Monday, August 24, 2015

Phoenix Voting: If You Don't Know, Vote: NO

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Voting / City of Phoenix / Opinion

With the summer voting season upon us, Phoenix City residents are being asked to vote on measures they know little to noting about. Our advice: if you don't know, Vote: NO!

The VDP Gazette over the years has made it our mission to inform residents about Agenda 21 and other underhanded schemes imposed on us by our Mayor and City Council members. Take for instance, Proposition 100. That seems innocuous enough. Vote on the City of Phoenix's general plan. 

Have you seen the General Plan? Were you ever notified about changing the General Plan? I have not. I have not heard one word about how the City of Phoenix planners would like to waste money on Urban high rise lifestyles, lightrail, or "sustainability." 

Do not get us started on Proposition 104, the $31 Billion tax revenue scheme to pay for light rail! 

City of Phoenix workers are still on furloughs. Employees are not even making their own base salary, but we can waste money on trains that go nowhere.

As some residents have pointed out, we have a deficit in the number of police officers for the safety of our streets. 

Didn't Phoenix just shut down a school because of financial problems?

So no school, no police, no employee full time work hours, but we can pass U.N. climate policies to degrade our streets, living standards, and housing developments. 

Sounds like our Mayor and City Council members need to focus on Phoenix first or be voted out of office. What do you think?

So if you come to a Proposition and are not sure what to do: Vote: NO. Phoenix cannot afford to follow other cities into debt and poverty over politically motivated money schemes for U.N. officials.

Thank you.