Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! Giving Thanks to Our Ancestry

Editor, DL Mullan 
Thanksgiving / Holiday / History 

My family's progenitors have been here for at least 397 years.

Documented Colonial Line
Ralph Wallen II (as Ralfe Walen) b. 1595 d. about 1644, Halton, Lancashire, England
marriage: before 1623, England
Joyce Clark (Nell Small), Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA, Colonial America.. b. about 1600 d. 1633

Ralf Walen arrived in 1623 on the HMS "Anne," Plymouth, British Colonies, England on July 10, 1623 as Pilgrims


William Tuttle b. 1607 d. 1673
marriage: about 1630, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth unknown b. 1613 d. 1684

William Tuttle arrived: 1635, Boston, Massachusetts Bay, British Colonial America


Richard Chisholm (Cheesome) 1613-1670
-Margaret Isham 1615, Virginia Colonies

Richard arrived in the American Colonies by 1643 when William Batt used the headright of Richard Cheesome to acquire 250 acres of land in York County, Virginia, lying along the banks of the North River, which flows into Mobjack Bay (today's Mathews County, VA)


Who are your Pilgrims? 

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