Thursday, August 27, 2020

Facebook Promotes Race Baiting and Communism with Meme Backgrounds

Editor, DL Mullan
Commuism / Race Baiting / Social Media

It is everywhere. Support Black Lives Matter! 

BLM spends their money on buses.
Why? I don't believe that organization has helped one black person. These Marxist agitators rake in millions of dollars in sympathy donations but only help themselves and their chosen political party (the progressives in the Democrat Party). 

Their fundraising has been tracked to ActBlue. Their organization is not a service organization under IRS guidelines, just another profit driven corporation. 

So why are companies and social media kissing their feet? 

I wake up this morning to update everyone on my friend's list with information that today marks 13 hours of sunlight in our journey toward the equinox. I discover this meme spread: 

Here was my status post:
What is this shit? I don't want or support communism! Take this off my background choices.  
I want autumn, Celtic Irish, and USA meme backgrounds.  
Don't hide communism behind race baiting and think that it is acceptable. This promotes violence and discrimination.  

I suggest everyone who has a Facebook account lodge formal complaints about this crapola. This example is how corporations hijack your reality to fit their own profit driven needs. Watch Shadow Gate again for more details.

Reject their reality hacking of your mind and stand up to the manipulation. 

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