposely caused the world so that the CCP would have no opposition to  absorbing Taiwan, which the UN and WHO ignored during the outbreak in that country, and taking over the South China Sea.

The world has a huge Chinese Communist Party problem. Iran needs to realize their "friends" betrayed them and Russia needs to take a step back. China needs to be shunned politically, economically, and unapologetically. 

It's time for the world to stand up to the Globalists and their solutions, which are not solutions at all. So no corporate testing or tracking of COVID-19 in the human population No giving up our rights to monopolies when we have the means to resolve this National Emergency with American ingenuity. 

A solution has been sent to the White House on March 30th by our own editor, but will anyone listen because the solution is based in the Tenth Amendment and common sense results based testing versus Bill Gates' idea of power and control selling America out to corporations once again. 

Which solution would you choose? 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Is COVID-19 a Cover to Bailout Elite Wall Street Gambling Debts?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
Federal Reserve / COVID-19


What people are not being informed about is the quadrillions of dollars that are tied up in the derivatives from 2008 that are still tanking our economy.

Just think... since 9/11, the top 1% of the 1% have siphoned off $40 Trillion, estimated by investigative journalist Daniel Estulin ten years back (probably $60+ Trillion now) from the USA economy alone. What the bankers and other elites could not erase from their ledgers they created "derivatives," or debt packages that they have repackaged over and over again hoping that the two or three main hedge funds that prop up the Stock Market would remain untouched by the quadrillion debt ponzi scheme, while you, the tax payer, bailed them out.

Want to know why conservatives want to privatize everything including your Social Security? It's not about taxes; it's about profits. Anything not in the Stock Market cannot make a corporate donor money so that donor can donate to a politician's campaign fund or bolster said politician's stock portfolio from advanced notice. Conservative Inc. is not conservative, but is all incorporated.

The way that Wall Street tanks and handles the $200 Quadrillion or so in hidden elite debt with busts, booms, and bubbles, why in the world would a sane person want their Social Security/Disability/Retirement in that gambling den?

Your wages go down. The dollar loses buying power. The world under siege from Globalism, worldwide communism of drastic austerity measures... ever wonder why? It's all to hide the crushing mismanagement of the world's wealth by the supposed smartest of humanity, when these elites are nothing but adrenaline junkies using Wall Street as their preferred method to get high. 

Enter COVID-19, which the Editor of the VDPG hypothesizes are two different strains: A, mild and not manufactured that has piggy backed on a deadlier strain; B, deadly and manufactured in a BSL-4 facility. That is why 80% of people get a mild form and 20% get the dangerous form. While people who exit hospital care then retest positive for the virus again. It is also a good reason why two different biological testings has yielded two variant forms.

Jokes about Trauma-based Mind Control
A great way to trick people into believing only old people die from COVID-19. When this virus is a direct attack against our First Responders. Take down our front lines and you can take over a country's political establishment without firing a shot. And, that Trauma-based Mind Control appears to be working its magic as pundits and politicians cave to conspiracy theories of Martial Law and Globalism instead of the reality of a live War Time scenario.  

This fake-out hysteria to counter the real and scientifically verifiable concerns allow for the chance our elite have been waiting for to dump their debt onto the rest of us while crying to lawmakers through their lobbyists that they need a financial bailout... from you, the taxpayer again, no doubt.

You get $1000 and cry socialism. That's YOUR money. How is it socialism?

The real socialism of corporate welfare is the elite of the elite getting a trillion dollars a day for making bad investments, not clearing the derivatives from the books from 2008, and using Wall Street as their own private casino.

Why not? Lawmakers will just bail them out because politicians have their balls... er, portfolios tied to the stock market too.  See how that works?

Still want to privatize everything because you are afraid of the Sheriff of Nottingham wants his taxes? The Sheriff is already in charge... it's called London's corporate money laundry scheme we know as the Central Banks' Federal Reserve system. You have just been too blind to see him wearing an Armani suit because your political party is too busy casting him as the elderly and disabled.

Our banking system is about to go belly up. Say good-bye to the dollar as we know it. Is SDRs/fictional digital currency going to be pushed now? Say, cheese!

No country is going to survive this germ, we mean monetary, warfare. The countries who closed their borders early will be in better shape, but the world is about to go down... hard.

Not because of a biological virus, but the virus of greed.

Get your money while it's hot... stolen, that is.

