Sunday, February 2, 2014

​James Clapper Indicts Journalists, American Anthrax, and 3D Printing

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
News / Government

In this edition of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin discusses: ​James Clapper indicts journalists, American anthrax, 3D printing the future.

The information about how the automobile industry and the military have had 3-D printing for nearly 30 years was mind blowing. Why do they get all the fun toys? Abby interviews her brother about his new documentary and of course, her comments on Clapper.
Abby Martin calls out National Intelligence Director James Clapper for insinuating that journalists who reported on NSA leaks are criminal accomplices to Edward Snowden. Scarlett Johansson steps down from her role as Oxfam ambassador over her celebrity endorsement of the company SodaStream, whose manufacturing base is located on what is internationally recognized as occupied Palestinian land. Journalist and co-host of Media Roots Radio Robbie Martin talks about his new documentary ‘American Anthrax’. Finally, a closer look at the 3D printer revolution, featuring interviews with Kristen Turner of Sculpteo and Liza Wallach of Honey Bee 3D, discussing how the technology works and the ways it will revolutionize manufacturing and democratize production.