Tuesday, December 9, 2014

U.S. Radiation Report 23 Nov 2014

Staff Writer, J.J. West
Radiation / Fukushima Fall Out

Phoenix and Tucson's radiation levels increased the week before Thanksgiving. What is going on? When is the United States going to get serious about Fukushima?
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency RadNet radiation monitors have detected renewed surges in air readings of dangerous beta radiation across the country. Over a dozen metropolitan test sites registered four-month highs.

Impacted cities include San Diego, Bakersfield, Phoenix, Amarillo, Montgomery and Madison. Some of these sites recorded beta readings literally going off the chart at 1,000 total beta counts per minute (CPM). EnviroReporter.com and others including experts and manufacturers, consider 100 CPM to be an alarm trigger. Many American cities surpassed this threshold in this latest reporting period.

Source: EnviroReporter