Sources: PBS, Off-Guardian, The Schiller Institute, Natural News, Live Science

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Get the Memo: COVID-19 is Here and Hell is Riding in With Her

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
COVID-19 / Wuhan / Virus 

So many conservatives believe they know better than people on the front lines of this coronavirus outbreak. People with biology degrees, run science labs, or who are doctors and nurses, these qualified people are somehow being misled by real time data. Data that is not coming from mainstream media but actual sources from outside the United States in various independent media. 

Then there are the conservatives who shrug off the virus as "killing old people." 

Did you just write that in Breitbart's comments section? Statements like that make a sane person do a double take. 

Are these the same conservatives who call 15 year old girls who had an abortion knowing that is Statutory Rape territory as "whores" on their talk/radio shows? That every life is precious. We must have women give up their basic medical rights and rights to their bodies to save a sperm donors donation? 

Is this reality? 

Senicide is okay in a conservative's mind but abortion is not okay? And these are the people who quote Bible verses and jump on their soapboxes about post birth abortions. Well, if you are 65+ life doesn't apply to you. Sorry, Jesus never meant you. 

The lie is denial. The problem is denial. Unless conservatives do an abrupt about-face, their philosophy is about to be knocked onto its collective ass. 

COVID-19 is HERE. Hell is riding in with her. 

Get the memo.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Why Americans Should Be Concerned by Not Panicked about COVID-19

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
COVID-19 / Lockdown

Most people will only have a mild case of this strain of coronavirus, however a significant portion of the population will need the assistance of the medical system. 

Let's track some general numbers: 

There are 320,000,000 Americans
80% Mild Symptoms - needs no hospital care
20% Acute Symptoms - needs medical and/or hospital care

20% of 320,000,000 Americans = 64,000,000 who potentially will need a hospital bed. 

The United States currently has Total Staffed Beds in ALL US Hospitals: 924,107.

Do you understand the problem now? 

It is not alarmist to point out the flaws in the system and try to navigate a potential crisis before the problem gets out of control. Italy lost control. Even in a modern country, COVID-19 can collapse your healthcare system in 100 days if left unchecked. 

Then people with emergencies like car accidents, heart attacks, and strokes will be left without care. Healthcare providers will be sick. The morbidity rate will go from 1% to 15% in a matter of weeks.

So it is vitally important to limit your activities as well as your contact with the illness. Some simple guidelines to follow:
  • Stay out of the public
  • Wash your hands with soap, not sanitizer
  • Don't pick your nose
  • Don't bite your nails
  • Don't rub your eyes
To the locusts of hoarders in grocery and big box stores, YOU are contracting and spreading the illness you are so afraid of. Stop going out into public and order online. You are the problem in this scenario. 

You do not need that much stock. If you have not properly stocked up for a family emergency, then you are already too late to help you and your family. You are already dead. You should have thought ahead a long time ago.

Harsh words, but necessary ones. 

Panic hoarders are complicating and progressing the disease outbreak and putting others at risk.

We will end up spending more time in self-quarantine the more people are out and about trying to control the uncontrollable. The only thing you can control is yourself. 

It is about time Americans across the board began acting like mature adults.

Unless of course, you would like to have no choices at all and be under Martial Law?  Because that is where America is headed if people don't reconsider their actions.  

Like talk show hosts who should be role models for their generation instead of having temper tantrums on air. Get over yourself. Be a man. 

Men take responsibility and shelter in place when asked.

Sources: AHA

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CoronaVirus: Why Don't We Just Do a 60 Day Global Reset?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
CoronaVirus / Bioweapon / Proposal

Governments, the CDC, and other authority figures do not want to panic the world. Too late. The world already knows what happened to create this outbreak. 

Wuhan Cornavirus outbreak is a biological warfare agent. Yet the world has not curbed its spread because governments are unwilling to do the right thing. 

Let's go over some history of the virus:

Study 1: The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade

page 11... "may provide a gain of function to the coronavirus for efficient spreading in the human population."

"gain of function" technology DNA genetic engineering done in a BSL-4 or BSL-3 laboratory/facility. weaponized biological warfare agent. no legitimate scientific or medical use for gain of function technology.

Very likely this virus came from the BSL-3 bio warfare lab at the University of North Carolina where gain of function work has been performed in the past.

Study 2 (2015): A SARs-like Cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.

