Monday, August 31, 2015

Comment: Proposed Findings for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircraft and Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / EPA 

Forget about the fake climate science and greenhouse gas emissions, it's time to complain about geoengineering to the people who are supposed to safeguard our air, water, and land.

VDP Gazette did:
I wish this comments inquiry was more about GeoEngineering and fake climate science than going after carbon emissions. You are carbon. I am carbon. Plants need carbon dioxide to breathe; plants then make oxygen for us to breathe. Simple, right? So why do you want to stop the plants from breathing exactly?

My concern is not this fictitious IPCC, the sky is falling, non scientific, political rhetoric. My concern is about the geoengineering programs already in progress for no reason at all, and against my consent. Somewhere I am paying for this nonsense and it needs to end. Now.

Geoengineering is beyond irresponsible. If you would like to know more about how stupid these programs are, please contact Dane Wigington and read his website: What an eye-opener.

In my city, Phoenix, AZ, the lines in the sky are so bad that I cannot get up from my bed because I cannot breathe. Forget inhalers. These are nanoparticulates that are damaging brains, organs, and the nervous systems of avians, fish, and humans. Children included.

One man in Mohave County, AZ, Mr DiCicio is having health issues. So our community blog wrote a piece on him: The chemicals discussed therein are being found in water, soil, and humans! Here: read some more, our community keeps tabs on this criminal ecoterrorism:

Isn’t it the EPA’s job to protect the environment? Why is the EPA waging war on businesses and energy sources because of carbon dioxide we all need for fake UN climate shite?

We have real problems in this country and we [need] serious people to solve those issues. If the EPA cannot, then find someone who can because Americans are growing increasingly tired of the UN’s policies overriding our rights as free persons.

It’s not a lie or a conspiracy theory, although it is one hell of a conspiracy. While you are at it, listen to some Rosa Koire: and get her book. Also visit her websites replete with factual information on the terrorism that plagues our world… and

I want geoengineering halted, immediately. These nanoparticulates are killing everything in their path. If you want to knock on somebody’s door about this global mess, start with the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
The JCS have the financial and physical capabilities to implement a program this vast across the United States, as well as people from NATO countries are complaining about the same damn geoengineering planes and toxic lines in the sky.

When we seek remedy, Americans get the run around when investigating this issue. Your governor is not in charge, ask the FAA. The FAA does not know anything. Yet, the rain that was supposed to fall on election day here in Phoenix some how got cancelled so that light rail could pass… excuse me: What? The government doesn’t believe we Americans pay attention?

The EPA better stop supporting the UN”s unscientific climate policies and get back to the business it was chartered for: saving the air, water, and land from stupid people like the UN.

FYI, this letter will be placed on our community blog, for my safety. I have also attached images taken of geoengineering in Phoenix this spring.

Thank you.

Source: EPA