Tuesday, December 15, 2020

BREAKING: Joe Biden is Still NOT President-Elect

Editor, DL Mullan 
2020 Election / Concession 
Mr. Biden, 
You are embarrassing yourself and our country. 
The fake Electors the media complains about are the ones who voted for you in contested states. It is a shame that you are so compromised by unethical and unprofessional behavior that you are unable to tell the truth. In addition to your mounting physical and mental deterioration due to age and infirmary, namely dementia, has left you as a candidate for the 25th Amendment on Day One rather than for President. 

You and who you have surrounded yourself with are in no condition to lead this nation anywhere. Your second for example, Ms. Harris, is incapable of being Vice President let alone President due to her affiliations with foreign adversaries. You like her cannot be approved for a (White House level) Security Clearance. Your fantasy football cabinet is a criminal police line up of the most disreputable and onerous individuals of the political swamp in modern history. Some of your choices are so nefarious that they will be unable to be confirmed.

Just stop it. 

I don't know what you were promised, but insurrection and treason are far worse. You cannot save Hunter. You pretty much screwed him over. The best thing you and your family can do at this point is make a deal with the Justice Department. 

It is time that this game came to an end and for you to save whatever pieces of honor you may have left. 

Americans are waiting for you to concede this election.

Do it while you still have an image to save.