Saturday, August 15, 2020

Movie Night: Mother of Two Makes Deep State Crap Their Pants

Editor, DL Mullan
Journalism / Deep State / Shadow Government

An industrious journalist uncovered the back doors in and out of our security and intelligence apparatuses. A huge National Security problem that needs to be solved so that no more former employees can gain access to clearance level software meant to keep Americans safe, but is being used to harm Americans by a select number of ex-employees. For her work, the Deep State tried to sabotage her research, throttled her internet access, and made the final cut of her documentary nearly impossible to finish. 

Yet, she did finish it. 

Millie Weaver who works as an independent journalist and contractor with her husband began investigating just how the American people are being propagandized by a handful of individuals in our government... well, our shadow government. 

See Barack Obama never really left his presidency behind. He with the help of people like James Comey, Robert Mueller, James Clapper, and John Brennan have been doing everything in their power to distort reality to fit their narrative: Orange Man Bad. 

The United States has had many decades of peaceful transference of power from one administration to the next. The election of Donald Trump to the presidency was one transfer these shadow people could not abide by. These individuals have forgotten the golden rule: Americans vote in public figures. This time Americans voted in their choice instead of the ruling elites' selection.  

That made the ruling class elites upset. So much so, that America has had not one moment of peace in nearly four years. Controversies, investigations... IMPEACHMENT. All a farce played on the American people. 

Millie Weaver put the puzzle pieces together in her documentary: ShadowGate. 

Her prize? A surprise indictment and arrest yesterday morning in front of her two small children. The charge? Burglary. 

Yes, this mother of two has been out being a cat burglarer... that is what the Deep State contends. That Millie Weaver must have secret government documents including Hillary Clinton's emails! But the documentary was sourced from whistleblowers and publicly available documents. 

Why the panic then? 

Because the Deep State is losing control of what Americans' think and in order to keep up their facade against the President of the United States, these individuals need to maintain their access to the back doors into the American security and intelligence software to send out their commands to their active assets. 

Normal people call this behavior: treason. 

Millie Weaver just destroyed their nest of corruption with a dose of truth and facts. 

The out of control Deep State cannot have that. Americans are supposed to do their bidding. Not anymore. 

Want to see what spooked the spooks and got an innocent mother of two arrested on bogus charges? 

Here you go, Shadowgate: 

Youtube now banned the video... so here is the new link: Shadow Gate - Full Film

Share one. Share all. Sharing is caring so get everyone you know to watch! 

Then call your Congress critters and demand this journalist be released.