Monday, February 3, 2014

If You Want Answers: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
News / Government

Bombshell information and revelations have come across the VDP Gazette's news desk in the past, but nothing that has been as this urgent than has been received for this week. Beginning this trend of noteworthy facts and findings is an interview with Karen Hudes

After you watch this video, I suggest you take notes and save this film to your hard drive, please remember that the Villa de Paz Gazette is not a conspiracy theory news agency. The editor and staff work diligently to present facts, figures, and first hand testimony to support all thesis statements published therein. 

Each article, including opinion pieces, are enumerated with citations and links, including in the articles themselves as well as at the end with the "Source" listing of a researched bibliography.

The editor and staff of the Gazette present at the best of their ability what is going on in the world and connect as many dots to show the relevance of their position statements. 

This interview alone codifies much of the research that the Gazette has followed up on and has vetted. 

To outline the main points: 
  • Jesuits are running the Vatican
  • American incomes taxes are going to pay (the Bank of) England and the Vatican's Jesuit Order
  • Corruption is at the highest levels of banking, government, and corporations
  • The First Lady is being blackmailed
  • President Barack Obama's mother was a CIA agent
  • There is plenty of gold in the world
  • Criminals inside the United States government tried to strike South Carolina with a nuclear bomb
  • Military Brass are being fired in order to restructure the military under the aforementioned criminal's rule
  • The Federal Reserve is a criminal organization
  • Marriage at the Justice of the Peace is not a marriage
  • US Citizens are not the People of the United States, but bonds to be traded for their taxable value
If the Gazette hadn't already researched these topics, the editor and staff wouldn't believe the information either, but unfortunately Karen Hudes statements appear to be more than reasonable, her facts are sound. 

The government and corporations are out of control. These corrupt entities are working in concert to devalue the dollar and crash our monetary and economic systems. Corporate directors and councils sit on each others leadership boards and fix the markets.

When are you going to stand up against them and take your Republic back? If two lawyers from two different countries can do it, then so can you.

You have the power.