Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Violation of Life

Guest Writer, MJ Christian
Food Democracy / Opinion

As we make our way through this maze of life we must come to the realization that we are entangled in the web of creation. Everything we do or do not do has its effect on all life. It is said that our inaction is as bad as being the one who is contributing to the destruction of our planet and society.

As we make our way through the grocery store aisles the decisions we make with our purchasing power not only affect our health but also the entire ecosystem. Our choices affect the health and well-being of our families and our future. When we as parents come to the realization that our purchasing power has far reaching affects, then we can be a powerful force in changing the way our food is grown and the way it is packaged as well as the way the household products we use are created.

Now more than any time in our lives do we have the choice to purchase products that are life empowering or life destroying. It is our choice to decide whether we want to empower our children with knowledge and good health or choose to be lazy and accept the poisons created by corporations who are only interested in their bottom line.

As consumers when we band together to do the best for our families we are forcing the change we need for overall survival on this planet. The foods that are poison to our bodies are highly subsidized by our government through heavy lobbying by major corporations. It is our responsibility to hit them in their pockets the way they have done to us. These corporations that have forced their poisons on us have caused us all great harm to our health as well as to our environment. They have caused the real food that is grown by farmers who honestly care about our future to be burdened with proving their crops are clean. 
Organic farmers are forced to prove their products do not contain GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides while “conventional” and GMO farmers have the right to poison our food, our environment and our entire eco-system. We are now at the most critical juncture of our lives. We cannot sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to take action for us. We must act now and be proactive in every buying decision we make today.
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