Wuhan Institute of Technology was educated on the "gain of function" technology by collaborating with University of North Carolina on the Study 2 research.

Did the University of North Carolina take money so that China could be "given" this bio warfare technology of DNA manipulation?

Did China believe their vaccine mandate would spare most of their own people when it was released and given plausible deniability by blaming the United States?

What is known is that China has an aging population and by 2030 will not have the world's workforce anymore. Eliminate the old and the young can have more babies to fuel sweatshops. But something went wrong. The coronavirus targets and kills young men and women as well. 

Not only that but the coronavirus spreads without the knowledge of the host as the host themselves shows no signs of infection for 14 to 27 days. Then if the host survives, they can be reinfected again, so people are not creating a protective antibody to this virus.

In order to combat the spread of the virus, how about we give the world 30 days to stock up on food and necessities in a calm and orderly fashion. Then keep police, EMTs, hospital workers, border patrol on duty and tell the rest of the world's workers to take 60 days off. 

Airports, borders, malls, stores... everything that is not a necessity is closed up. 

If governments could get with streaming services to allow free access to their entertainment platforms for that time period. All bills will be forgiven for those 60 days so no one will lose their homes, electricity, or water. 

But... that will cost too much money! 

When the outbreaks become so huge, that the illness takes down the stock market, international banks, and industry, how much money will it be then? Quadrillions? If we take a stand and find the hot spots by quarantining everyone (shelter in place) at the same time, then we may just be able to stop the virus before the disease kills millions of people.

The Wuhan Coronavirus is a vicious viral infection. 

Isn't it worth a 60 day global reset before it is too late?

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Washington Post's Azari: I Would Not Trust the Elite to Choose a Dog Catcher

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Elites / Oligarchs / Elections

The elite political class from monarchies to dictatorships spanning five thousand years, what hasn't the world's elite done for humanity? Conquest, war, hunger, and death. The elite political class preys on people's fears in order to manipulate and control their everyday lives like psychopaths.

So when the mainstream media praises the elite political class for anything, shouldn't we question if that publication should be even take seriously? The original headline to the Washington Post read: Give the Elites a Bigger Say in Choosing the President. Now the headline reads: It's time to switch to preference primaries. 

Entitled elite political class has given humanity endless wars to profit from while pushing the failures of socialism/communism for societal control like they have for any other religion:
  • World War I
  •  Bolshevik Revolution
  • World War II
  • National Socialist German Workers' Party
  • Cold War Communism vs the Free World 
  •  Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • Berlin Wall, East and West Germany 
  • Vietnam
  • Korea, North verses South
  • Communist China
  • United Nations' Agenda 21, 2030, Megaregions 2050
That is but a snapshot of elite damage caused because their way was more important to them than one human life. When the entitled elite political class can make money off human suffering, they are happy to provide the false flags, lies through media, deception via politicians to make their dreams of death and destruction come true.

The Elite's top organizations
I would never choose someone from the entitled class of pompous egomaniacs to choose my local dog catcher let alone President of the United States. 

“And for the international order that we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs. Order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign.”
Obsessed with power and control of someone else... and ordinary people are small minded? Gimme a break, losers.

That mindset is how they think of everyone who isn't them: peasants, unworthy, useless eaters.

Why would anyone want that mental illness to be in charge of anything or anyone?

We have new entitled pozers of the rich and famous believing their celebrity is more important than being a productive member of our society. If you are on a television show or in a movie, somehow your voice carries more weight. If you recorded an album, somehow your voice carries more weight. If you play a child's sport as a profession, somehow your voice carries more weight.

We have presidential candidates who have spent $400 million on their egos, I  mean: campaigns, but have not once used their money to help someone in need. $64 billion could erase debts of the disabled and their caregivers. 

That's the issue. We have elites who want to tell the rest of us what to do and how high to jump, but at the end of the day, the elites themselves harbor no personal responsibility to their own edicts.

So what are our elections about? Elevating the elite's favorite candidate to make the masses feel all the ill in the world is their own fault? Shouldn't we be blaming the top 1% of the 1% instead? 

There is a lot of talking the talk, which is meaningless. We need politicians who walk the walk. How are you productive in our society? What have you done besides move our industry and manufacturing to China and India? Replaced our workers with foreigners for cost cutting? 

Is that really walking the walk of American ideals and exceptionalism? 

Or, is it another example of how the elite political class feels they are entitled to selling us out to line their own hedge funds?

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