Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Poor Little Rich Boy -Hoarders of Persecution and Money, Not People of Substance

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Psychology / Economics / Opinion

The 99% are not mad that you are rich. Not even filthy rich. Everyone aspires to do well and get that brass ring in life. 

What the 99% are upset about is HOW you got rich, I mean, obscenely rich. So rich that 85 individuals in the world own half of the wealth in it. That kind of rich you can only get by stepping on the rest of us.

We are upset for the facts that:
  • the rich break laws and do not go to jail
  • the rich own our politicians and political system
  • the rich make sure laws are written so that everyone has to pay their share except for the loopholes protecting the riches' interests
  • the rich force us to pay tribute to them through the income tax system, which is supposed to be voluntary but if you don't pay, federal agents with guns come and take your assets away and you go to jail
  • the rich demand tax breaks from local areas in order to bring jobs to towns or depressed areas who need the revenue, especially when the conglomerate can afford to be generous
  • the rich avoid taxes through off shore accounts, trusts, and tax free foundations
  • the rich do everything to squash new technologies and inventions that compete with their market shares because the device or invention would benefit all of humanity
  • the rich use their affiliations to live off the military-industrial complex welfare system of contracts that impoverish the globe, attack sovereign countries for their resources, make our military personnel war criminals, and bankrupt our country in the process
  • the rich make sure that oil (energy) is so high priced through futures speculation (Wall Street gambling) that the economic engine of the world does not benefit anyone but the rich, aka: more tribute
  • the rich seek to "tag" us, eavesdrop using and with government resources, and eliminate our privacy
  • the rich try to control us with propaganda and other techniques to sway us against our natural intuition and happiness
  • the rich hide natural and innovative cures from the public so that they can milk us for years on managed medical and pharmaceutical care
  • the rich seem to want to take away our inherent, unalienable rights and replace them with "privledges"
  • the rich invent missions, goals, and working groups to devastate the Earth and the human race 
  • the rich make up phony theories like "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" to scare us into giving up our rights, property rights, sovereignty, and cash via taxes like Carbon Taxes... the only thing is: Carbon is US. Humans are made out of carbon, duh. You are trying to tax us for the fact that we are alive and nothing else, aka: more and more tribute!  
  • the rich use organizations to create marketing scams and buzzwords like: Sustainability, Green, Environmentalism, and Reimaging to aid in their "Global Warming," "Climate Change" baloney to force us into human islands and settlements where cities like Phoenix will hold 20 million citizens, have no electricity or water, no transportation, no hygiene, no food, no medical in a few decades so the 99% chattel (human cattle as the 1% call everyone else) are more controllable with technology
  • the rich devastate our educational system
  • the rich destroy our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Republic
  • the rich laugh at people who have lost their jobs and homes because of the rich's need to be more rich by using trade agreements to send jobs to 5 year old children in third world countries like China
  • And... the rich are always seeking to deceive us, tax us, and ruin our economies in order to rape more wealth out of the bottom 99%
Do you really wonder why we are all a little pissy? It is not your right to harm 99% of the global population through famine, greed, or insanity. The mechanisms for socioeconomic motility have been forever damaged because of a few sociopaths and the other so-called rich for looking the other way because it helps their bottom lines.

Just following orders, or in this case: the money, is not an excuse for what has been done to the environment of our planet or humanity itself. 
"It is not only dangerous because of income inequality per se," said Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam's executive director. "We also find that the very wealthy people capture power," she told CNN.

"If we don't break out of this, power and wealth, privilege and opportunity are going to keep passing on from one generation to another, to a few people."
Which very much encapsulates my points. 
Byanyima said she wants Davos attendees to commit to progressive taxation, end tax dodging, and invest the proceeds in providing better healthcare and education
"This kind of inequality does not encourage growth -- it stalls growth, it causes insecurity, it causes social instability and all this undermines the profit seekers' motive."
Yes, one day soon, the rich are not going to have customers. The economic terrorism that is imploding the markets with busts, bubbles, and booms is creating an environment that will become unrecoverable. The 99% you rely on to cheat and plunder will soon have no resources, money to give you. 

Take a person like me, I am disabled due to employer negligence. I am supposed to live on 2/3 of my wages because my pesticide poisoning didn't occur at home, it happened at work, but I don't. I received no long term disability because my employer would not be responsible and neither would the profit seeking insurance company. Now I live on maybe 1/3 of my former wages. 

You know how often my belly gets full? The first week of the month when I receive my limited stipend. With my condition, I need to eat a specific medical diet and take certain supplements. My immune system was collapsed and devastated by the mercury poisoning so now my body cannot tolerate 95%+ of all pharmaceuticals. That includes my lifesaving inhalers, any antibiotics or pain medications. So getting full rarely happens and never on my prescribed diet. 

