Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monsanto Class Action Lawsuits

Staff Writer, Nicole Meyer-Greene
Roundup / Legal

Ever wonder if Roundup and Monsanto are so bad why isn't anyone suing them? Well, there are lawsuits, but the mainstream media will not cover this current topic.

Really think we have freedom of the press when the press cannot expose politicians, corporations, or the United Nations? 

Here is a summary of the legal argument against Roundup: 
Roundup’s active ingredient is glyphosate The enzyme it targets, to stop weeds in mid-growth and kill them, is EPSP synthase. Phillips’s lawsuit argues that EPSP synthase is found in the gut bacteria of both humans and animals. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that science links Roundup’s active ingredient to all manner of health issues, ranging from mild (indigestion) to serious (ulcers) to life-threatening (celiac disease, liver disease and cancer).
If you would like more information or to join in, please visit the following websites:
  • For more information: Visit the Monsanto Class Action website.
  • To join the Monsanto class action lawsuit: contact T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (Calif. State Bar No. 165833) via email at tmatthewphillips @ aol.com, or at (323) 314-6996.
  • To donate: If you’d like to help, visit Monsanto Class Action’s GoFundMe page.
  • Not from California?: For now, Phillips’ Monsanto class action lawsuit only includes California residents (though that could change). But Phillips encourages other attorneys and activists to use his clearly-worded, not-overly-legalese-ish lawsuit filing as a template.
  • The Schmidt Firm, PLLC — a leading personal injury litigation firm — is also accepting cases involving Roundup. Call 1-866-920-0753 for a free consultation, or visit their website.

Source: Reverb Press