Why is that a rich problem? The laws enacted to protect employers from financial or any type of responsibility was not lobbied by the working class. I was fired for not returning from FMLA because I am ill forever. I write these articles from the comfort of my lumpy, seventeen year old heavily blanketed mattress because I cannot afford my heating costs in the winter, with my oxygen tanks and supplement containers nearby. 
I live in a Right to Work state, which also benefits rich employers. It seems Right to Work means that as an employee I have no rights if I chose to work instead of starving to death. Silly me for going to college and getting a job, what was I thinking?

In the Right to Work state, however, my former employer had the right to overuse and misuse pesticides around me knowing for years and years, I complained about how my asthma was affected directly by, you guessed it: pesticides. You know, pesticides, the kind rich corporations make to poison the Earth for a profit.

And, we haven't even touched the $0.99 air filters used that when changed were diseased with mold and fungus. I know. I saw some black filters taken out of my building's air system. Boy, were those air filters disappeared quickly after I made a startled remark about the filter's appearance.

Inside the work areas, instead of caulking in holes or dumping trash more often in order to save money, my former employer began using over the counter cans of pesticides without my or any other employee's knowledge outside of a few maintenance personnel, which is so illegal. Now I am unable to tolerate the world. Try to find those MSDS's at work, hidden in the bowels of the facilities department instead of where employees can readily access them without an appointment, so you can defend yourself against spray can poisons that aren't cataloged anywhere because your employer doesn't want to go to jail. As a result, I remain at home all but a few days a month because my immune system, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and central nervous system are irrevocably damaged.

That outcome even occurred while I was supposed to be protected by the federal law called the Americans with Disabilities Act. As the rich make up the laws as they see fit, none of these people have gone to jail or compensated me for my ruined health because the laws protect businesses and poison makers and murderers. We haven't even gotten to the corrupt judges who would do everything to dismiss my case in order to protect the rich. Thanks, rich!

Again, not a rich problem, I suppose, when you, as a rich person, don't have to ration your food or supplements at least 20 days of the month. What guilt should you have? 

You give at the office, right? So the poor, elderly, and disabled can receive some extra support from your giving to an organization, which is just a tax shelter, that can never help all of us. You have to realize that unless you make under the 1970's version of the government's poverty line, you get NO help. Zero. Zippo. Zilch. Of course, my supplements are not useable in the social services system unless I get a doctor to prescribe them to me, which is impossible since the American Medical Association has brainwashed most of the medical personnel against the real mechanisms that cure illness: nutrition.

Since no one delivers food boxes, I do not receive assistance in the mid to end part of the month. I chose internet over cable so I could order my supplements and pay my bills every month. I elected to sell my vehicle because my ability to drive is gone due to my illness and I could not afford the taxes, license, insurance or other tribute anymore. I am able to ride the City of Phoenix's Dial-a-Ride, ADA Bus, and buy cab vouchers. The former is too hard on me to ride in (I get my legs bruised from the lack of shock absorbers, my requests for avoidance of chemicals are ignored, and feel I am in danger in those buses) and the latter has become so bogged down with rules, regulations, erratic changes, and unnecessary deadlines that the voucher program is nearly unusable.

That is reality for the lower end of the 99%. Isn't it great? Should I thank you again for the tremendous job of apathy you are doing?

If the rich actually wanted to do the right thing, I have some suggestions:
  • stop being greedy jackasses
  • stop trying to control the rest of us
  • stop cheating and stealing from the rest of us
  • stop poisoning the air, water, and food supply 
  • stop trying to make this a Planetary Society 
  • stop developing a failed transhumanism agenda
  • stop being delusional, idiotic, and nefarious
Then you can begin to do positive works in the world by: 
  • cleaning up your aforementioned messes
  • using your wealth in healthy ways that isn't hoarding, injuring, or manipulating others
  • setting up grants to pay for others to go to college, or paying off a certain amount of mortgage debt around the nation
  • buying houses and giving them to homeless children and their families
  • opening up socioeconomic motility again
  • giving your workers raises so they are no longer dependent on food stamps and other social programs
That would be a start anyway.

There are so many positive options in the world that I do believe you could save the world and still maintain your Forbes status if you wanted to. Being rich doesn't have to be a bad thing. Rich can be good when you decide to do good works.

If you decide to remain piranha, then what are you going to do when we cannot give you anymore tribute? Are you going to kill us all? Because no customers means no profits. You will be alone in your mansions with no one to entertain you, staff that depise you, and a landscape full of poverty and corpses. What a grand utopia you are setting up for yourselves. 

The human race is symbiotic within itself. In some way, we all need each other. Yes, even the rich need the under classes to remain rich, have a purpose in life, and create genetic diversity that can never happen in a lab or with technology. 

So why don't you stop holding yourselves in the fetal position and begin enacting positive changes in the world? That would be the responsible way to deal with reality and reverse your well needed persecution. (Now, you know how the rest of us feel under your boot.)

Be a real person. Be rich and have substance. It's a winning combination. 

If you need more advice, rich people, well, you know where I am.